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An essential service to improve the efficiency and visibility of your website. Improve Google search rankings to help performance. Help get the word out surrounding your business into the ether, allowing brand familiarity for your business. Increases in traffic and see potential customers flood onto your site. Some industries we specialize in: 

  • Cannabis 
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing & Repair 
  • Home Service
  • Real Estate
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Wedding
  • Health Company
  • Technology
  • Online Services

Design and optimize your website for a rich user experience – from increases in speed to smooth functionality which is now a ranking factor. See a beautiful design that’ll keep any user on your site. Watch as your target audience move around your site at ease with a wide range of options to choose from.

Increase your traffic with a safe white hat approach by seasoned SEO experts. Rather than worry about perfecting SEO on your own, our SEO experts can guide and help implement everything you’ll need SEO-wise. Wait and see as your site begins to rank higher on search engines for you to gain more traffic.

Convert prospects into clients and upsell your current client-base through professional content marketing. Rather than worry about what you’ll need content-wise, go through a professional that’ll help complete everything you’ll need content-wise. 100 percent original and excellent content and copyright.

An indispensable service to improve the efficiency and visibility of your website. Improve Google search rankings and increase performance. See what needs to be done to help your site in every way. Don’t guess about what your site needs, rather know precisely what it needs.

Create Social media marketing plans that increase website traffic, build conversions, and raises brand awareness worldwide. There is nothing more vital than social media for a business or brand. Put your trust in our expert social media management team and watch as your following grows.

Protects against new evolving security threats targeting your sensitive data. Get support from a highly technical 24/7 support team. Access your IT environment from anywhere around the world safely.

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Why Client Verge?

We are a forward-thinking SEO for service based business provider that is completely committed to unlocking the potential of your business online. It’s time for a change that delivers the results you’ve been looking for. 

Our goal is to give growing organizations the knowledge, tools, and guidance they need to become profitable through their online assets. We optimize your online assets to bring your company a massive RIO in the short and long term. 

Our aim is to help our clients stay innovative and agile every step of the way during their digital transformation. This is what we know, this what we teach, and this what we execute. No shortcuts. 

For the past couple of years, our client’s trust has been the core foundation of our success and the driving force to improve our customers’ experience. Trusting an agency is important which is why it’s important to work with one with the experience, vision, and talent to drive results for their clients. 

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Check out answers to some common questions from our customers ask!

SEO can be used in a number of ways for any business, with it having a primary focus on your business niche. That niche typically surrounds a few keywords that drive the main content of a specific page. Seeing as we’re a local SEO business for service-based businesses, our keywords typically revolve around SEO keywords.

As challenging as SEO might seem to understand, there are plenty of tools that can help you garnish a good idea about what’s trending and worth implementing for your business. Whether it’s a blog or any form of content, we can make it SEO-ready. Experience is vital for a topic like this, and we have it.

Usually, when someone asks if SEO is worth it for small businesses, they typically have concerns regarding their budget. After all, not every business has the luxury of affording everything there is to help push their business. Still, we’re willing to work with you for your budget, meaning you don’t have to worry about spending an exorbitant amount.

Regardless of the price associated with SEO, it’s definitely worth it, no matter the size of your business. You’d be surprised at how well SEO can help drive traffic to your business site. Seeing as the vast majority of business sales are done online nowadays, it’s incredibly vital to ensure your site is entirely optimized.

Besides the general notion of wondering if SEO is worth it for small businesses, you might wonder if your business needs it at all. After all, some businesses might not fall under the applicable state where SEO is heavily needed. Still, this mindset shouldn’t be considered seeing as just about every business has an online presence to a certain degree.

At this point, if your business doesn’t have a website or, at the very least, social media pages, you’re hurting your business more than you’re helping it. Roughly 60 percent of the global population has internet access, meaning you’re able to potentially reach more people than you usually would.

As you can imagine with something as broad as SEO, it’s safe to say there is a wide range of prices associated with the matter. A simple one-time campaign can be as affordable as a few hundred dollars. In contrast, more extensive and international campaigns can be several thousand dollars.

Most firms have a trial package that allows businesses to get a sense of what they can expect from the firm. As for hourly and monthly rates, consultants are usually in the ballpark of $50 to $200 an hour, while monthly rates are around $500 to $30,000 depending on the project requirements

As fundamental as SEO is for virtually every business, there is truth regarding the notion that some industries need SEO more than others. Some businesses can certainly get away with not implementing SEO. Still, it’s much more of a vital factor depending on the industry itself.

Any business that heavily relies on its online presence needs SEO the most. Seeing as the online world is what drives traffic to that specific business, it makes sense why SEO is such a vital factor in the matter.

Nevertheless, the primary industries that need SEO include online service companies, niche businesses, medical professionals, legal professionals, restaurants, brands, and much more.

Believe it or not, SEO has been around for almost two decades, making it a fundamental part of driving traffic to a site. Still, like anything else that’s been in existence for a long time, many people wonder if it’s as needed today as it was in the past. Regardless of what anyone might think about the matter, SEO is arguably more vital in 2021 than it was ten years ago.

The primary reason SEO is such a fundamental area today is that the internet only continues to grow. This means that it’s even more challenging for a site to stick out as search engines become more saturated. Thus, it becomes especially crucial for businesses to correctly implement SEO to get more traffic.

Besides knowing that SEO is essential in 2021, there is another school of thought attached to the question of SEO working or not. By today’s standards, just about every expert is in agreement that SEO is more crucial than ever before. You can’t have a successful online presence for your business without implementing SEO correctly.

However, doing SEO alone is practically impossible of a task to accomplish, thus, why it’s so ideal to hire an SEO business to help you along the process. Although the cost may seem a lot, if it drives more traffic and sales for your business, it’ll end up evening out once everything is said and done.

The primary reason SEO is as expensive as it is has to do with time. When people think of spending money on a particular product, they spend money and get the product almost instantly. SEO operates in a different sense, meaning you won’t get the results you’re looking for overnight.

Thus, an SEO company has to spend a great deal of time working with you through the SEO process. As long as you stick with the company, you’ll begin to see the results you’re looking for, making it a very surreal and rewarding experience once it happens. Just understand that the better the company is, the more they can charge.

As noted earlier, SEO can’t be done unless a business has a website. Considering a business can benefit for multiple reasons through having an SEO optimized site, it’s definitely well worth the entire process. Besides the SEO itself, there are other costs associated with the process of growing a business online.


The most obvious cost is associated with having a website for a small business is the website itself. A website isn’t built by a click of a button, and although there are plenty of free options, most SEO agencies will express how crucial it is to have a professional-level site.

This cost can range from being a few hundred dollars to several thousand. That price includes the domain, web host, content, site designing, and site-building.

In order to gain more traffic for a small business, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the business needs to have a website to go along with it. Now, that website can mean many things. It can be as simple as an e-commerce store for the business, or it can also just be an extended blog that fits the specific niche of the business.

A good rule of thumb is to have everything you can to help drive the success of your business. Having a blog to go along with it will certainly work well for SEO purposes, with most SEO companies understanding how fundamental it is to have a proper blog for your business. Regardless, it’s safe to assume that any website is effective for a small business.

Usually, whenever someone tries to help their business, they typically think of the older model to grow a business. That older model has to do with advertisements and getting the word out for your business by paying for a company to advertise your business.

Seeing as most business owners are aware of the internet, they tend to think of Google ads as the way to advertise their business. However, in comparison to SEO, SEO is much more worth it to drive continual traffic for a business as opposed to relying on a quick ad. Still, Google ads play an important role in growing a business.

Although SEO is much more effective than Google ads, this doesn’t mean that Google ads are entirely useless. Google ads can be quick and effective to garnish a little bit of traffic for your site. They tend to work best when it’s regarding a promotional announcement pertaining to your business. Still, realize that Google ads work best when they’re in conjunction with your SEO.

Google ads are significant for smaller businesses that are looking to get the word out of their business. Most people tend to react more positively to a business when they’ve seen it before. That’s where Google ads come into play since Google has such a wide audience at any time.

Seeing as Google is the number one search engine and dominates the internet as a whole, the company has a massive audience for you to directly advertise to. As a result, Google ads can be quite pricey, with some companies spending several thousand dollars a month on Google ads. Regardless, they play an essential role in the growth of a business.