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In the cannabis business, a creative marketing campaign is crucial to building a successful brand. But first, you’ll need a licensed and experienced digital marketing agency leading your online campaign; you’ll need Client Verge.


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Although digital marketing has become crucial to the success of most, if not all, businesses today, not everything branded with the term adds value to your business. For this reason, Client Verge implements customized marketing strategies for all our clients. 

Our cannabis digital marketing campaigns generally revolve around; 

Even in a changing world like ours, advertising still holds power to make or break any business. It remains the biggest way to capture the attention of the masses and inform potential customers that you’re in business. Therefore, our digital marketing campaigns will include a good amount of paid advertisement. And if you’re struggling to get ad spaces on major platforms, don’t worry; we got that covered.

A customer’s first and most subsequent interactions with your business will most likely be on your website than in a physical location. The website is also where a significant portion of all CBD digital marketing efforts are applied, making a good website design crucial to your success.

We provide the best-customized web design services for CBD businesses that want to appeal to and convert both mobile and desktop users. 

Even with a great website, you still need a steady, if not increasing, number of visitors.  Enter search engine optimization (SEO); your best route to increasing organic traffic to your website. Client Verge has mastered the art of SEO, using CBD targeted keywords to optimize existing content or create new content that will send visitors flocking to your page. And you know, more visitors equals more conversions which means more sales.

Did you know that you can use online material like videos and blogs to promote your CBD business? You read it right! Despite being one of the best methods to reach out to and connect with clients, content marketing & copywriting are vastly underrated aspects of the digital market. Luckily, we at Client Verge believe in the power of a well-written page and that of a well-recorded video.

Even with an excellent design, well written, and optimized content, your website still needs a website audit; a check-up to reveal what’s working and what’s not. For example, how are the loading speeds? Are there any broken links? Is the SEO strategy working? What score is the User Experience (UX)? We use special tools to examine the health and performance of your website and identify issues stopping your good website from becoming an excellent one.

Social media is bigger than ever and still getting bigger. So, having a strong online presence on major platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is vital to your success. But while at it, why not let a certified digital marketing agency manage your account? Client Verge will create, analyze, and publish engaging and interactive content on your socials, widening your reach and relevance in the cannabis market.

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Why Client Verge?

The CBD industry faces many limitations by local laws and major social media and advertising platforms, making it difficult to implement cannabis marketing ideas. To beat this, you need a digital marketing agency with the experience, dedication, knowledge, and critical analysis of the market needed to develop a winning cannabis marketing plan. Client Verge is that agency.

Client Verge has formed a friendly and customer-oriented team of experts dedicated to increasing your website traffic and conversion sales. We use our deep understanding of the cannabis market to develop a marketing campaign designed to grow your organic customer base.

If you desire an effective SEO strategy, social media campaigns that tell your story on all essential platforms, and a clean, fast, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized website design, Client Verge is your go-to agency.

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Benefits to Your Business

More Customer Reviews

A digital marketing strategy that attracts more sales also gets you more positive customer reviews.

bypass strict advertising policies

Our team of experts will guide you through every roadblock you encounter along the way. Actively get your campagins running without putting your accounts at risk.

Defend Market Share

We help develop a marketing campaign that holds its own against your competitors and thus, defend your market share.

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retarget new customers

If you’re targeting a new consumer base, we will develop a marketing campaign best suited for that.

Convert new visitors

Our web design and SEO strategies are geared towards helping your website convert as many visitors as possible.

Recover Lost Orders

You can be sure that any potential customers you may have lost along the way will come rushing back.

Our Partners

We have partnered with many brands nationwide, and although every company is different, our results are always the same.

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Check out answers to some common questions from our customers ask!

 A CBD marketing agency is a company that develops and executes marketing strategies on behalf of or in consultation with a CBD company.

The CBD market is ever-growing, with estimated retail sales expected to reach $16 billion by 2025.

There are a lot of marketing strategies CBD companies can use to tap into the consumer market. Most of these include online-centered efforts to take advantage of the ever-growing online clientele for CBD products.

  • Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to direct more organic traffic to your website and increase sales. SEO is pretty cost-effective and is subject to significantly fewer CBD marketing rules than alternatives methods of advertisement. However, it’s quite challenging to execute and will often require the services of an expert.
  • Using content like articles, web content, product description, and blog posts to implement high-volume keywords and phrases in your SEO plan.
  • Build an affiliate network to help spread the word about your product.
  • Use email marketing to improve customer relationship and retention by sending deals and coupons to your existing subscribers.
  • Influencer marketing to appeal to potential customers on social media platforms: studies show that 70% of millennials consider influencer recommendations when making buying decisions.  

CBD products are aimed at people who believe in the health benefits of cannabinoids, which can be anybody.  Although some studies have attempted to understand the target market, it doesn’t get more specific than that. One study found that males are more likely to use CBD than women, with those aged between 25 and 30 years using CBD more than any other age group.

Another 2019 study by Gallup showed that 15% of adult men and 8% of adult women consume CBD to help them sleep. Of all American adults who use CBD products, 11% use it for insomnia, 20% for anxiety, and 11% for insomnia.

Statistics show all adult age groups use CBD in America. However, the popularity of its products decreases with age.

  • 20% of people between ages 18 and 29 use CBD
  • The proportion drops to 16% for people between 30 and 49 and 11% for those aged 50-64.
  • Finally, 8% of people aged 65 and older use CBD.

These are just the numbers of regular users. A 2019 study by Consumer Reports found that 40% of young people between 18 and 29 have tried CBD at least once. The proportion dropped to 32% for people between 30 and 44 and 23% for those aged 45-59. 15% of people aged 60 and older have tried CBD.   

When discussing CBD, many people focus on its meteoric rise to popularity and the growing consumer base, forgetting about the multitude of companies looking to cash in on this trend. The competition in the CBD market is quite high. It’s increasing by the day, with some experts even predicting oversaturation in the near future. This is why any CBD company that wants to survive must focus on effective marketing to establish a brand before that time comes.

Banks can do business with CBD companies, but their interaction is far from the easy relationships banks enjoy with other businesses. Not all forms of CBD were legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill, and their status is still subject to some laws and requirements. Thus, most banking institutions consider CBD high-risk and subject such businesses to enhanced scrutiny for risk assessment.

The CBD industry is bigger than ever and getting bigger by the day. Consumer interest in CBD products started rising in 2016, with 2018 being the breakout year when the number of US CBD consumers doubled. By then, the country’s retail market for CBD products was worth $2 billion. By 2025, this value is expected to hit $16 billion.

The Farm Bill 2018 allows you to sell CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC. However, some FDA restrictions apply;

  • The prescription drug Epidiolex is the only FDA-approved CBD-based prescription drug. As such, no other CBD brand can advertise health claims when promoting its CBD products.
  • Adding cannabinoids into food and marketing CBD-based products as dietary supplements is prohibited.  

Before selling, make sure that you understand federal and statewide laws regarding cannabinoids.

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