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6 Best CBD Friendly Banks in Texas

6 Best CBD Friendly Banks in Texas

Just as you’re searching for the best banks to support your CBD business in Texas, we’ve coincidentally compiled the top six.

Herring Bank, First Citizen Bank, West Town Bank, Bank of the West, Home Bank of Arkansas, and Patelco Credit Union stand out as the most CBD-friendly.

These banks understand the unique needs and legal considerations of CBD businesses. They’re ready to assist with streamlined processes, transaction management, and even business loans.

With their help, you can navigate the financial landscape of the CBD industry with confidence and ease.

Key Takeaways

  • Chase Bank has a dedicated hemp banking team with expertise in CBD business and offers top-notch CBD banking services with fair and transparent terms.
  • North Bay Credit Union shows a strong commitment to accepting CBD businesses despite potential risks and provides a secure and reliable financial environment for them.
  • Silicon Valley Bank views CBD products as wellness substances and offers the same services to CBD companies as healthcare providers, contributing to the normalization of CBD nationwide.
  • Timberland Bank offers a range of financial services tailored for CBD businesses, focuses on streamlining the process for new CBD businesses, and embraces the new legal framework for the CBD industry.

Understanding CBD Banking Complexities

As a CBD business owner, you’ll quickly find that navigating the complexities of CBD banking isn’t a walk in the park. CBD friendly banks are vital for your CBD business, allowing you to set up a bank account and accept electronic payments. However, finding such banks is often fraught with challenges due to the unique banking complexities of the CBD industry.

One of the main complexities is the legal framework that governs hemp and CBD. While the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp at a federal level, it didn’t fully legalize all forms of CBD nationwide. This discrepancy between state and federal law has led to regulatory ambiguities and a high-risk label for CBD companies. As a result, many banks hesitate to offer CBD business banking services, fearing potential legal repercussions.

These challenges extend to payment processing. As a high-risk business, your CBD company may face stringent vetting processes, limited options for payment processors, and higher transaction fees. Non-credible CBD business checking accounts can even lead to payment processing issues and revenue loss.

Despite these banking complexities, don’t despair. A growing number of CBD friendly banks are recognizing the potential of the CBD industry and stepping up to fill this banking gap. They’re working within the current legal framework to provide essential banking services, including loan approval for verified CBD businesses.

Chase Bank: A Reliable Option

If you’re a CBD business owner in Texas, Chase Bank’s hemp banking team could be your go-to resource for navigating the financial challenges unique to your industry. This reliable bank is a market specialist with an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the CBD business, making it an ideal partner as you work to grow your online CBD business.

Chase Bank stands out with its dedicated hemp banking team, specifically trained to handle the unique demands of businesses that sell CBD products. This specialized team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ensuring that you can confidently navigate the hurdles that come with running a CBD business.

But it’s not just about expertise. Chase Bank also delivers on the service front. They offer top-notch CBD Banking Services, designed with fair and transparent terms and pricing to meet the specific needs of CBD businesses. Whether it’s a credit account or other banking necessities, Chase Bank has you covered.

While Chase Bank currently doesn’t offer payment processing services for CBD businesses, it has an open invitation for CBD businesses in Texas, signaling possible future expansion in the CBD niche. This shows the bank’s willingness to adapt and evolve in response to the needs of its clients.

In short, Chase Bank’s size, resources, and dedication to the CBD industry make it a reliable option for CBD businesses in Texas. With Chase Bank, you’re not just getting a bank; you’re getting a partner who understands your business and is ready to help you succeed.

North Bay Credit Union: Supporting CBD Businesses

Switching gears, you’ll find that another bank making strides in supporting CBD businesses in Texas is North Bay Credit Union. This financial institution has shown a strong commitment to accept CBD businesses, despite the potential risks of federal prosecution. It’s one of the CBD-friendly banks that are crucial for the growth of the CBD and hemp industry.

North Bay Credit handles transactions for cannabis companies confidentially, and even limits the size of deposits to manage capital ratios. This approach provides a secure and reliable financial environment for CBD businesses struggling to find banks that accept CBD sales and transactions.

The credit union extends its services to companies located north of San Francisco and has a significant presence in Texas. By offering business accounts to hemp CBD companies, North Bay Credit is creating a firm financial foundation for these businesses in what can often be a fluctuating market.

The risk North Bay Credit Union takes in supporting CBD sales showcases the importance of finding a CBD-friendly bank. These financial institutions are invaluable resources for CBD businesses, providing stability and support in an industry that’s often misunderstood.

Overview of Silicon Valley Bank

Now, let’s shift our focus to the Silicon Valley Bank.

Known for its groundbreaking policies, this bank views CBD products as wellness substances, offering the same services to these companies as to healthcare providers.

Their innovative and proactive approach keeps them in sync with the evolving needs of the CBD industry.

Bank’s CBD Policies

Silicon Valley Bank’s approach to CBD policies is worth your attention, as they’ve firmly established themselves as a CBD-friendly institution. Recognizing the growth of the hemp industry, they’re proactive in catering to hemp businesses, offering banking options typically reserved for healthcare providers.

They see CBD products as wellness substances, and this perspective has paved the way for CBD accounts similar to those of healthcare providers. Their innovative policies and commitment to lowering barriers make them a standout among CBD-friendly banks.

Silicon Valley Bank’s forward-thinking approach is contributing to the normalization of CBD nationwide. So, if you’re in the cannabis business, this bank might be your best ally, offering not just banking services but also an understanding of your industry.

Banking Services Overview

As a CBD entrepreneur, you’ll appreciate the transparency of Silicon Valley Bank’s services, offering efficient solutions tailored to your business needs. Unlike most banks, Silicon Valley Bank categorizes CBD products as wellness substances, stepping away from traditional banking norms.

This bank provides a variety of services such as payment processing services, credit card facilitation, and even a robust checking account. This is a boon for businesses wanting to start a hemp venture.

Silicon Valley Bank stands out among CBD banks, demonstrating a proactive approach to technological development and innovation. Credit unions may offer similar services, but the commitment of this bank to meet the needs of CBD businesses is unparalleled.

It’s the credit union for the future, embracing the CBD industry with open arms.

Timberland Bank’s CBD Services

Let’s shift our focus to Timberland Bank’s CBD Services.

You might find it interesting to know the types of services they offer, how their customers feel about them, and how they stack up against competitors.

We’ll break down each of these points to give you a clear understanding.

Services Overview

In your journey to navigate the CBD business landscape in Texas, you’ll find that Timberland Bank offers a range of financial services tailored specifically for your needs. With a focus on streamlining the process for new CBD businesses, this bank might be waiting with an open invitation for you.

Timberland Bank’s 113 products are designed to support the legal CBD industry, from financial assistance to daily transaction management. Whether you need short-term assistance or permanent funding solutions, they’ve got you covered.

Also, Timberland Bank heralds the new legal framework that would make the CBD niche thrive in Texas. This shows their commitment towards providing a conducive framework that would make CBD businesses more profitable and legally secure.

Customer Experiences

If you’re a CBD business owner banking with Timberland, you’ll appreciate their high-level customer service and tailored financial solutions. Their offerings aren’t limited to the medical industry but extend to CBD businesses, including those selling CBD products.

Customer experiences suggest Timberland is a viable option for CBD businesses, despite higher service fees. While CBD products are still controversial, Timberland steps up to provide necessary services. They even handle payments for CBD businesses, a service not yet offered by Salal Credit or Chase Bank.

This makes Timberland an attractive option for cannabis businesses and those in the hemp business. While the search for CBD friendly banks in Texas continues, Timberland stands out with its customer-centric approach and customized solutions.

Comparing Competitors

You’ll find a number of banks offering services to CBD businesses, but when it comes to comparison, Timberland Bank’s higher service fees may initially seem off-putting.

This bank is another company that can help you navigate the cannabis industry, particularly if you’re dealing with hemp derivatives. Despite the higher interest rate, Timberland Bank has a package Available for CBD Businesses that covers the things that you need to run a successful CBD company.

They were willing to offer help when other banks wouldn’t start offering services. It’s crucial to weigh these factors when choosing a bank for your CBD business.

This comparison should help you ascertain if the higher service fees are a worthy trade-off for industry-specific services.

Exploring Salal Credit Union’s Offerings

Let’s delve into the specific services Salal Credit Union offers to CBD businesses in Texas.

Even though your neighboring bank might’ve hesitations regarding CBD, Salal Credit Union has enthusiastically embraced the sector, extending its services to those who offer CBD products.

They provide a range of services tailored to the needs of CBD businesses, including account management and assisting in managing daily transactions and emergencies. They’ve streamlined processes for easier account opening, making it convenient for you to set up and manage your banking needs. This makes Salal a favorable choice, particularly for new businesses or those looking to switch from a less accommodating institution.

Moreover, Salal Credit Union categorizes CBD products, including CBD topicals, as wellness substances. This means they extend the same services to CBD companies as they do to healthcare providers, providing CBD businesses with a supportive environment. Their focus on the medical industry and acceptance of industrial hemp and CBD as a healthcare product sets Salal apart.

Potential clients should also note that Salal Credit Union is knowledgeable about federal and state regulations that govern the CBD industry. This means they can provide guidance and merchant services that comply with these laws, helping your business navigate the often complex legal landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chase Bank Allow CBD Business Accounts?

Yes, you can open a business account for your CBD company with Chase Bank in Texas.

However, they’re not providing payment processing services for CBD businesses at this time.

They’re likely waiting for further legislation, like the SAFE Banking Act, and data on successful CBD companies to guide their services.

Despite these limitations, Chase’s size and resources make it a viable option for CBD banking needs.

Can You Open a Bank Account for a CBD Business?

Absolutely, you can open a bank account for your CBD business. It’s crucial to find a bank that’s CBD-friendly to avoid any potential issues.

Banks like Chase Bank can accommodate your needs. They’ll help facilitate electronic payments, money transfers, and even provide loans. However, do ensure you’re aware of all legal complexities and risks involved.

It’s your responsibility to navigate this challenging environment.

Is Wells Fargo Hemp Friendly?

The text doesn’t mention Wells Fargo as being hemp-friendly. It’s unclear what their policies are toward CBD businesses, including whether they offer payment processing for such companies.

Unfortunately, there’s no information about their stance on opening or closing accounts for CBD businesses. It’s best to contact Wells Fargo directly for accurate information.

Is US Bank Hemp Friendly?

It’s not clear if US Bank is hemp friendly. Their stance on CBD businesses could be influenced by factors like federal regulations and industry risks. They may be waiting for bills like the SAFE Banking Act to pass or gathering data on successful CBD companies before deciding.

Remember, smaller banks like TFNB, Keystone Bank, and Salal Credit Union are more open to working with the hemp industry.

Always best to check directly.


Navigating the complexities of CBD banking can feel daunting, but with banks like Herring Bank, First Citizen Bank, and others, you’re not alone. They’ll guide you through transactions, provide needed loans, and help manage legal risks.

With these banks on your side, running your CBD business in Texas becomes smoother.

So, don’t hesitate, explore these banks and find the perfect partner for your CBD venture. It’s high time you bank with confidence.

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