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Welcome to Client Verge

Client Verge supports its clients from beginning to end with our hands-on support, solutions, and knowledgeable consultative approach.

Who Are We

We are a forward-thinking digital transformation provider that is completely committed to unlocking the potential of your business online. 

Our Mission

Our aim is to help our clients stay innovative and agile every step of the way during their digital transformation. This is what we know and do best. 

What We Do

About Us

At Client Verge, we are dedicated to helping cannabis and hemp companies succeed in this highly competitive field. We provide a wide variety of services to ensure the best possible results in marketing your business to the public. Let us be your cannabis marketing agency that helps you realize your dreams of creating a successful business that you can be proud of.

Who We Are

Client Verge was started by a dedicated team of marketers who specialize in the cannabis and hemp industry. Over the past few years, this field has grown tremendously thanks to new local and state laws that allow for the distribution and sale of cannabis and hemp products.

We recognized both the potential and the problems associated with marketing in this industry. This is why we created Client Verge to address the needs of cannabis and hemp companies. Our job is to help them overcome challenges and grow their businesses. Today, our company offers over 6 years of experience in the cannabis field with more than a dozen years of marketing experience.

Our Services

Our main goal is to market your business online. We provide customizable solutions for small to enterprise-level cannabis shops to help them get noticed, bring in more customers, and build their business brand. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Our services start when you call or contact our office. We will listen to your needs and conduct an examination of where your company stands in terms of marketing in the cannabis or hemp industry. From that, we will create a comprehensive marketing strategy customized to your business goals.

Using all the resources of the web and beyond, Client Verge will work hard to expand the reach of your business, raise awareness to potential customers, and create a marketing strategy that improves your revenue.

Why Choose Client Verge?

Client Verge is the marketing company that will help your cannabis or hemp business grow the right way.

  • Change: The cannabis and hemp industries are not only growing every day they are changing as well. This is why we employ different methods that are customized to your marketing needs. As the market changes, so too does our use of marketing tools and strategies to build your customer base.
  • Experience: Our years of experience in the field provides Client Verge with an advantage that few other marketing firms can offer. We not only understand the cannabis and hemp industries, but we will also use that knowledge to help your company reach new customers.
  • Dedication: At Client Verge, we understand that our reputation is only as good as the last customer we serve. That is why we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that all marketing techniques and strategies are used to help your company grow.

Let Client Verge be your canna marketing company. Call or contact us today and find out more about the services we offer. Our friendly, courteous staff will answer your questions, explain our services, and help you realize your goals in the cannabis and hemp industries.

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