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The Best Ways to Advertise a Vape Shop

The Best Ways to Advertise a Vape Shop

Getting involved in the vaping industry is one of the best financial decisions a person can make. It’s a growing field that is relatively new, with vape shops being a fantastic opportunity for many entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, many vape shop owners are confused about the best ways to advertise a vape shop.

If this is the case with you, you’re in the right place. Below will highlight the specifics of what you should know about advertising, the online medium, and most importantly, vape shop advertising examples. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of what to do with this subject, beginning your advertising journey.

How to Advertise a Vape Shop

How to Advertise a Vape Shop
How to Advertise a Vape Shop

Understanding the necessity of advertising is critical in the advertising process. Advertising is more than dumping a ton of video into promoting your company. Though there are some benefits to paid advertisements, there are plenty of other avenues with advertising that’s more on the marketing side.

Either way, the basics of advertising a vape shop have to do with relevant content, building a brand, and growing your following. Though these three areas are extensive, it falls under the advertising section, which is imperative to your vape shop’s success. Most importantly, you stick with it, since results sometimes take a while to occur.

Advertising a Vape Shop Online

It’s impossible to deny the essential nature of the online medium today. The internet age has made it, so practically everyone in the world is online to a certain degree. Though your target audience most likely isn’t the entire globe, it’s nice knowing there are so many individuals online waiting for you to advertise.

Generally speaking, there are a few main routes you can go down for utilizing online advertising. The process typically involves social media, website development, article submissions, and email marketing. Some of our examples will fall under these categories, but understanding them more broadly will help you in the long run.

Advertise Vape Shop Examples

Advertise Vape Shop Examples
Advertise Vape Shop Examples

As great as it is to know the broader specifics of advertising a vape shop, none of that matters if you don’t know some key examples. As a result, below will highlight some trendy examples for advertising your vape shop. These examples are proven to work, though it may take you some time to perfect them.

Keep in mind, the examples we’re going to discuss aren’t the only ways to advertise your shop. The examples are just a quick way to give you some ideas. If you have similar or other ideas that may work for advertising, definitely try those methods out too. Just be mindful of what you’re doing and any adverse effects they might have.

1. Facebook Groups

Usually, whenever someone brings up Facebook advertising, they typically think of a Facebook page making posts. As great as this method is, it might be more beneficial to make a post about your vape shop in vape-oriented Facebook groups. That way, you’re talking directly to your target audience.

2. Reddit Communities

For whatever reason, people typically forget Reddit when they discuss the best ways to advertise a vape shop. Similar Facebook groups, Reddit communities are great because they’re filled with people who share a similar interest. Take a glance at broader vaping communities and more niche subjects such as vaping in your local area.

3. Vaping Magazines

Though magazine advertising isn’t as popular as it was in the past, it’s still worth mentioning. There are plenty of vaping magazines that are constantly accepting new advertisers. Keep in mind, the larger the magazine, the more expensive it’ll be for you to have an advertisement. Either way, weigh out the cost-benefit analysis and see if it works for you.

Popular Vape Magazines:

  • VAPE
  • E Juice Magazine
  • Vape News Magazine
  • Vapouround Magazine
  • Vaping360
  • Vaping Post
  • Smok Mag

4. Vape Review Sites

Consider reaching out to vape review sites to discuss your vape shop in some way. Whether it’s to review your vape location or discuss what you offer, all of it can be beneficial. Outside of specific vape review sites, plenty of vape blogs can discuss your business in a similar capacity.

Popular Vape Sites:

  • Vapor Joes
  • com
  • Taste Your Juice
  • Vape Deals
  • Guide To Vaping
  • Vaping Cheap
  • Ashtray Blog

5. YouTube Vape Channels

Going off the idea of vape websites and vape reviewers, YouTube reviewers are a vast avenue to dive down. Like countless other subjects, there are plenty of vape reviewers on YouTube who discuss popular products and give their overall thoughts on the matter. Consider reaching out to a reviewer and see if they’ll consider doing a video about your shop for some free products.

Popular YouTube Vape Channels:

  • Suck My Mod
  • Mike Vapes
  • GrimmGreen
  • Todd Reviews
  • Vaping With Vic
  • Il Santone Dello Svapo
  • Steam Shots TV
  • The Vaping Bogan

6. Vaping Influencers

An advertising article wouldn’t be complete without discussing some influencers. For those who don’t know, an influencer is someone with a following with a massive influencer over them (hence their name). There are plenty of influencer niches, ranging from music to the vaping industry. Teaming up with an influencer is a great way to grow your audience fast.

Popular Vaping Influencers:

  • Austin Lawrence
  • Byron Datau
  • Itjal Febryan
  • Kent Hill
  • Rip Trippers
  • Nick Green
  • Duane Roederer
  • Adrian Lo Dejavu

7. Email Marketing

Though it may seem old-fashioned, promoting a mailing list in-person, on your website, and on social media is a great way to advertise your vape shop to your consumers consistently. Though this method helps inform people who already know your business, it’s great for making new announcements, selling products, and much more.

8. Vaping Events (Vape Expos)

If you didn’t know already, countless vaping events happen every month. Though the popularity of a vape event has decreased recently due to the ongoing pandemic, the events are starting to boot up again. Consider attending an event near your shop where you can hand out flyers to people promoting your shop. You’d be surprised at how well this works since people love trying out new spots they haven’t been to.

Is Vape Shop Advertising Legal?

Unlike big tobacco products, vape shop advertising is completely legal. Though it may vary depending on what platform you’re using, you shouldn’t run into any major issues. Just remember to check the specifics of what you plan on using, in case there are any rules or guidelines you’ll need to follow.

Though the legality and specifics of vaping may change in the future, there aren’t too many restrictions right now. Seeing as vaping is such a popular subject, especially in younger generations, advertising is a great way to help grow your business. However, be mindful of anything specific you’ll need to follow so you don’t get in any trouble.

Other Information About an Advertisement for Vape Shops

Other Information About an Advertisement for Vape Shops
Other Information About an Advertisement for Vape Shops

Besides everything we’ve already discussed, the only other information worth mentioning for vape shop advertising has to do with your location and what sets you apart. Always try to develop ways to think outside of the box for your vape shop, that way, you’re useful to the consumer with advertising your company.

From the other point, be aware of where you’re setting up your vape shop. Local communities vary in their feelings on vape shops and their overall popularity. Do some research into what areas work best for a shop and how you can implement real-world advertising to your advantage.

Need Help Advertising? Contact Client Verge

As applicable as all of the information we’ve discussed is, the best way to enhance your vape shop is with a digital marketing agency, such as Client Verge. We pride ourselves on unlocking the full potential of our clients, with a wide array of services and tools at our disposal to get the most out of your business.

Advertising can be a tricky subject, especially if you’re relatively new to the subject. The possibilities are truly endless as long as you have the right team behind you. If interested in learning more, consider setting up a free consultation with us so we can talk more in-depth about what we offer and how we can help.

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We appreciate you taking the time to read this article on vape shop advertising basics. Though there is plenty of information to discuss, we hope this guide gave you more than enough information to get started on the matter. Regardless, the more press ahead in the subject, the better you’ll be in the long run.

Nevertheless, if you have any questions about the best ways to advertise a vape shop, moving ahead as a business or anything tied to the matter, be sure to contact us. Even if you’re not sure about working with us yet, we love nothing more than to help point you in the right direction.

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