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Should You Advertise on Weedmaps? The Honest Truth

Should You Advertise on Weedmaps

Advertising is a critical part of growing a cannabis business, with many wondering how to advertise on Weedmaps and if it’s worth their time. Weedmaps is a viral platform in the cannabis community. Practically everyone who uses cannabis, CBD, or is involved in the field in some way has heard of the platform.


Regardless, dispensaries of all shapes and sizes are interested in Weedmaps, wondering if it’s worth their time and investment. As a result, below will discuss the key points to be aware of with Weedmaps. We’ll highlight what it is, what’s on it, if it’s worth it, and a general FAQ at the end.

What is Weedmaps?

Advertise on Weedmaps
Advertise on Weedmaps

Weedmaps gives purchasers data concerning marijuana items, including web-based requesting, neighborhood retailer and brand postings, item disclosure, and customer training on weed and its set of experiences. Think of it as a main area on the web to discover dispensaries near you.

From a business perspective, Weedmaps is an essential part of a cannabis business since it promotes your business to your target audience. Everyone who goes on Weedmaps is a part of the cannabis business target audience, making it worthwhile in this setting.

What is on Weedmaps?

The Weedmaps site and application are loaded with robust features and thick data assets. Practically everything you could hope for is on the platform. Whether you’re looking for a nearby dispensary, perusing client criticism about a particular strain or retailer, submitting a request for pickup, or investigating bargains, all of it is on Weedmaps.


You can tap on extra subtleties when you find a dispensary in the Weedmaps framework. Information includes their location, contact data, active times, client surveys, a rundown of their items, current arrangements, and conveniences (handicap availability, ATM, security, and so on).

Considering dispensaries are the prominent business type people seek in the cannabis world, it’s nice to have a central hub for this purpose. If you’ve never been on Weedmaps before, you’ll be shocked at how many dispensaries are in your local area from the app.


As their name would persuade you to think, Weedmaps is meant as a map guide of cannabis dispensaries. You have to enter your location or area code, and Weedmaps pins various areas in a space. Doctors are light blue, medical options are dark blue, and recreational dispensaries are orange.

In many occurrences, the business’ guide pin will have a little shopping basket symbol, demonstrating that online ordering is an option. The map feature is the best part of Weedmaps, so give it a look and see what’s near you.

Social Media

Social media is everywhere. Whether you’re a fan of it, it’s an essential makeup of a business and its growth. Assuming that you need more data about what’s on Weedmaps, you can observe businesses on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium.

Informative Posts

Besides being a general guide for cannabis companies near you. Weedmaps posts unique substance about related points. It highlights the company’s general business, news, favorite items, how-to articles, guides, and replies to clarified pressing issues.

Beneficial information in this setting is excellent for everyday cannabis customers. Whether it’s a news related to the subject, new products, or company announcements, it is beneficial. Informative content is also great for building a platform, making it worthwhile to submit your content.


There are plenty of discounts and deals available throughout Weedmaps. Weedmaps is a popular platform for organizations to promote to possible clients, listing deals on their site. Considering most customers get a great deal of enjoyment from possible deals, this is a huge plus from a business perspective.

Advertising on Weedmaps – Is It Worth It?

Advertising on Weedmaps comes down to two main points: what is your current status as a business, and can you afford the advertising? The plus side is the popularity of Weedmaps. We’ll discuss more of this later, but understand the platform is as popular as it is for a reason.

Regardless, it’s more challenging to submit your business to Weedmaps than it should be. In the first place, you have to call an administrator to go over every one of the details and choose how to set up your page. This permits you to calibrate your page on Weedmaps and make a decent brand appearance.

Weedmaps Popularity

Weedmaps is substantially more popular than a shared directory. It’s a local hub that showcases everything to know for cannabis businesses worldwide. They can discuss different strains and organizations in the platform while likewise evaluating the business.

Functionality-wise, Weedmaps gets most of its traffic through its app. The vast majority of these guests search “dispensaries near me” on the platform. By arriving on the Weedmaps site, a potential purchaser can examine experience with a specific brand by dissecting its costs, rates, and reviews.


Advertising on Weedmaps ranges from $295 per month to over $1,000 a month. That cost is a lot but is worth it if you have the income. The downside is worth mentioning for early-staged businesses that don’t have the customer base to afford the cost.

The plus side is that you can list your business on Weedmaps without additional costs. The free option allows you to put a backlink to your site, image page, and the capacity to put a logo. The primary and premium options are much more beneficial to your business but cost more than the free variation.


Now that you know about the pros and cons of advertising on Weedmaps, let’s discuss some other questions related to the subject. Considering how popular a subject like this is, there are a lot of points to highlight in the matter. These aren’t the only questions related to the subject; they’re just a few critical ones.

How much is advertising on Weedmaps?

As indicated by weed industry experts, most dispensaries can hope to pay between $400 to as much as $1,500 per month. Regardless, there are a few reports of weed organizations paying upwards of $10,000 per month to list their dispensary in select business sectors like LA or Denver.

Investing some income into Weedmaps means you get a profoundly upgraded business profile page. It causes ideal SEO, regular Conversion rate enhancement, and above-average prices. Regardless, check ROI reports to decide whether the WeedMaps advertising is worth the price.

How do I put my brand on Weedmaps?

The primary purpose of Weedmaps is to have your business on the platform. Begin the process by heading to the Weedmaps website and typing in the required information. The information needed will include your first name, last name, number, email, and business role.

From there, you’ll submit your business name and business type. Remember to be as accurate as possible while filling this out; otherwise, you’ll be denied. Next, you’ll submit your location and point of sale information. Lastly, you’ll have to type in your licensing information and wait for the approval.

How profitable is Weedmaps?

Weedmaps itself is a very profitable platform. Recently, income expanded to $50.9 million, up to nine percent from the second last quarter of 2020 or 46 percent in the United States. Weedmaps’ plan of action is very profitable, hence why it can generate as much income as it is.

Weedmaps pulls in publicizing income from cannabis retailers who pay to attract clients who use the site’s dispensary locater. The organization also sells a cloud-based working framework for pot organizations.

As far as profit is concerned for a business that uses Weedmaps, this tends to be very beneficial. No dispensary will make the level of income Weedmaps itself has. Still, the cost-benefit of Weedmaps needs to be examined closely since there is a lot with the platform.

How do you get product verified on Weedmaps?

Product verification is essential from a consumer perspective because it grants customers trust in your products. Unfortunately, Weedmaps can’t endorse verified items in the interest of a brand. The company tells customers to connect with the brand directly for verification. You can call (844) 933-3627 for additional help.

Who is Weedmaps competition?

Weedmaps is a viral platform for numerous reasons, meaning it’s a crucial part of the cannabis business success story. Still, this doesn’t mean Weedmaps is the only option to consider. There are a lot of platforms in this setting, so definitely take the time to see what’s available and worth considering. Regardless, Weedmaps’ top competition includes:

  • Leafly
  • Mapquest
  • City-data
  • All Bud


Weedmaps is an integral part of marketing and growing your cannabis business. However, initially try to sign up with the accessible route before investing money into the platform. The idea is to grow your business as best as possible, increasing your income for promotional purposes.

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