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Best Weed YouTubers To Follow

Best Weed YouTubers

In the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, it’s essential to stay informed and educated. Channels like CustomGrow420, StrainCentral, and Ruffhouse Studios on YouTube have become significant sources of in-depth cannabis knowledge, offering product reviews, cultivation advice, and cooking tutorials. Each channel brings a unique perspective, catering to various interests, from the novice to the seasoned cannabis enthusiast. As we explore this topic, it becomes apparent that these YouTubers are more than just entertainers; they are educators shaping the cannabis conversation.

Key Takeaways

  • CustomGrow420 and StrainCentral are popular YouTubers known for their cannabis education, product reviews, and industry insights.
  • Ruffhouse Studios and SilencedHippie cater to audiences interested in cannabis cooking and lifestyle vlogging.
  • For cannabis cultivation, channels like Mr. Canucks Grow and School of Hard Nugs provide detailed guidance and tutorials.
  • Haley420 and Matthias710 focus on cannabis strain reviews and extraction techniques, offering unique and specialized content.
  • Channels like CoralReefer, The High Couple, and Lex’s World advocate promoting responsible use and legal reform.

CustomGrow420: The Cannabis Enthusiast

CustomGrow420 The Cannabis Enthusiast
CustomGrow420 The Cannabis Enthusiast

CustomGrow420, a prominent figure in the YouTube cannabis community, has gained a substantial following of over 1.8 million subscribers due to its entertaining and enlightening content, which ranges from cannabis product reviews to smoking challenges and industry insights. As one of the best weed YouTubers, the channel creator, Jolie Olie, has carved a niche with his unique, engaging content that resonates with cannabis enthusiasts.

CustomGrow420 stands out among the stoner YouTubers due to its well-rounded mix of edutainment. This weedtuber channel serves as a valuable resource for cannabis reviews, allowing its audience to make informed decisions about their cannabis consumption. Its product reviews are thorough and insightful, shedding light on the quality, potency, and effects of various cannabis strains and products.

Beyond reviews, CustomGrow420 takes its audience on a thrilling journey with its smoking challenges. These challenges, while being entertaining, also educate the viewers about the different ways of cannabis consumption, its effects, and safe practices. The channel has not only made a significant impact in shaping cannabis culture but also in promoting responsible and informed use.

Industry insights are another cornerstone of CustomGrow420’s content. By keeping its subscribers up-to-date with the latest trends, news, and developments in the cannabis industry, it has become a go-to source for many cannabis enthusiasts. Its content is not just limited to entertainment but also includes educational insights that empower its audience.

StrainCentral: Weed Education Central

Exploring the World of cannabis education, StrainCentral has emerged as a sought-after YouTube channel renowned for its detailed breakdown of myths and insightful information about weed. The channel offers a thorough learning platform for those keen to understand the intricacies of cannabis, from its various strains to the broader cultural and legal context surrounding its use.

StrainCentral is known for its commitment to debunking misconceptions about cannabis. With his engaging personality, the channel’s host brings a unique blend of knowledge and entertainment to the platform. His approachable demeanor makes the complex World of cannabis accessible to a broad audience, whether they are novices or veterans in the field.

The channel’s content is diverse, informative, and highly relevant to cannabis discourse. It provides in-depth reviews on various strains, allowing viewers to understand the different characteristics, effects, and potential benefits. StrainCentral also explores other cannabis-related topics, offering a broader perspective on the plant beyond its recreational use.

What sets StrainCentral apart is its dedication to providing valuable content for those looking to expand their knowledge about cannabis. The channel strongly focuses on education, aiming to dispel fear and stigma through knowledge and understanding. Its dedication to this mission has earned it a place among the best weed YouTubers to follow on YouTube.

Ruffhouse Studios: Cooking With Cannabis

While StrainCentral focuses on cannabis education and myth-busting, Ruffhouse Studios offers a different, yet equally engaging, perspective by focusing on the culinary side of cannabis. As an essential part of the best weed YouTubers to follow on YouTube, Ruffhouse Studios has carved out a niche in cannabis-infused cooking, making it a popular destination for those interested in combining their love for food and cannabis.

With over 720K subscribers, Ruffhouse Studios has proven its ability to captivate and educate its audience on the art of cooking with cannabis. The channel offers detailed tutorials and recipes, providing a thorough guide for those venturing into cannabis-infused dishes. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, these informative videos cater to all skill levels.

One key aspect of Ruffhouse Studios’ content is its emphasis on practical guidance. The channel provides valuable tips on dosages and cooking techniques, ensuring users can safely and effectively incorporate cannabis into their recipes. This helpful advice, combined with the channel’s creative and diverse recipes, enhances the overall cannabis cooking experience for viewers.

Ruffhouse Studios’ high production values further contribute to the channel’s appeal. Every video features crisp visuals and clear instructions, showcasing the delectable results of cannabis-infused cooking. This focus on quality and their unique content distinguishes Ruffhouse Studios from the growing list of weed YouTubers.

SilencedHippie: Cannabis Lifestyle Vlogger

SilencedHippie Cannabis Lifestyle Vlogger
SilencedHippie Cannabis Lifestyle Vlogger

In the World of cannabis lifestyle vlogging, SilencedHippie has emerged as a prominent figure. She is gaining popularity for her unique content that offers personal experiences and insights into the culture and wellness aspects of cannabis. With a knack for engaging storytelling, she has captivated a large audience who share a similar interest in the cannabis lifestyle. Her vlogs are not just about consumption but also about the holistic aspect of cannabis, making her content both enjoyable and enlightening.

SilencedHippie, whose real name is Sasha, presents a unique perspective on the cannabis culture. This YouTuber sets herself apart by providing an authentic look into her life as a cannabis consumer. She offers viewers an intimate glimpse into her experiences, including the highs and lows, the challenges and triumphs, and the day-to-day realities of being a cannabis enthusiast.

Her videos cover various topics, from wellness to advocacy and even the sense of community within cannabis culture. Sasha’s openness and enthusiasm characterize her approach to content creation, making her a relatable figure for many of her followers. SilencedHippie’s channel provides a valuable resource for those seeking to understand or engage with cannabis culture.

One of the unique aspects of SilencedHippie’s channel is her ability to balance entertainment with information. She has successfully crafted an online space that is not only entertaining but also educational. Through her vlogs, she has demonstrated the potential of cannabis lifestyle vlogging as an effective platform for generating dialogue, promoting understanding, and fostering a positive perception of cannabis.

The Weed Tube: Cannabis Social Network

Shifting focus from individual content creators like SilencedHippie, platforms such as The Weed Tube serve as a dedicated cannabis social network, offering a space for creators to share a wide range of cannabis-related content. This community-driven platform provides many educational videos, engaging entertainment, and advocacy content, all centered around cannabis.

The Weed Tube aims to dispel the stigma associated with marijuana usage and promote a positive cannabis culture. Through its diverse range of content, its mission is not only to entertain but also to educate and facilitate understanding about cannabis. From growing tips to the latest research on medicinal uses, The Weed Tube serves as a comprehensive resource for both cannabis-curious and seasoned enthusiasts.

One of the distinctive features of The Weed Tube is its interactive nature. Unlike passive viewing on mainstream platforms, it encourages users to engage with like-minded individuals, explore diverse perspectives, and participate in meaningful discussions. This interaction fosters a sense of community among users, making it not just a content platform but a hub for cannabis enthusiasts.

The Weed Tube also provides a supportive environment for users to share their own experiences with cannabis. Whether a first-time user sharing their experience or a seasoned grower sharing tips and tricks, the platform encourages user-generated content, further enriching the community’s collective knowledge.

WeedMaps: Your Cannabis Guide

WeedMaps, a pioneer in cannabis visibility, offers an extensive and informative platform for global cannabis information, boasting over 300,000 YouTube subscribers. Since its inception in September 2013, WeedMaps has carved out a niche as a credible source of information on cannabis strains and products. Their in-depth videos guide consumers in selecting strains that best suit their needs.

The strength of WeedMaps lies in the quality of its content. The channel’s creators have prioritized ensuring their videos are informative and engaging, combining high-production values with a wealth of knowledge on cannabis. This has made WeedMaps a go-to source for both seasoned cannabis users and those new to the World of cannabis.

WeedMaps’ videos offer a broad spectrum of insights into the cannabis industry, from detailing the features of specific strains to exploring the processes behind cultivating and harvesting cannabis. They provide an invaluable resource for those wishing to deepen their understanding of the plant and its myriad uses.

Staying informed is essential in an ever-evolving industry like cannabis. For the YouTube-savvy cannabis enthusiast, WeedMaps provides a detailed guide that simplifies the complexities of the cannabis world. By focusing on education and visibility, WeedMaps is helping to shape the conversation around cannabis and ensure that consumers are empowered with the information they need to make informed decisions. This makes WeedMaps one of the best weed YouTubers to follow on YouTube.

CoralReefer: Advocate for Cannabis Legalization

CoralReefer Advocate for Cannabis Legalization
CoralReefer Advocate for Cannabis Legalization

Another influential figure in the cannabis YouTube community is CoralReefer, a strong advocate for cannabis legalization and positive usage. With a YouTube career spanning over a decade since September 2008, CoralReefer has steadily built a reputable platform dedicated to the responsible and informed use of cannabis. Today, her channel commands an audience of 114K subscribers, confirming her credibility and influence within the cannabis community.

CoralReefer’s dedication to promoting a positive perception of cannabis use is woven into her diverse video content. She shares insightful and entertaining videos and proactively educates her audience about cannabis. Through her content, CoralReefer challenges the stigma surrounding cannabis consumption and strives to foster an informed and accepting community.

Her channel extends beyond mere entertainment. CoralReefer uses her platform to engage with pressing issues in the cannabis industry and society. She actively campaigns for the legalization of cannabis, underscoring its medical and economic benefits. She leverages her online presence to spark meaningful conversations around cannabis law reform, aiming to shift public perception and influence policy changes.

With an average of two new videos per week, CoralReefer offers a consistent source of cannabis-related content. From product reviews and lifestyle vlogs to in-depth discussions on cannabis legislation, her channel is a detailed resource for anyone interested in the cannabis culture and industry. Through her dedication and advocacy, CoralReefer continues to impact the cannabis community significantly.

The High Couple: Cannabis Culture Duo

In the vibrant World of cannabis culture on YouTube, a dynamic duo, The High Couple, comprising Alice and Clark from Los Angeles, has gained significant popularity since their channel’s inception in February 2016. With a growing subscriber base of over 162,000, they have successfully carved a niche by providing engaging and informative content centered around cannabis.

The High Couple’s content spans a broad spectrum, exploring various aspects of cannabis culture. Their videos are a unique blend of educational content and lifestyle elements, offering viewers an immersive insight into their passionate journey with cannabis. They upload one video per week, ensuring a steady stream of content, and their approachable style fosters a sense of community among their viewers.

The duo’s content is not limited to just smoking sessions or strain reviews but also includes topics like home cultivation, cannabis-infused cooking, and industry events. This wide-ranging approach to content creation has helped them cultivate a diverse audience base, appealing to newcomers and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts alike.

Alice and Clark’s commitment to debunking myths and promoting responsible cannabis use sets them apart from many other YouTubers. They are well recognized for their commitment to education, making their channel a source of entertainment and a valuable resource for cannabis education.

Haley420: Cannabis Strain Reviewer

Haley420 is a well-known figure in the YouTube cannabis community, renowned for her entertaining challenges and detailed reviews of a variety of cannabis products, such as rosin dabs and vaporizers. Her channel, popular among cannabis enthusiasts, provides a platform that combines humor and a relaxed approach to convey information about different strains and consumption methods.

Haley420’s content is distinctive because of its focus on fun and lighthearted cannabis challenges. This approach sets her apart from other YouTubers in the cannabis space, who often explore further intricate growing techniques or business aspects of cannabis. Her videos are perfect for relaxed viewing sessions, where audiences can enjoy entertaining content while learning about various cannabis products.

Her content selection ranges from product reviews to strain challenges, providing an engaging and varied viewing experience. She often showcases a variety of cannabis-related products, from edibles to smoking accessories, making her channel an excellent resource for those curious about the wide range of offerings within the cannabis industry.

Haley420’s style is fun and relatable, making her famous among viewers looking for a unique perspective on cannabis culture. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a newcomer to the scene, Haley420’s channel offers a different take on cannabis content. Her lighthearted approach, combined with her knowledge of cannabis products, provides a valuable resource for those looking to expand their understanding of cannabis while enjoying entertaining content. Haley420 is a must-follow for fans of engaging, fun, and informative cannabis YouTube content.

Matthias710: Cannabis Extraction Specialist

Matthias710 Cannabis Extraction Specialist
Matthias710 Cannabis Extraction Specialist

Shifting our focus from entertainment-oriented cannabis content to a more technical aspect, we come across Matthias710, a distinguished figure in the YouTube cannabis community known for his specialization in cannabis extraction. This renowned extraction specialist is a beacon of knowledge and innovation, famous for his proficiency in various extraction methods, including rosin pressing and hash making.

Matthias710’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of detailed guides and tutorials meticulously curated to educate viewers on extracting cannabinoids from cannabis. His content is not merely instructional but also emphasizes the importance of quality and precision. This focus on technical excellence, coupled with easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations, makes his channel a valuable resource for both novices and professionals within the cannabis industry.

But Matthias710’s content extends beyond the mere extraction process. He also provides a unique window into the art and science behind cannabis extraction, effortlessly merging information and entertainment. This approach and unparalleled expertise have cemented his position as a trusted authority in the cannabis community.

For enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of cannabis extraction, Matthias710’s channel offers a wealth of in-depth insights and practical advice. His dedication to demystifying the complexities of the extraction process makes him a must-follow for anyone interested in the technical side of the cannabis industry. Indeed, Matthias710’s commitment to education and unwavering passion for his craft set him apart as a cannabis extraction specialist on YouTube.

Green House Seed Co: Cannabis Genetics

Distinguished for creating award-winning cannabis genetics, Green House Seed Co. is a globally recognized seed bank with over 40 Cannabis Cups to its name. This Amsterdam-based company has been instrumental in shaping the cannabis industry with its innovative approach to breeding and genetics. Their commitment to quality and excellence in genetic development is evidenced by their impressive accolades, making them a leading player.

Green House Seed Co’s extensive breeding program has given birth to iconic strains like Super Lemon Haze, White Widow, and Arjan’s Haze, each highly celebrated for their unique characteristics. The company’s dedication to creating high-quality and genetically stable strains has made it a favorite among both recreational and medicinal cannabis users worldwide. Their strains are noted not just for their potency but also for their superior aroma, flavor, and therapeutic benefits.

Beyond their breeding success, Green House Seed Co is equally committed to education. They have a YouTube channel where they share insights into their breeding processes, growing tips, and strain reviews. This platform allows them to bridge the gap between their work and cannabis enthusiasts, cultivating a deeper understanding of cannabis genetics among their viewers.

Jorge Cervantes: Cannabis Cultivation Expert

Jorge Cervantes, a renowned cannabis cultivation expert, has established a prominent presence on YouTube. His channel launched in April 2010 and has amassed over 238,000 subscribers with its insightful, high-definition cannabis content. Known for his clear and concise communication style, Cervantes translates complex horticulture language into easily digestible information, making his channel an essential resource for novice and experienced cultivators.

Cervantes’s content is diverse, ranging from macro photographs that reveal the intricacy of growing cannabis plants to practical tips on maximizing yield. His videos offer a detailed exploration of cannabis cultivation, featuring thorough walkthroughs and expert advice on various topics, from plant genetics to pest control.

Notably, Cervantes doesn’t inundate his subscribers with frequent uploads. Instead, he focuses on quality over quantity, publishing around four well-researched and carefully edited videos annually. Each video is designed to be a thorough guide, providing viewers with knowledge they can apply to their cultivation practices.

In a sphere where misinformation can be rampant, Cervantes’s dedication to factual accuracy and his passion for educating the public on cannabis cultivation set him apart. He leverages his expertise to debunk myths, promoting a fact-based understanding of cannabis and its cultivation. This commitment to quality, education, and transparency has earned Cervantes a loyal following, making him a pivotal figure to follow for those interested in the intricacies of cannabis cultivation.

Dope As Yola: Cannabis Storyteller

Dope As Yola Cannabis Storyteller
Dope As Yola Cannabis Storyteller

For those searching for entertaining and relatable cannabis-related content, Dope As Yola, a renowned cannabis YouTuber with over 1.5 million subscribers, offers an engaging blend of humor, storytelling, and product reviews. Known for his lighthearted and entertaining videos, Dope As Yola masterfully blends comedy and cannabis culture, providing viewers with a unique and enjoyable viewing experience.

His content is not limited to humor and storytelling alone. He also offers insightful reviews on various cannabis products, including vape carts and strains. By sharing his personal experiences and opinions, he equips his audience with a broader understanding of the diverse range of products available in the cannabis market. This feature of his channel caters to a broad audience of cannabis enthusiasts, whether they are novices or experienced users.

Moreover, Dope As Yola’s content is not just about entertainment. He also provides informative guides, such as how to roll a cross-joint, making his channel a practical resource for those wanting to enhance their cannabis skills and knowledge.

The channel’s blend of entertainment, storytelling, and informative content has solidified its place in the cannabis community. Dope As Yola’s approachable and engaging style has resonated with millions, making him a must-follow for those seeking a fun and knowledgeable perspective on cannabis. His ability to entertain while educating sets him apart, showcasing the multifaceted nature of the cannabis culture. In conclusion, Dope As Yola’s channel offers an enjoyable and educational journey through the World of cannabis, making it a standout among weed YouTubers.

Bubble Man’s World: Hashish Connoisseur

Exploring the World of hashish and cannabis macro photography, Bubbleman’s World is a reputable YouTube channel dedicated to educating its audience about the intricacies of cannabis cultivation, hash-making techniques, and industry-specific photography. Since its inception in March 2007, the channel has garnered a robust following of 146,000 subscribers, proof of the quality and relevance of its content.

Bubbleman’s World serves as a valuable resource for both amateurs and seasoned enthusiasts in the cannabis industry. By providing a well-rounded education about the cultivation and utilization of cannabis, the channel bridges the gap between knowledge and application, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the plant and its various uses.

The channel’s focus on hash-making techniques is particularly notable. Viewers are given an intimate look into the process, from the initial stages of growing the plant to the meticulous steps of extracting hashish. The channel’s founder, Bubbleman, provides weekly videos that not only detail the hash-making process but also impart growing tips and showcase stunning macro shots of cannabis plants.

Moreover, Bubbleman’s World’s emphasis on cannabis macro photography offers a unique visual perspective, allowing viewers to appreciate the plant’s beauty in detail. This aspect proves the channel’s commitment to showcasing the cannabis industry in a different light.

Upbeat Smash 420: Cannabis Product Reviewer

Another influential voice in the cannabis YouTube community is Positive Smash 420, a renowned reviewer of diverse cannabis products. With a keen knack for providing detailed reviews and insightful commentary, Positive Smash 420 has carved a niche for herself in cannWorldcontent creation.

This YouTuber offers content that is not only engaging but also informative. She focuses primarily on cannabis accessories and consumption methods, providing viewers with a broad perspective on the vast array of products available on the market. Positive Smash 420 covers everything from vaporizers to edibles, offering viewers an in-depth look at each product she reviews.

What sets Positive Smash 420 apart from other cannabis YouTubers is her honesty. She provides genuine opinions and thorough evaluations of different cannabis-related items. Her credibility is further solidified by her commitment to presenting each product in its most accurate form, offering her audience an unbiased perspective on what to expect from each item.

Positive Smash 420 has a dedicated fan base, with many viewers interested in learning about new and innovative cannabis products. Her channel is a resource for these individuals, providing them with valuable insights and knowledge about the ever-evolving cannabis market.

Marijuana Man: Longest Running WeedTuber

Continuing in the World of international cannabis content creators, Marijuana Man stands out as one of the longest-running WeedTubers on YouTube. He offers a wealth of experience and knowledge within the cannabis industry. With years of content creation, he has established a notable presence in the online cannabis community that continues to thrive.

Marijuana Man’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information for both novice and experienced cannabis enthusiasts. His videos cover a broad spectrum of topics within the cannabis space, including product reviews, culture, advocacy, and industry insights. This extensive range guarantees that viewers will find educational and entertaining content, regardless of familiarity with the subject.

One of the key distinguishing features of Marijuana Man’s channel is his ability to provide comprehensive perspectives on the World of weed. He explores the intricacies of the cannabis industry, shedding light on lesser-known aspects and offering unique insights rarely found elsewhere. This approach allows viewers to gain a more nuanced understanding of the cannabis landscape and its various facets.

Furthermore, Marijuana Man’s longevity in the space proves his authenticity and dedication to cannabis education. His continuous commitment to producing quality content has led to a consistent growth in his viewer base, highlighting the relevance and value of his work in this ever-evolving industry.

Canucks Grow: Indoor Cannabis Grower

In the World of indoWorldnnabis cultivation, Mr. Canucks Grow, a Canada-based YouTube channel, sets a high standard with its educational content designed for both novice and experienced growers. Since its inception in February 2018, the channel has amassed a remarkable following of 1 million subscribers and continues to expand its reach with each video.

The success of Mr. Canucks Grow can be attributed to its commitment to providing high-quality content that is both informative and engaging. With an average of three videos posted annually, the channel meticulously guides viewers through the cannabis growing process – from planting to harvesting. Each video is an in-depth tutorial detailing various aspects of cannabis cultivation, including techniques, lighting, nutrients, and pest control.

Mr. Canucks Grow’s unique teaching approach involves not just theory but practical demonstrations that make complex processes more straightforward to understand. This hands-on approach has made it a go-to resource for many in the cannabis community, who appreciate the channel’s knack for demystifying the art of indoor growing.

While the channel caters to all levels of growers, beginners, in particular, stand to benefit immensely from the content. The step-by-step guides provide an excellent foundation for those new to cannabis cultivation, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to grow their plants successfully.

School of Hard Nugs: Cannabis Growing Lessons

Providing insight into the World of cannWorldcultivation, School of Hard Nugs is a YouTube channel that offers thorough growing lessons. Content ranges from beginner-friendly step-by-step guides to more advanced techniques. The channel caters to newbie growers keen to learn the basics and seasoned cultivators looking to refine their skills.

School of Hard Nugs sets itself apart by focusing on indoor growing techniques. It offers well-articulated videos on vital aspects such as lighting, nutrient provision, and pest control. This content is invaluable to growers aiming to optimize their indoor cultivation practices, ensuring robust plant growth and maximum yield.

One of the defining features of the School of Hard Nugs is its extensive coverage of the entire cannabis growing process. From the initial stages of seeding to the final stages of harvesting, the channel provides detailed tutorials that demystify the cultivation process. These videos guide viewers through each step, elucidating complex concepts and methods in an easy-to-understand manner.

Furthermore, the channel is a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their cannabis cultivation skills. It offers a wealth of knowledge that empowers viewers to enhance their practices and achieve better results. Whether you’re a novice grower or an experienced cultivator seeking to expand your knowledge, the School of Hard Nugs is a reliable source of educational content on cannabis cultivation.

MedGrower1: Medical Cannabis Advocate

MedGrower1 Medical Cannabis Advocate
MedGrower1 Medical Cannabis Advocate

MedGrower1, a prominent figure on YouTube, is widely recognized for his advocacy for medical cannabis, providing insightful and educational content on its benefits. With a mission to promote awareness and understanding of the therapeutic properties of this plant, his channel has become an essential resource for those interested in learning more about medical marijuana.

His advocacy for medical cannabis stems from a deep understanding of its potential benefits in managing various health conditions. MedGrower1’s content provides detailed information on the uses of medical cannabis, debunking common misconceptions and providing viewers with knowledge based on scientific research and firsthand experience.

What sets MedGrower1 apart is his commitment to educating the public about the safe and effective use of medical cannabis. His content is not only informative but also practical, offering viewers tips on how to utilize cannabis for therapeutic purposes effectively. Additionally, his channel is a platform for open dialogue and discussion, where viewers can share their experiences and questions about medical cannabis.

In the ever-evolving World of mediWorldannabis, MedGrower1 is a beacon of reliable, well-researched information. His dedication to spreading awareness about the benefits of medical marijuana has earned him a strong following of viewers who are as passionate about medical cannabis advocacy as he is.

Cannabis Training University: Weed Education Platform

While MedGrower1 focuses on the medical aspects of cannabis, another notable channel, Cannabis Training University, serves as a thorough weed education platform, offering a wealth of information on the business, cultivation, and job opportunities within the cannabis industry. Since its inception in 2010, this platform has evolved into a prominent source of knowledge for those interested in enhancing their understanding and skills in the cannabis field.

Cannabis Training University boasts a subscriber base of 26.9K, making it a reliable resource for those seeking in-depth and accurate information about cannabis. The channel offers a wide array of content, from tips on cultivation and business setup to insights into the industry’s various job opportunities. It is an excellent resource for individuals seeking to navigate the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

One of the standout features of the Cannabis Training University is the structure of its educational content. The channel offers guided lessons drawn from training seminars, ensuring learners receive thorough and structured information on various aspects of the industry. This format makes it an ideal resource for those seeking a solid foundation in the cannabis business.

The educators leading Cannabis Training University are experienced and knowledgeable, adding to the channel’s credibility. Their expertise provides an invaluable resource for those keen to understand and succeed in the cannabis industry. To conclude, for those interested in the business, cultivation, and job opportunities within the cannabis sector, subscribing to the Cannabis Training University channel is a step in the right direction.

Lex’s World: Cannabis Law and Culture

Turning the spotlight on cannabis law and culture, Lex’s World stands out as a prominent YouTube channel providing in-depth insights into the legal and cultural implications of cannabis. The channel is celebrated for its thorough analysis and detailed explanations of various cannabis laws and regulations. Its content, which is both enlightening and detailed, is tailored to educate viewers about the evolving landscape of cannabis legislation and its impact on society.

Lex’s World meticulWorld educates its audience about the legal nuances of cannabis, demystifying complex laws and regulations surrounding its use, sale, and cultivation. By delivering a clear understanding of these legal aspects, this channel empowers its viewers with knowledge, enabling them to navigate the often intricate details of cannabis law with confidence.

But Lex’s World isn’t only about the law. The channel also explores the cultural trends influenced by cannabis. From examining how cannabis has shaped popular culture to studying its role in social issues, Lex’s World explores the plant’s cultural significance. It offers a unique perspective on how the legal status of cannabis intersects with cultural attitudes and practices, fostering a deeper understanding of the societal implications of cannabis legalization.

As a leading voice in the cannabis YouTube community, Lex’s World is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the legal and cultural aspects of cannabis. Its insightful and informative content offers a unique platform for learning and discussion, shedding light on the multifaceted World of cannabis law and culture

Gay Stoner: LGBTQ+ Cannabis Advocate

Gay Stoner LGBTQ+ Cannabis Advocate
Gay Stoner LGBTQ+ Cannabis Advocate

As an influential voice in the cannabis community, The Gay Stoner, an eminent LGBTQ+ cannabis advocate on YouTube, is renowned for championing cannabis legalization while fostering LGBTQ+ inclusivity within the cannabis sphere. This prominent figure uses the platform to bridge the gap between cannabis advocacy and LGBTQ+ rights, providing a unique perspective on these interconnected issues.

The Gay Stoner’s content is as informative as it is inspiring. The channel offers a wealth of educational content aimed at demystifying cannabis use, highlighting its benefits, and advocating for its legalization, all tailored to the LGBTQ+ community. The videos provide valuable information and serve as an advocacy tool, raising awareness of cannabis legislation’s impact on the LGBTQ+ community.

Beyond education and advocacy, The Gay Stoner has also carved out a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals within the cannabis community. By actively promoting inclusivity and acceptance, the channel has become a beacon for those at the intersection of these identities, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

In a world where representation matters, The Gay Stoner’s work is paramount. By using his platform to voice concerns, share experiences, and advocate for change, The Gay Stoner not only contributes to the broader discourse on cannabis legalization but also highlights the importance of inclusivity within this conversation. This intersectional approach to cannabis advocacy is what sets The Gay Stoner apart, making the channel a must-watch for those interested in both cannabis culture and LGBTQ+ rights.

Crutch 420: Cannabis Strain Explorer

Crutch 420, a viral YouTube channel, boasts a rich collection of videos dedicated to exploring and reviewing a wide variety of cannabis strains. This channel has carved a niche in the cannabis YouTube community by providing detailed, easy-to-understand, engaging content.

The cornerstone of Crutch 420’s content is its thorough exploration of various cannabis strains. Each strain is meticulously reviewed, with the channel providing in-depth information about its effects, flavors, and distinctive characteristics. This educational aspect makes Crutch 420 an essential resource for both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers keen to expand their knowledge of different cannabis varieties.

One of Crutch 420’s standout features is the channel’s dedication to delivering precise information about each strain’s potency. This is coupled with in-depth discussions about the terpene profiles, which are organic compounds that contribute to the aroma and flavor of the strains. This commitment to detail ensures viewers have a well-rounded understanding of what to expect from each strain.

Beyond its educational content, Crutch 420 is known for its engaging presentation style. The videos are not only informative but also entertaining, making the process of learning about various cannabis strains enjoyable. For anyone interested in expanding their strain knowledge or seeking to understand the nuanced differences between varieties, Crutch 420 offers an accessible, informative, and engaging platform. In the domain of cannabis-oriented YouTube channels, Crutch 420 stands as a leading strain explorer.

Urbanremo: Medical Marijuana User

Moving from strain exploration, we now examine a channel dedicated to the cultivation of medical marijuana, Urbanremo. Well-known for his expertise in the field, Urbanremo, a Canadian YouTuber, has established a strong presence in the online cannabis community since launching his channel in June 2010.

With a dedicated subscriber base of over 339,000, Urbanremo consistently releases around two videos per week focusing on the cultivation of medical marijuana. His channel serves as a valuable resource for those interested in learning more about the process of growing their medicinal cannabis. His content is aimed at novice and experienced cultivators, providing knowledge and guidance from his experience and experimentation.

Urbanremo’s content is educational and practical, offering a unique perspective on medical marijuana cultivation. His videos cover various topics, from the basics of setting up a grow operation to the intricacies of dealing with specific strains and addressing common cultivation issues. Each video is designed to empower medical marijuana users with the knowledge and confidence to take their cultivation skills to the next level.

Pigeons 420: Organic Cannabis Cultivator

Pigeons 420 Organic Cannabis Cultivator
Pigeons 420 Organic Cannabis Cultivator

Pigeons 420, an organic cannabis cultivator, has carved a niche on YouTube by sharing detailed information on the sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation of high-quality cannabis. This channel is at the forefront of demystifying the process of organic cultivation, transforming it from a seemingly challenging task into a manageable and rewarding experience for viewers globally.

Focusing on environmentally conscious growing techniques, Pigeons 420 provides an in-depth view of the cultivation process. This platform prides itself on promoting organic growing methods devoid of synthetic chemicals. This approach not only produces top-tier cannabis but also guarantees the preservation of our environment, a concern that is front and center for many modern-day growers.

In addition, Pigeons 420 offers a wealth of knowledge on nutrient management. The channel educates viewers on the right balance of nutrients required for healthy cannabis growth, helping novice and experienced growers achieve excellent results in their cultivation endeavors. This insightful information is invaluable to maximizing their yield while maintaining a natural, chemical-free process.

Moreover, the channel covers pest control, an essential aspect often overlooked in cannabis cultivation. Pigeons 420 enlightens viewers on tackling pest problems using environmentally friendly methods, thereby reducing the negative impact on the ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Most Popular Weed Youtuber?

The most popular weed YouTuber is Mr. Canucks Grow, who boasts over 1 million subscribers. His channel, which started in 2018, focuses on detailed cannabis growing instructions and posts approximately three videos per year. Known for his expertise in indoor cannabis cultivation, his in-depth guides on planting, growing, and harvesting have made him a trusted figure in the cannabis community. His high-quality production values further enhance his appeal.

Who Is the Face of Weed?

The face of cannabis on YouTube is diverse, reflecting the multifaceted nature of cannabis culture. Influential figures such as Mr. Canucks Grow and Jorge Cervantes are prominent, offering unique insights. Channels like RuffHouse Studios and TheCCC420 provide varied content, shaping understanding of cannabis. Creators like Coral Kamstra-Brown promote positive cannabis culture. The face of cannabis on YouTube is a rich tapestry of individuals and channels, each offering a unique perspective.

What Is the Weed Youtuber From Colorado?

The weed YouTuber from Colorado you are referring to is likely Mr. Canucks Grow. Renowned for his cannabis cultivation expertise, he has amassed over a million subscribers since his channel’s inception in 2018. His content posted approximately thrice yearly, offers detailed guides for indoor cannabis growing. Mr. Canucks Grow’s high-quality production and insightful tutorials make him a reliable resource for both novice and seasoned growers.


To sum up, the rise of weed YouTubers signifies the growing acceptance and normalization of cannabis consumption in society. A study by the Pew Research Center revealed that 91% of U.S. adults believe cannabis should be legal in some form, reinforcing the importance of these channels in providing essential information and education about cannabis. With their extensive knowledge and shared experiences, these YouTubers are paving the way for a more informed and enlightened discourse on cannabis.

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