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In a world where potential clients spend more time scurrying your website than they do your physical store, content has become the unofficial yet indispensable marketer. You rely on it to attract online customers via SEO, tell your business’ story, put forth your value proposition, and convert web traffic into sales. But as a Canna-business owner, you probably don’t have the skill nor the time to learn content writing and generate your content. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the marketing advantages of written content; what you need is a cannabis content writer from Client Verge.


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Being a digital marketing agency specializing in the Cannabis niche, Client Verge appreciates the crucial position written content holds in a marketing campaign. However, we also recognize that just having words plastered all over your website in the name of content isn't enough to meet your sales goal; every word has to be well thought out, every sentence well structured, and every paragraph well researched. That is why we employ some of the best cannabis content writers in the market.

After six years of valuable experience serving Cannabis businesses from all over the country, Client Verge has assembled a team of talented content writers with a good understanding of the cannabis niche. And as good as their wording may be, our writers have undergone rigorous training to master the art of keyword research and SEO optimization. I mean, one's writing may be good enough to keep readers engaged, but it must also be optimized enough to attract those readers in the first place. And all this is for the good of your cannabis business.

What Is Cannabis Content Writing?

Cannabis content writing refers to the art of developing written content in the form of blog posts, product descriptions, web copy, long-form articles, and emails for websites in the cannabis niche.

Blog posts cover a wide range of topics and are typically used to boost your cannabis website’s SEO ranking. They are written to educate, inform and even entertain your readers but will involve a lot of keyword research to meet the SEO goals.

On the other hand, web copy and product descriptions fall under copywriting. They are often the first written pieces your potential customers read, describing your brand and explaining the solutions you’re offering to their particular problem. This makes copywriting the foundation of your Canna-brand.

Long-form articles like white papers and eBooks are pretty technical but easy to produce for someone who understands the niche. They touch on the specifics of a niche and are the best way to cement yourself as an expert and authority in cannabis. 

Why Work With A Cannabis Content Writer?

As a Canna-business owner, cannabis content writing looks easy on the surface: you know the niche pretty well, nobody understands your products better than you, and you probably wrote a couple of essays in high school/college. But is it?

Well, yes and no. While connecting words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs may be a basic skill, turning them into a marketing tool is not. Generating content that takes your readers through all stages of the content marketing funnel (awareness, evaluation, and conversion) is something only an expert content writer can do. It’s an advanced marketing skill that requires the writer not just to spew words, but spew those that resonate with your potential client; that’s something very few people can do.

And even if you can, you just don’t have the time to. As a Canna business owner, you’ll find that cannabis content writing takes a lot of time- time spent in research, writing, editing, and optimization. These divert a lot of effort that would rather have been used to run and manage your business. That’s why you need a cannabis content writer; let them do the writing while you do the managing. 

Looking For A Expert CBD Content Writer Help Your Brand?

A cbd content writer can help your brand adapt to your audience, regardless of if you’re a dispensary owner or simply a CBD oil shop owner. As the cannabis legal landscape changes and evolves, a cbd writer keeps up with all of the little moving parts and has a leg up when delivering information to your audience.

Your audience is the most important component of your brand as it is generally the result of effective marketing. If your audience trusts your message, they will be inclined to purchase products from you. A cannabis/cbd content writer works with your business on a deep level to ensure that your content sends the message you want your readers to get. Remember, a trustworthy source gets referrals.

Want to get a little more technical with your audience? Our content writers are well-versed in everything from seed to sale. This is to ensure that your message is consistent with what your customers want to see.

In the end, you want to get the information out to your clients before they go looking elsewhere for it. This is done through effective copywriting, honest research, and a passion for sharing cannabis knowledge while growing your business.

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