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9 Top-Shelf Cannabis Distribution Software For Business Owners

Cannabis Distribution Software

As a new business owner in the cannabis industry, you might be reeling at all of the rules and regulations out there. However, once you get past all of the red tape, you might notice that this is actually an extremely profitable business.

With that being said, in order to make profits in the world of cannabis, your business needs to be run like a tight ship. In other words, you need to manage your inventory properly, you need good point of sale management systems for the inside of your store, you need the right kind of platforms for online retail, and you need the right delivery software as well. As far as cannabis distribution is concerned, there are many different factors to be aware of.

What it really comes down to is making sure that all of your products are legally compliant, that you have enough product to supply your customers with, that your customers are happy with your product, and of course, that you are making money. Now, if you were to try and manage all of these factors manually, your head would likely explode. However, this is exactly what cannabis distribution software is for.

Cannabis distribution software can help you streamline a variety of processes, easily gather information, track metrics, and more. To help you run your cannabis business more successfully, right now, we’re going to take a look at the best top shelf cannabis distribution software for business owners.



If you’re looking for a great piece of cannabis distribution and management software, Bamboo is always a great one to consider. This is a so-called all-in-one seed to sale software platform that helps cannabis businesses stay profitable, efficient, and compliant.

This particular piece of software is designed to help cannabis businesses of all sizes sell their products more effectively whether in live retail shops or in online settings.

This system is also designed to offer detailed reporting, real time inventory management, and much more. It’s all about empowering your sales teams with state-of-the-art technology so you can develop a stress free sales operation combined with high growth and fantastic sales.

There are many positive reviews of this software, with many people saying that it allows teams to work together cohesively. Furthermore, this software is also said to be one of the best in order to maintain compliance.

As far as sales teams are concerned, Bamboo Sales offers some of the most advanced features on this end. Sales teams can easily share last minute deals with buyers and customers, update sales menus, and much more. Many people also like this service because it’s quite affordable. The bottom line here is that if you have a cannabis business and you need software that will help you drive sales, Bamboo is the way to go.


GrowFlow is currently one of the most popular all-in-one compliance and business management solutions for cannabis retailers and wholesalers. Whether we are talking about starting with the seed or ending with the sale of a product, this software is designed to assist it on all fronts.

GrowFlow has a wide variety of beneficial features. One of the best features as far as retailers are concerned is that it allows you to pull reports to see who your top buyers are every month. Everything is very easy to read and user friendly, and you never have to guess what any of the information means. What’s also pretty cool is that the company itself provides you with a variety of tutorial videos on how to get started with their product.

Also important to note is that the live store feature is also very helpful. This allows customers to place orders in real time, and allows retailers to see exactly what customers are doing on the website. What people also seem to appreciate is the map feature, which allows retailers to see their current locations and possible new locations as well. The fact that this software allows you to view your entire stock list and your upcoming orders is a big bonus as well.

What many current users also note is that GrowFlow also features some of the friendliest and most useful customer service ever. The Technical Support agents are available over 99.9% of the time, and they’re always willing to help.


Here we have another all-in-one seed to sale ERP for cannabis businesses of all sorts. Whether you’re a cultivator or a retailer, Distru is a fantastic piece of software worth looking into.

One of the biggest benefits that it features is that it features a special SaaS tool that serves hundreds of different licensees across the United States of America with over $1 billion worth of transactions operating over the platform annually.

What’s really beneficial here is the best-in-class Leaflink and Metrc integrations. It’s also well known for its fantastic customer support. One thing that existing customers note is that it is very easy to use for all day-to-day processes.

This system allows users to pack and tag orders, track inventory, and communicate internally with great ease. The fact that you can create detailed reports and that the integrations are so flexible are just two more bonuses.



As far as seed to sale cannabis management systems go, Canix is by far one of the most user friendly and powerful. This software is hailed for its amazing functionality and usability.

What is very impressive about this particular system is that it integrates seamlessly with METRC, it interfaces with RFID scanners and Bluetooth seamlessly, and can also easily link to your other pieces of software.

As the website itself notes, this service provides a suite of tools for all cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors so they can operate efficiently while remaining compliant with legislative authorities. Although the company focuses heavily on the cultivation aspect, it’s also an excellent option to consider for distributors and sales reps.


Meadow is yet another all-in-one platform that comes with all of the tools that you need to effectively and efficiently run and scale your cannabis businesses. It comes complete with extremely user friendly and intuitive interfaces, along with thoughtful and easy to follow workflows that can help you manage all of your back of house and front of house operations.

Meadow allows you to seamlessly complete all core business functions from a single centralized dashboard, so you can keep all functions in one place. You can also easily navigate between tracking orders, managing inventory, reviewing sales trends, running reports, communicating with customers and activating new promotional codes.

This software has been in existence since 2014, and it has absolutely fantastic reviews. As far as users are concerned, this is one of the most intuitive, expansive, and overall effective pieces of cannabis distribution software out there.

People also really seem to like the online help portal, which has plenty of facts and information about how to use the system. Something that people also note is that it features one of the most extensive analytics and data collections systems of all platforms out there.


If you are looking for a fully integrated cannabis retail ecosystem that was built for dispensary owners and by dispensary owners, then KlickTrack is by far one of the best options out there. What you get here is a fully functional POS ecosystem that accounts for every single part of the cannabis retail chain.

It works for both bud tenders and retail store owners, and it’s amazing for helping people save both money and time. It’s designed primarily to streamline every type of workflow in existence in the cannabis industry.

It’s all about providing you with all of the tools that you need to market, sell, and manage your products.

One of the biggest benefits that it comes with is that it’s extremely scalable and user friendly, therefore making it ideal for cannabis businesses of all sizes. What’s also neat is that most of the functions of the program can be performed locally to a device or from a remote location.



As far as cannabis retailers and distributors are concerned, IndicaOnline has to be one of the very best all-in-one POS systems out there. Here we have a piece of software that is designed specifically to help cannabis retailers of all types and sizes streamline their inventory processes, compliance, customer management, and sales.

Whether you are a delivery service or a dispensary, and whether you have many locations or just one, this particular program will help you simplify operations from front to back. What’s really cool here is that this is a piece of cloud based software that easily integrates with dispensary inventory, online menus, and much more.

Furthermore, this service also provides dispensaries with an in house ecommerce platform known as Potify. When it comes to providing you with some of the most comprehensive cannabis delivery applications on the market, this is it.

What’s really cool is that it also comes complete with a so-called dispatch mode that provides the GPS location of every driver, as well as smart order assignments that suggest the best driver to deliver a specific product within a time frame. Furthermore, as soon as each transaction is complete, it’s sent over and tracked by METRC, to ensure maximum compliance.

It’s been in business for nearly a decade at this point, and has managed to make quite a splash in the cannabis community. For instance, there are some pretty big businesses that use it to manage various storefront locations, over 150 different vehicles, and over 500 drivers. The fact that the e-commerce system easily integrates with existing websites is another massive bonus.

BLAZE Retail

We then have BLAZE Retail, which was founded in 2017 by cannabis company operators and technology entrepreneurs. It’s been around for many years now and has even won a variety of awards, with over 1500 customers to date in both Canada and the USA.

What it really comes down to is offering customers with the most state-of-the-art and innovative pieces of software products that come in at competitive prices, while also providing some of the best customer service in the industry. What’s also beneficial about this software is that it allows for the fast and efficient processing of orders.

The software suite and apps available through BLAZE Retail allows businesses at all parts of the supply chain to automate reporting and compliance, so they can operate safely and legally within local tax requirements and laws.

Route Manager

Route Manager
Route Manager

OK, so here we have one of the more interesting pieces of software available for cannabis distributors. What we have here is a special piece of cannabis delivery software designed to help save money and optimize routes.

This is a special solution that allows cannabis delivery businesses to scale and operate efficiently, to meet the demands in their specialized field, and to address the unique needs of clients. There are some pretty cool features available with this software, such as being able to schedule deliveries and dispatch drivers.

Furthermore, you can also adjust routing when issues arise, dispatch drivers with ease, and create and adjust driver schedules.

It’s also a great option because this software allows for GPS tracking of drivers, there is a driver mobile app, and customers get notifications as well. As far as distribution and delivery services are concerned, this is one of the best pieces of software out there.


As you can see, the best cannabis distribution software is the one that comes with the features that are best suited for you. Technically speaking, we wouldn’t say that there is any one specific best piece of software here, but rather it really depends on what your own needs are.

Remember, the whole point of any cannabis distribution software is to help streamline your operations, to make it easier to track inventory, and to provide you with the best sales avenues possible. Any of the above options that we have with you today are excellent ones to consider.

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