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Grow and Transform Your Email list Into Paying Customers

Harness the power of cannabis email marketing to nip the right bud. With our help, you can develop your brand identity and accelerate growth while building a stream of real customers who are obsessed with your cannabis products and brand. We craft beautiful and engaging emails communicating the essence of your brand in a fun and captivating way. Our experienced marketing team provides you with professional and creative support from the start to help you grow and transform your email list into your loyal and paying customers.

Build a Strong Cannabis Community

Your email marketing serves as a bridge that brings your customers to your website. We do all the hard work while you focus on serving your customers. By sending well-crafted and targeted emails at the right time to the right audience, you can immediately ignite conversations. This is also a way to know more about your customers, needs, and preferences and show how your brand can help them. You can build a strong cannabis community that gives you an edge over your competitors through this approach.

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Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and goals today. We provide professional cannabis email marketing services to help you accomplish your goals and build a strong brand presence. Read below some common FAQs. 

Investing in a cannabis email marketing service is worth your time and money. It’s a simple, easy-to-execute, cost-effective, and highly effective way to convert your target audience into paying customers. Emails have a high open-rate and give the highest ROI.

As the cannabis industry grows, federal laws are causing various marketing issues for businesses within this industry. MailChimp complies with the state marijuana and cannabis regulation laws and may help produce content related to this industry to some extent. However, you have to follow the guidelines of their ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ to ensure compliance with the content. 

Their policy doesn’t state that services don’t deal with marijuana businesses. But under their ‘Prohibited Content’ policy guidelines, the company said that it doesn’t promote email offerings that sell something illegal. 

Klaviyo is enterprise-level email marketing software. It offers user-friendly functionality with its real-time analytics for users. It provides software integration, full customization, and personalization of your cannabis email marketing campaign. Klaviyo provides a cannabis industry-friendly email marketing service to its customers. 

You can integrate Klaviyo with your website to run smart email marketing campaigns for your cannabis or CBD business. With flows, templates, and campaigns features, it provides you with everything needed for running a successful email marketing campaign. 

Yes, Klaviyo allows email marketing for the CBD industry. The online shops can integrate Klaviyo with their webshop and use it to run fully customized and personalized cbd email marketing campaign. It is a smart choice for eCommerce CBD businesses. The software collects and stores the related data about all your customers in real-time. This helps you create unique cannabis email marketing campaigns to provide memorable experiences to your target customers, driving more conversions and sales. 

Klayvio comes with a range of robust automation tools that CBD companies of any size can harness to improve their market presence and sales.

There are several types of cannabis email marketing that you can do to attract and engage your target audience. These include direct emails, email newsletters, transactional emails, promotional emails, informative emails, survey emails, new inventory emails, and many more. We work with you to choose the right type of email marketing and create a custom-tailored campaign for your brand.

Yes, we are well-aware of the applicable cannabis email marketing laws, and our team stays updated with the changes in those laws. W ensure that your email marketing campaign adheres to those laws and regulations.