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Social media form an integral and inevitable part of any modern business’ marketing strategy — and cannabis businesses are no exception. Cannabis dispensaries and companies selling CBD and THC products have an unmissable opportunity to connect with potential customers on Facebook. At first sight, it can seem like cannabis and Facebook simply don’t mix, but with the help of a cannabis marketing agency, like Client Verge, your company can maximize the returns it gets from its cannabis Facebook pages.


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Cannabis Ads on Facebook

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Thanks to the legalization of cannabis and cannabis products in an increasing number of jurisdictions, cannabis businesses are thriving — and many states have no trouble allowing cannabis companies to advertise their products, with or without certain restrictions. Advertising cannabis on Facebook is harder. The rather unambiguous cannabis Facebook ads policy warns companies against posting advertisements and other content that attempts to sell cannabis.

Nonetheless, with an expert cannabis marketing team on your side, your CBD company or cannabis dispensary can indeed have success in getting ads onto Facebook. Get in touch with our friendly SEO and digital marketing team to find out how you, too, can market your cannabis products on Facebook.

Marketing Your Cannabis Company On Facebook

Your cannabis-related business can make the most of its cannabis pages on Facebook — creating a powerful voice for your cannabis brand, setting cannabis companies on Facebook up to optimally connect with their growing customer base, and even making cannabis ads on Facebook possible. Are you ready to discover how Facebook marketing can generate income for your business?

Like to also take advantage of our cannabis google ads strategy too? Let us know! 

What About CBD Advertisements on Facebook?

We can improve the approval rate of your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and or Google regardless of what Facebook says. When it comes to CBD advertising on Facebook, we can do it. We’ve been doing it for the past 6+ years. There are a lot of ways we do this but here are a few ways: 

Remove all CBD and hemp keywords from your ad creative. Build a customized gateway landing page specific to your product, campaign, or offer. Remove every single link that links back to your website or store from your gateway landing page. 

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While the ever-changing regulations make it nearly impossible to run paid ad campaigns, it’s not impossible to advertise cannabis. We rely on SEO and other channels of organic traffic to help grow our client’s businesses online.

While the ever-changing regulations make it nearly impossible to run paid ad campaigns, it’s not impossible to advertise cannabis. We rely on our creative ad strategies and SEO and other channels of organic traffic to help grow our client’s businesses online.

Dispensaries and companies selling CBD oil and related products can have to be careful when advertising on Facebook but it’s possible! Many resort to creative marketing efforts that rely on out-of-the-box approaches like using billboards, guesting on podcasts, or getting local print media involved in building buzz around their cannabis company. Advertising on cannabis industry platforms is another popular choice. However, when you partner with a cannabis marketing agency, you will be able to advertise your business the mainstream social media platforms where so many of your customers hang out, too. Yes, that includes cannabis companies on Facebook!

Once banned outright on Facebook, it is possible to advertise CBD via cannabis ads on Facebook in 2021 but you have to be creative and strategic. CBD-only products, with a THC content of less than 0.3%, can be advertised on Facebook under specific conditions. Successfully running cannabis ads on Facebook for your CBD will require your business to avoid using the term “CBD” in your advertisements, as well as in the name of your cannabis Facebook pages. With a strong SEO foundation, however, this approach to marketing CBD products on Facebook can absolutely be incredibly successful. Hiring a CBD digital marketing agency whose experts understand exactly what types of cannabis marketing campaigns can work with a rigorous Facebook cannabis advertising policy greatly increases your odds of running an efficient campaign for your CBD on Facebook.

While legal policies and advertising terms and conditions make it challenging to advertise on Facebook, there are a couple we found success with.  

  1. Don’t make any medical claims
  2. Don’t use CBD in your domain
  3. Replace CBD with something like ‘organic remedies’ 
  4. Stick to local regulations
  5. Don’t mention CBD in your ad

Facebook inc. (the owners of Instagram) will allow you to advertise hemp products including oils, creams, and materials. It’s recommended not to use any mentioning of cannabis or CBD products. This is why many CBD and cannabis company pages get shut down or ads removed. 

It’s recommended not to use any mentioning of CBD, cannabis, cannabinoid, weed or anything term related in your ad copies, creatives, campaign landing pages, product labels, and/or e-commerce product pages where the sale is to take place. This is important to