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Advertising cannabis products on Google is within your reach

Cannabis dispensaries and CBD companies rely on online branding and marketing to grow their businesses — and Google is unquestionably your strongest customer magnet, cannabis-related companies are itching to place their cannabis ads on Google. Do Google's terms of service make it impossible for you to run ads on this top platform? No. With the right cannabis digital marketing agency on your side, getting your CBD and cannabis products onto Google is within reach.


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Cannabis Ads on Google

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Is advertising on Google — a foundational component of marketing strategies within almost all niches — simply impossible for cannabis companies as a result of stringent policies that discriminate against the cannabis industry?

No! With the help of cannabis marketing experts, your cannabis business can successfully get its cannabis ads on Google to raise their profile and expand their reach.

Get Your Cannabis Ads on Google

Despite the fact that medical and recreational cannabis are becoming legally accessible in a growing number of jurisdictions, alongside CBD, as a derived product, many popular social media platforms and search engines do have strong company policies against advertising cannabis and related goods.

There is positive news for cannabis companies who want to run cannabis Google ads, though. With innovative rebranding — much of which relies on careful word and image choices — it is possible for cannabis companies to get their cannabis ads on Google, through the Google AdWords program. These cannabis marketing strategies need to focus not merely on the cannabis ads you are hoping to see on Google, but also on your landing pages themselves.

By simultaneously building a rock-solid SEO foundation that will drive potential customers to your website in droves, and with efforts to make your cannabis company visible through Google My Business pages, the cannabis Google ads companies can place without violating Google’s terms of service can boost your sales greatly.

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Cannabis dispensaries and businesses dedicated to selling CBD should never place all their eggs in one basket — crafting multi-touch campaigns through many platforms at once is essential, and that includes advertising cannabis in niches that actively welcome cannabis products.

SEO and digital marketing specialists, such as Client Verge, who are deeply familiar with the cannabis niche, can, however, help cannabis companies get their cannabis ads on Google. Working within this industry, you already know that many dispensaries and related cannabis companies have been able to advertise on major platforms. How do they get past the roadblocks represented in Google’s terms of service, you wonder? The answer lies in cannabis digital marketing agencies.

Yes, companies selling CBD-only products can run cannabis ads on Google. It is, of course, crucial to discover how to place your CBD ads on Google AdWords without running foul of Google’s cannabis policy. Cannabis businesses who do this successfully, through clever branding, can achieve this goal and grow their customer base.

In jurisdictions where it is legal to sell, distribute, and purchase products that contain CBD, it is also legal to advertise these products. CBD companies do face some challenges, as they have to ensure that they do not make unproven health claims about CBD products and that they do not market CBD to minors. In addition, there may be rules about advertising that can be accessed outside of the jurisdiction (such as US state) in question, which very much includes online cannabis ads.

Getting your CBD or cannabis ads on Google stretches beyond the legality of advertising CBD, as companies have to make sure that their CBD marketing campaigns fall within the scope of Google’s terms of service. Running cannabis Google ads can be a difficult, but an expert cannabis digital marketing agency can rise to the challenge.

Although SEO is much more effective than Google ads, this doesn’t mean that Google ads are entirely useless. Google ads can be quick and effective to garnish a little bit of traffic for your site. They tend to work best when it’s regarding a promotional announcement pertaining to your business. Still, realize that Google ads work best when they’re in conjunction with your SEO.

Google ads are significant for smaller businesses that are looking to get the word out of their business. Most people tend to react more positively to a business when they’ve seen it before. That’s where Google ads come into play since Google has such a wide audience at any time.

Seeing as Google is the number one search engine and dominates the internet as a whole, the company has a massive audience for you to directly advertise to. As a result, Google ads can be quite pricey, with some companies spending several thousand dollars a month on Google ads. Regardless, they play an essential role in the growth of a business.