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Strict cannabis marketing guidelines make advertising your THC or CBD products a challenge — but to grow your cannabis brand and increase your sales, it is essential to implement the proven SEO and social media strategies that will get your website to the top. We’ll work with you to craft and realize a highly effective cannabis digital marketing strategy for your unique business.


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CLIENT VERGE is a forward-thinking canna digital marketing services provider, and we come up with innovative custom-made solutions to help you generate more leads, sales, and revenue. We are a results-driven canna marketing agency and focus on moving the needle instead of vanity metrics.

Using proven digital marketing strategies, tools, and channels, plus a team of marketing veterans with decades of experience between them, we’ve helped dozens of canna businesses grow online. We are passionate about driving profitable action, and we’re here to help you do the same.

We use custom marketing and insights to give us the edge

Client Verge specializes in marketing for cannabis companies. To boost your traffic and convert clicks to customers, we use unique and custom-built tools to give us — and thereby, your cannabis marketing plan — the edge in a highly-competitive world that still places limits on cannabis digital marketing.

Increase your reach and your sales with targeted, expertly-designed PPC campaigns with the help of our experienced marketers.

Our proven SEO solutions will strengthen your position in the SERPs and boost your customer base.

Set your cannabis company apart from the rest with a clean, fast, and beautiful custom-built website perfect for mobile and desktop users.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we specialize in helping you improve your online presence, attract potential customers and generate more sales online. Drawing on our diverse marketing experience, multiple tests, and experts with decades of experience, we don’t just help you grow; we help you thrive.

From SEO, web development, ad management, content marketing, consulting, and managed IT, we offer a wide range of services to help your business grow.



Web Development

Stand out from the crowd with a beautiful custom-made website that matches your brand, communicates your value offering, and converts web visitors into customers. Create a unique customer experience, build a brand, maintain your image with our mobile responsive websites.



Proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategies help you increase your online presence, generate more traffic and sales. From competitor and keyword research, on-page, technical and off-page optimization, we provide turnkey SEO solutions that drive results and a positive ROI.

website development

Ad Management

Expand your reach, generate more leads and sales using the right keywords, proven ad content formulas, and laser-focused audience targeting in your PPC ad campaigns. Leverage years of ad management experience and data-driven strategies to launch campaigns with a positive ROAS.

Why Us?

Seasoned Professionals and Partners

Work with a team of experienced digital marketing professionals who’ve worked on multiple campaigns and different industries with tangible results. Our team members have years of experience between them and use standardized processes and procedures built to scale.

Quantifiable and Sustainable Results

At CLIENT VERGE, we only focus on our client’s bottom line. We don’t pay attention to vanity metrics or quick wins but focus on providing our clients with a positive ROI and sustainable results. All of our strategies are driven by insights gained from analyzed data.

Cannabis Marketing Campaigns

The cannabis market is exploding, but while whole armies of eager customers would be thrilled to buy your high-quality THC and CBD products, learning how to effectively implement your cannabis marketing ideas is tricky given the limitations placed on you by both local laws and major social media platforms.

The same digital marketing strategies that help businesses in other niches shoot to the top of the search engine results pages — in turn causing customers to flock to their sites and converting clicks to sales — can deliver success to cannabis brands. Your CBD or TCH business needs a strong SEO foundation to rank well, a wide variety of local citations to rise up the Google results pages and connect with your target audience, and successful a cannabis social media marketing plan to build a loyal customer base.

How do you approach cannabis shop marketing given that so many essential platforms have terms of service that actively work against your niche? How do you get past the roadblocks you encounter every step of the way?

Client Verge is here to help you reach your goals by creating a winning cannabis marketing plan. As a cannabis digital marketing agency, we can analyze your current cannabis marketing strategies and dedicate ourselves to increasing your traffic, ranking, and ultimately your organic customer base and your sales. 

With our help, your frustrations can morph into satisfaction as you enjoy concrete results delivered by our friendly and customer-oriented team of SEO experts.

Additional Services

managed IT


Can’t decide between organic and paid traffic? Not sure where to start? We’ve got a team of marketing experts with years of experience ready to help you find the right strategy to grow your business. Get access to any one of our experts with our marketing consulting services. 

content marketing

Managed IT

From cybersecurity protection to website hosting to remote technical support, we provide a full range of managed IT services for all your technical needs. Let us handle the servers, cyber threats, cloud services, networking, etc., so you can do what you do best, i.e., run your business.

cannabis digital marketing

Content Marketing

From strategy, editorial calendars, content development, publishing, and distribution, our content marketing strategies are designed to drive profitable action. Attract more leads, increase conversions and turn customers into brand ambassadors with our content strategies.

Cannabis Marketing Campaigns

Our goal is to create comprehensive multi-touch marketing campaigns strictly designed to narrow down on prospective customers looking for your product. The aim is to convert converting clicks into customers. We work with your current web platform or optionally, our own platform to deliver results and a strong RIO within your budget.  We want to make sure our CBD advertising campaigns bring in the RIO. 

Facebook is a key part of digital cannabis marketing campaigns targeted at customers in the 40+ age bracket. Despite the platform’s limitations, THC, CBD and hemp product brands can profitably use Facebook-based marketing and branding strategies to develop relationships with existing and potential customers. We do this through specialized cannabis Facebook ads to reach potential new customers.

We thrive by providing excellent customer service, listing products on your cannabis shop, sharing stories that gain followers, and offering special deals that will convert clicks to customers.

Your Google My Business page offers an indispensable opportunity for cannabis delivery marketing, as potential customers local to you can easily find your business when you make the most out of your GMB page. Even with restrictions in place, some cannabis brands have successfully advertised their THC and CBD products via cannabis Google ads. With the help of a cannabis digital marketing specialist, you can, too!

Instagram arguably offers the strongest opportunity to market your cannabis brand in today’s world. No cannabis dispensary marketing plan is complete without frequent Instagram posts to bring in new customers. Instagram’s in-app shopping feature has the potential to take your cannabis shop to the next level given creative marketing efforts.

Tik Tok is an emerging social platform for cannabis branding social media marketing, allowing cannabis dispensaries and shops to, above all else, build relationships with their customers. For an additional cost, we can include Tik Tok campaigns in your cbd advertising campaign. 

Cannabis SEO

Search Engine Optimization plays an integral role in almost every company’s success story in today’s world. SEO is particularly important for cannabis branding and marketing, however. 

Given the fact that cannabis dispensaries and businesses selling CBD products do face significant obstacles in getting their cannabis ads onto mainstream social media and advertising platforms, strong SEO provides the foundation that help organic customers connect with your cannabis brand. 

Client Verge’s team of cannabis marketing experts is ready to optimize your on-page and off-page SEO, research your competitors’ keyword targets, and take your online presence to the next level.

Cannabis Website Development

Our goal is to create comprehensive multi-touch marketing campaigns strictly designed to narrow down on prospective customers looking for your product. The aim is to convert converting clicks into customers. We work with your current web platform or optionally, our own platform to deliver results and a strong RIO within your budget.  

Clean & Fast

Your cannabis shop’s landing pages form the backbone of your cannabis digital marketing campaign. We will design a website that is clean, fast, and user-friendly for your cannabis brand, so your customers will focus on what truly matters — your product.


Because the majority of your potential customers will come to your cannabis shop through mobile devices, we will make sure your website is fully optimized to be mobile-friendly.

SEO Optimized

We’ll make sure your pages your website is well-optimized for performance and ranking so potential clients can find your website through all the cluster. Our job is to make sure you dominate your local competitors. 

Drag & Drop

Always keeping your website up to date forms a vital part of your cannabis marketing plan. Add new products and offers to your website effortlessly and without technical know-how with an easy drag and drop feature.

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Effective digital marketing campaigns lie at the core of any modern business’ road to success. The very same targeted marketing campaigns and SEO strategies that work for any other small business would bring your cannabis company to the top of the search engine results pages and cause customers to pour in — but there is a twist.

Companies within the cannabis niche, from those selling CBD oil to dispensaries, are unique. It is no surprise that their marketing needs are, too. To craft an effective cannabis business marketing plan, you will need the help of a cannabis digital marketing agency that understands the legalities associated with your field as well as the restrictions social media platforms place on the marketing of cannabis products.

Marketing your cannabis products on major social media platforms is not impossible, but getting tangible results fast does require the expertise of digital marketing experts who are deeply familiar with the cannabis industry. Skilled cannabis marketing makes use of all available avenues to showcase your products, because when you connect with potential customers, your cannabis products will sell themselves.

The legality of advertising cannabis and cannabis-based products depends on your jurisdiction. In the United States, some states that have legalized the consumption of cannabis for medical or recreational purposes place no special restrictions on advertising cannabis, while others allow advertising with limitations. This generally means that no misleading claims about the health benefits of cannabis may be made, and frequently, advertisers must make sure that their adverts are not targeted at minors — or placed where minors would be likely to see them. It is always crucial to check your local laws before you embark on a cannabis marketing campaign.

Due to the fact that the internet is accessible globally and cannabis is still banned on the federal level in the US, as well as in numerous other countries, however, popular social media platforms make marketing for cannabis companies difficult. CBD products are generally easier to advertise, as regulations surrounding these low-THC products differ.

Dispensaries conducting legal business within their jurisdictions will, of course, want to reach as many potential customers as possible. While cannabis industry marketing regulations vary, there are always ways to effectively market your cannabis dispensary. Creative cannabis dispensary marketing plans have made use of means such as billboards, sponsored endorsements, podcasts, drip campaigns, and organic marketing like blogging and answering customers’ questions on social media.

Companies selling cannabis and cannabis-based products can have great success with cannabis industry marketing on websites dedicated to this niche — with the added advantage that your advertising is highly-targeted by default. CBD companies hoping to increase their sales may be able to advertise on mainstream platforms, as well, as long as they find ways to do so without violating those platform’s policies.

Your cannabis marketing strategy does not depend only on direct advertisements, however. Ultimately, any step you take that boosts your sales can and should be considered a part of your approach to advertising. Branding campaigns raise your business profile, causing customers to flock to your cannabis-products store. In addition, your own website offers a strong opportunity for cannabis branding and marketing when you have a strong approach to SEO.

Cannabis companies have the opportunity to advertise on industry platforms, as well as being able to run ads on mainstream platforms with the help of creative, out-of-the-box, marketing strategies that ensure terms of service are not being violated. Having a cannabis marketing specialist on your side is guaranteed to help your cannabis company reach new highs.

Dutchie websites can be an important part of your cannabis delivery marketing strategy, and we can work with you to ensure that your dispensary has the SEO foundation it needs to be highly visible.

The global legal cannabis market is currently valued at US$24.6 billion, and this industry is projected to have a steady growth rate of over 14 percent per annum in the coming years. There has never been a better time to begin building a cannabis business!

Each jurisdiction in which medical or recreational cannabis use has been legalized has its own cannabis marketing regulations, which may or may not also pertain to CBD-only products. In jurisdictions where the marketing of cannabis has been restricted, the regulations typically specify that:

  • Cannabis marketing campaigns may not make misleading or unproven claims regarding the health benefits of cannabis consumption.
  • Cannabis marketing campaigns cannot promote the excessive use of this substance.
  • Marketing for cannabis is not allowed to be targeted at minors. Marketing materials may not depict minors, and in some jurisdictions, cannabis advertisements may not be placed in locations frequented by a high percentage of minors.
  • Cannabis cannot be marketed on federally-regulated platforms such as TV and radio. Note that mailing print advertisement materials is also restricted for this reason, as these would be disseminated via the federally-regulated US postal service.
  • In some jurisdictions, digital cannabis marketing is also prohibited, on the basis that it could target consumers from out of state.

In addition to legal regulations, which are highly variable, social media platforms such as Google, Instagram, and Facebook each have their own cannabis marketing guidelines, necessitating creativity to be able to engage in the cannabis branding social media marketing that will make your business thrive. Digital cannabis marketing campaigns are, however, within the reach of every cannabis company with the help of SEO specialists who are deeply familiar with this niche.

Customer-focused solutions that are allowing cannabis companies and dispensaries to increase their sales rapidly include drive-through services, home deliveries, and a focus on the edibles and CBD products that are so popular. To increase their customer base, the smartest cannabis companies are partnering with cannabis marketing agencies to raise their profiles on Tik Tok, connecting with influencers, and even hosting real-time online cannabis events to answer customers’ burning questions. These emerging cannabis marketing trends all require a rock-solid SEO foundation in combination with a winning strategy that stays on the right side of platforms’ cannabis policies. We can help you get there!