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Over half of the world's population uses social media in one way or another. On average each user spends almost three hours on social media. Further research shows that 76% of consumers purchase products they've seen on social media posts.

These statistics indicate how crucial social media is to any business. With such huge numbers, your cannabis business stands to gain immeasurably if it takes advantage of social media.


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Cannabis Social Media Compliance

Cannabis Social Media Manager

Authorities that govern the cannabis industry use different approaches and regulations to restrict the promotion of cannabis on social media. These regulations keep shifting, making it difficult for you to stay updated and craft your content accordingly to prevent an account ban. Due to this reason, cannabis brands don't have the permission to run paid ads on various social media platforms. However, you can maximize your organic reach while staying within the boundaries of compliance.

Most social media platforms have their own restrictions and guidelines related to promoting cannabis brands. Under the Schedule 1, Substance Act promotion of cannabis sale in any form is illegal. Therefore, promoting your cannabis brand on social media can be tricky because you cannot run paid ads even though you are sure that nearly 30% of your target audience will be watching.

Plus, it may not be feasible for you to research and understand these guidelines of all the social media channels you are using to market your cannabis brand, making audience targeting on social media difficult. This is where our cannabis social media marketing management services come in.

We have an in-depth understanding of the dos and don'ts of social media channels, and our team stays updated with the latest changes and developments in regulations and restrictions. While creating your cannabis social media marketing strategy, we develop a reliable brand image and post responsibly.

Why Do You Need A Social Media Manager For Your Cannabis Brand?

For you to succeed in any social media platform, you will need to apply a unique approach. Each platform uses special algorithms to get the best results. 

As a business owner, you can spend countless hours on social media platforms trying to learn and implement these algorithms. 

You are better off hiring an experienced team of cannabis social media managers. Here's 4 reasons to work with us:

A professional cannabis social media manager will create a strategic plan to help your business take advantage of its social media presence. A professional is experienced and knowledgeable about what’s allowed and what isn’t. You have confidence in the resources used. 

A cannabis social media manager will help you save time and money by taking on social media tasks so that you don’t have to pay your employees to handle them and put your social media accounts at risk.

We will take over the social side of your content marketing strategy, leaving you to work on your business. We will help you create social media posts, schedule social media posts in the future, and monitor social media engagement rates.

If your business does not have an existing social media presence, your social media manager will be tasked with creating social media accounts for your business. Because this is a significant part of social media marketing, it’ll save you lots of time by having another pair of hands (and eyes!).

Social media accounts will help you put your business in front of the public and help you to build your brand. It also gives you a place to share valuable content with your social media followers.

Any cannabis customer needs to be satisfied with every purchase they make or every inquiry they make. Cannabis social media management is a service that will ensure that your customer’s satisfaction is taken care of all year round. You will be able to connect with your customers and stay in their lives even after leaving your store or website.

Social media will help you build brand recognition. It will help you affordably reach a ton of people and make a name for your brand. Our social media manager will engage with your audience regardless of what brought them to your profile.

This engagement can be done through retargeting, ads, and conversation. They will also promote your content like videos, products and blogs. This will make people see it and share it.

Social Media Management for Cannabis

As an established cannabis social media agency in the region, we can help your business become a leading and trusted cannabis brand. Whether you need help with conception, creation of content, or engaging with your target audience on social media, we have you covered.

We develop a custom-tailored social media marketing strategy through our knowledge, creativity, and expertise. Our experts offer complete social media management services to keep your social media active and your brand right in front of your potential target customers. By leveraging our experience, we increase your brand exposure, audience reach, and engagement every day while keeping your social media marketing efforts compliant.

Best Social Media for CBD Business Marketing

Boosting your online sales through robust social media strategies has never been as critical as it is today. This era has pushed cannabis businesses to focus more on online marketing. You also need to take advantage of this powerful tool to market your CBD products and educate your potential customers. These are some of the best social media platforms for CBD business marketing.


It’s another great platform for promoting your CBD business on social media. Facebook has over 1 billion users worldwide, making it one of the leading social media platforms for networking, creating business relationships, promoting products, networking, and building relations. The age range of Facebook users is between 25 and 55 and above. You can leverage it for the social media marketing of your CBD businesses.


Most young adults and Millennials now use Instagram to connect with brands. People of age 18 to 34 make nearly 56% of the Instagram users in the USA. This offers an excellent opportunity to market your CBD brand, reach and engage your target audience.


This is an excellent image-sharing platform that people mainly use for discovering visual ideas and finding inspirations. Pinterest is the perfect choice for your CBD business that facilitates an effortless process of discovery-to-conversion for your potential customers. You can also reach out to more specific users demographic such as those interested in CBD products.

How We Will Get Results For Your Dispensary

Your dispensary or CBD shop will need a cannabis social media manager who will get you results. At Client Verge, we will perform all cannabis social media management to take your brand to the next level. We will employ the following strategies:

A carefully crafted strategy will guide your actions on social media platforms and tell you whether you succeed or fail. We will keep it concise and clear. As part of setting up the strategy, we will outline your marketing goals, set up accounts, improve your profiles, and learn about your audience and competition.

We will strive to be visually appealing and engaging. We aim to align our social media strategy with your business goals to help your cannabis business thrive.

Our team of experts, which includes content strategists, creators, and editors, will create compelling and unique content that targets your audience. We develop all content in advance to give you room to approve it.

This will also help you ensure that your strategic vision is reflected in the content before publication. Our content will help you build credibility by consistently providing value.

We follow best practices for cannabis businesses to be on social media. The goal is to build actual consumers. To prevent your brand from getting fake followers or robots, we employ organic techniques for growing your audience. To do this, we try and use more video content, make our posts visual, educational, engage with your community. If we are managing several channels for your business, we create unique content for each channel.

We use a unique reporting system to tell you about the effectiveness of your social media accounts. We use social media analytics to get an insight into what people are engaging with and responding to in your social networks. 

We will measure the growth and effectiveness of your social media channels to help improve your brand awareness and profit. 

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It’s our goal to attract REAL people who will follow you on their own accord. Since we aim to attract real followers, there are many variables that affect growth that is beyond our control. We cannot guarantee a exact number of followers or growth.

The factors to consider are the attractiveness of your profile, your target audience, your industry, your products and services, and the overall strategy. The number one factor for growing your following is posting high-quality content on a regular basis and engaging with them. 

We don’t sell or buy Instagram followers. We’ll manage your Instagram account and help you reach and attract real followers! In order to attract them, we will perform a great deal of organic activity and engagement.

Our methods allow you to target users and encourage them to follow you. This includes Following, Liking, and Watching stories.