Weedmaps Vs Leafly

Which is Better? Weedmaps Vs Leafly?

Recognized by many as the two most significant websites that focus on cannabis, Weedmaps and Leafly have garnered a considerable reputation for being supply centers for marijuana users. However, while similar in many ways, there are important differences that makes the decision of Weedmaps vs Leafly an important one.

However, while many marijuana users will explore either Weedmaps or Leafly, the real purpose of both sites is to supply shops and dispensaries that provide cannabis products. Both sites are cannabis directories that allow retail owners to post their information so they can receive referral traffic and boost sales.

To recognize which one is better for your needs, it all starts with the supply and information available on each site. Based in part on the Weedmaps vs Leafly Reddit forum posts, but mostly on a careful examination of what each site offers, choosing the best starts with understanding what each website has to offer its clients.

What is Weedmaps?

Established in 2008, Weedmaps is one of the largest cannabis directories on the web. With offices worldwide and roughly 200 employees, Weedmaps has become one of the essential locations for buyers to learn about various marijuana products that are available in their community.

In fact, most of the visitors to Weedmaps find their way there through the Weedmaps app. A basic search of “dispensaries near me” will often pull up the Weedmaps website, hence its strong popularity. Information is the key element of the site, allowing individuals and dispensary owners to find out about different products, their overall quality, price, and availability in their region.

Weedmaps Vs Leafly


Weedmaps offers a considerable number of features that begin with their full profile. This means that you get complete information on the many products that are available through the site. Weedmaps offers a product menu, map pin, and deals so that the price can be displayed along with the pertinent information.

In addition, there are ratings, reviews, and customer messages that provide insight into the overall quality of the products being offered.

Submission & Cost

For dispensary owners, Weedmaps has become one of the most popular methods to advertise their businesses. And the good news is that there is a free option. But submitting your dispensary is not as straightforward as it first appears to be.

You will need to call the operator and go over all the features that you want for your directory submission. This means how you page will be set up on Weedmaps. This will take a little time and can be somewhat awkward, but the advantage is that you will fully understand how your page will look. This also allows you to make fine adjustments that separate your page from the competition.

Creating a good brand image is essential, so you will want to have a good idea of what you want your page to be when setting it up on Weedmaps. As for the cost, there are three basic options.

Free: You create a brand page, put in you logo, and have a backlink to your website.

$300 Per Month: In addition to the free features, you get a basic listing, product menu, about us page, ratings & reviews, and a map market so that customers in your area can find you.

$500 Per Month: All the previous features listed plus, extra options with the deals page.

When it comes to Weedmaps vs Leafly, Weedmaps does have some considerable benefits. But it is important to know what Leafly has for you to make the best-informed decision.

What is Leafly?

Considered by many to be the main competitor to Weedmaps, Leafly began as a website that offered reviews for various strains. Created in Irvine California in 2010, but based in Seattle Washington, Leafly started to grow relatively quickly. The company added a dispensary directory which caused them to explode in terms of prominence.

Today, Leafly earns most of its revenue through display advertising. Their advertising model is based on cost-per-impression which is a variation of the popular cost-per-click that is used by many companies on the internet.

Weedmaps Vs Leafly


As you might suspect if you have read the Weedmaps vs Leafly Reddit forum posts, there are strong similarities in terms of features between both sites. This includes the following.

  • Map Markers, Company Profiles, and Profile Upgrades
  • Marketing Services, Product Menus, and Video Showcase

As you can see, there are some differences between Weedmaps vs Leafly, especially the video showcase. However, each service provided has its own cost and can be purchased or ignored depending on the needs of the dispensary owner.

Submission & Price

Submitting your information to the Leafly online directory is rather straightforward to accomplish compared to Weedmaps. You will need to set aside about $500 to be listed on their pages.

The main difference is the pricing model between both companies. Leafly uses a model that is based on location. This means that the price per month may range from $400 up to $4000. The price is based on the dispensary advertising or the type of delivery service.

Regardless, it is quite clear that Leafly is more expensive than Weedmaps, even if you use the most expensive option on the latter. If your company is already listed on the Leafly website, then it is possible to get a discount.

While it is true that many people visit Leafly, that does not mean they will visit the page that you have set up.


When making the comparisons between Weedmaps vs Leafly, the most important aspects focus on what delivers results for your marketing efforts.

Traffic: The most obvious place to start is the website traffic that Weedmaps and Leafly generates. And while Weedmaps has been around longer, Leafly does create about three times the amount of traffic. That means the audience for Leafly is three times greater compared to Weedmaps.

However, the traffic generated can be deceiving. This is because Leafly emphasizes products while Weedmaps focuses on the dispensaries. That is a crucial difference because it’s possible that despite the larger amount of traffic, your site may not get noticed on Leafly if the products are not prominently displayed on the search results.

Whereas on Weedmaps the focus is on the dispensaries which may work perfectly for those who want to promote their presence in the community.

Mobile vs. Laptop: As a subset of the web traffic generated in the Weedmaps vs Leafly comparison, it is true that Weedmaps generates considerably more traffic from computers and laptops. While Leafly has more traffic that comes from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Given that the trend over the past decade has been towards internet searches from mobile devices, Leafly has a definite edge in terms of future traffic. While Weedmaps is closing in, Leafly has a considerable lead on traffic coming from mobile devices. That means the foreseeable future has Leafly with the advantage.

Price: As noted earlier, Leafly is considerably more expensive compared to Weedmaps. While Weedmaps tops out at $500 per month, Leafly may cost upwards of $4,000 or more per month depending on the cost-per-impression and the number of hits your site receives. Of course, the more impressions, the more sales you may make, but that may not make up the difference in terms of what comes out of your pocket.

Other Factors

Weedmaps is the larger company with more employees compared to Leafly. Although the advantage is nominal in terms of overall effectiveness, it does demonstrate that while Weedmaps may be behind in certain areas, it does have the resources to adjust and make changes to shifts in the marketplace.

One curious factor in the traffic generated by both sites is the number of visits from states such as New York and Texas, where neither medical marijuana or retail cannabis is legal. This means that visitors from both states are not going to get anything from either site, but the interest is certain there. If either state does start to sell either medical marijuana or retail cannabis, both sites already have a strong foothold established.

As to which one is the best, Weedmaps vs Leafly, that depends on your goal. From a marketing standpoint in terms of a retail shop or dispensary that offers cannabis or CBD products, Weedmaps does have an edge in terms of price versus traffic. Leafly does generate considerably more traffic, but Weedmaps focuses on the dispensaries and not the products.

For businesses that are just starting out, Weedmaps may be the better or at least more economical choice. As your company grows, then Leafly may become a more suitable alternative given its traffic potential combined with emphasis on products. But for those who are trying to establish their dispensaries, Weedmaps looks superior in this regard.

It takes more than the simple Weedmaps vs Leafly reddit forum posts to discern the differences between the two sites. You will need to examine what each site does, what it emphasizes, and how the differences affect your retail business. Even if you are an individual looking for the best deal in cannabis products, it pays to understand the differences in Weedmaps vs Leafly when you are doing your shopping.

Also, check out Client Verge if you are looking to expand your cannabis business. They have the tools, knowledge, and experience to help your company grow.


Weedmaps vs Eaze

Which is Better Weedmaps vs. Eaze?

For dispensary owners, particularly those who have just entered the market, proper marketing is essential. This means finding the right sites that expose your business to consumers. Of the many sites available, two of the more interesting are Weedmaps vs Eaze.

It is true that both websites have exploded in recent years, especially after 2018 with the passage of the Farm Bill. This helped expand CBD across the country, although cannabis or marijuana products that emphasize THC is still restricted in many states.

Both sites have their attributes but deciding between them can be tricky if you are unfamiliar with what each does. To settle the long-standing argument of Eaze vs Weedmaps Reddit posts that have been debated for years, it is essential to understand what each company does and what market they serve.

What is Weedmaps?

Weedmaps was established in 2008 and is one of the most prominent cannabis directory sites. Employing nearly 200 people, Weedmaps has established itself as an essential site for both individuals and dispensary owners. The site itself has become a central hub for individuals to find local shops and dispensaries offering cannabis and CBD products. While dispensary owners use Weedmaps to put their businesses in front of potential customers.

Most people who do a web search of “dispensaries near me” will find Weedmaps near the top of the results page. The pages not only display Weedmaps, but the sites that are within the local area of potential customers. The result is that many dispensary owners consider Weedmaps an essential part of their marketing efforts.

What is Eaze?

Founded in 2014, Eaze is a private company that focuses on consumer products and services in terms of cannabis. This includes delivery, marketplace, and platform services for the dispensing of cannabis products. Headquartered in San Francisco, Eaze once proclaimed itself the “Uber of Pot” as it offers cannabis products from its dispensaries and delivers them to customers.

For those who use Eaze, the company’s website will locate the products that are desired from dispensaries in your area. You place the order by using the Eaze app. The products are then delivered by drivers who then collect a fee for their services. The fee is normally incorporated into the price itself.

Currently, Eaze operates in California, Detroit, and parts of Michigan. Thus, the reach of Eaze is quite restricted at this time. However, that may change if the company manages to expand.


The main difference in the Weedmaps vs Eaze comparison is that both companies have a different focus in terms of marketing local dispensaries. Weedmaps emphasizes the dispensaries themselves, putting them on their site so that customers can locate and purchase from them.

Eaze is a delivery site that uses local dispensaries to delivery products to the customers at their location. In that regard, Eaze works much like food delivery companies that pickup items from a local restaurant or shop and delivers them to the customer for a fee.

For individuals, the differences will rest on whether you want to pay an extra fee to have the items delivered to your home. As opposed to locating a local dispensary that offers the items that you desire. You pay extra with Eaze, but the items themselves come to your residence or location. You do not pay the delivery fee when visiting the dispensary, but it may be inconvenient for you to get there.

In terms of the Weedmaps vs Eaze reddit posts, the differences are really apples and oranges. Both companies use the same dispensaries with the only difference being the delivery system. And the differences for the consumer will come down to convenience.

For dispensaries looking to expand their businesses, which one works best may come down to whether delivery is a viable option. This is because Weedmaps users are looking for your business while Eaze is looking for the products you carry. If you do not carry the products that a customer wants, then you will not sell to that customer using Eaze.

It is true that many dispensaries use both Weedmaps and Eaze. But only in the areas in which Eaze operates. If you do not live in California, Detroit, or certain parts of Michigan, then you cannot use the services offered by Eaze.


So, despite the Eaze vs Weedmaps Reddit posts that have made comparisons between the companies, Eaze is still a work in progress as 48 states still do not have Eaze within their borders. And even in Michigan the coverage of Eaze is sporadic.

Put simply, Weedmaps will be the superior choice simply because Eaze does not exist. Weedmaps offers considerable marketing support for dispensaries based on its model. In essence, Weedmaps promotes the dispensaries themselves in their catalog, so your business is highlighted.

In most cases, Weedmaps vs Eaze will have Weedmaps the winner by default.

For most dispensaries looking to expand their market, Eaze will simply not be an option. Until they reach into their communities, Weedmaps will be the superior choice. However, even in the areas where Eaze is present, Weedmaps is still a vital part of the marketing efforts given how many people want to visit the dispensaries.

In markets in which Eaze exists, then dispensary owners will have to consider whether to join the delivery service. Your dispensary will have to meet certain criteria set by Eaze. However, it’s no more difficult compared to joining Weedmaps.

Conventional wisdom says your dispensary has nothing to lose if it joins Eaze along with being a part of Weedmaps. You are adding another service to your customers which can only bring benefits. However, you may need to identify the type of products that are most likely to be delivered. This allows you to stock your shelves with such products when adding Eaze to your business.

If you are running a cannabis business or dispensary, then check out the marketing services provided by Client Verge. A team of knowledgeable, skilled professionals in the field of digital marketing, Client Verge offers you the tools and expertise to expand your cannabis business.

advertise on weedmaps

Should You Advertise on Weedmaps? The Honest Truth

Advertising is a critical part of growing a cannabis business, with many wondering how to advertise on Weedmaps and if it’s worth their time. Weedmaps is a viral platform in the cannabis community. Practically everyone who uses cannabis, CBD, or is involved in the field in some way has heard of the platform.

Regardless, dispensaries of all shapes and sizes are interested in Weedmaps, wondering if it’s worth their time and investment. As a result, below will discuss the key points to be aware of with Weedmaps. We’ll highlight what it is, what’s on it, if it’s worth it, and a general FAQ at the end.

What is Weedmaps?

Weedmaps gives purchasers data concerning marijuana items, including web-based requesting, neighborhood retailer and brand postings, item disclosure, and customer training on weed and its set of experiences. Think of it as a main area on the web to discover dispensaries near you.

Advertise on Weedmaps
Advertise on Weedmaps

From a business perspective, Weedmaps is an essential part of a cannabis business since it promotes your business to your target audience. Everyone who goes on Weedmaps is a part of the cannabis business target audience, making it worthwhile in this setting.

What is on Weedmaps?

The Weedmaps site and application are loaded with robust features and thick data assets. Practically everything you could hope for is on the platform. Whether you’re looking for a nearby dispensary, perusing client criticism about a particular strain or retailer, submitting a request for pickup, or investigating bargains, all of it is on Weedmaps.


You can tap on extra subtleties when you find a dispensary in the Weedmaps framework. Information includes their location, contact data, active times, client surveys, a rundown of their items, current arrangements, and conveniences (handicap availability, ATM, security, and so on).

Considering dispensaries are the prominent business type people seek in the cannabis world, it’s nice to have a central hub for this purpose. If you’ve never been on Weedmaps before, you’ll be shocked at how many dispensaries are in your local area from the app.


As their name would persuade you to think, Weedmaps is meant as a map guide of cannabis dispensaries. You have to enter your location or area code, and Weedmaps pins various areas in a space. Doctors are light blue, medical options are dark blue, and recreational dispensaries are orange.

In many occurrences, the business’ guide pin will have a little shopping basket symbol, demonstrating that online ordering is an option. The map feature is the best part of Weedmaps, so give it a look and see what’s near you.

Social Media

Social media is everywhere. Whether you’re a fan of it, it’s an essential makeup of a business and its growth. Assuming that you need more data about what’s on Weedmaps, you can observe businesses on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium.

Informative Posts

Besides being a general guide for cannabis companies near you. Weedmaps posts unique substance about related points. It highlights the company’s general business, news, favorite items, how-to articles, guides, and replies to clarified pressing issues.

Beneficial information in this setting is excellent for everyday cannabis customers. Whether it’s a news related to the subject, new products, or company announcements, it is beneficial. Informative content is also great for building a platform, making it worthwhile to submit your content.


There are plenty of discounts and deals available throughout Weedmaps. Weedmaps is a popular platform for organizations to promote to possible clients, listing deals on their site. Considering most customers get a great deal of enjoyment from possible deals, this is a huge plus from a business perspective.

Advertising on Weedmaps – Is It Worth It?

Advertising on Weedmaps comes down to two main points: what is your current status as a business, and can you afford the advertising? The plus side is the popularity of Weedmaps. We’ll discuss more of this later, but understand the platform is as popular as it is for a reason.

Regardless, it’s more challenging to submit your business to Weedmaps than it should be. In the first place, you have to call an administrator to go over every one of the details and choose how to set up your page. This permits you to calibrate your page on Weedmaps and make a decent brand appearance.

Weedmaps Popularity

Weedmaps is substantially more popular than a shared directory. It’s a local hub that showcases everything to know for cannabis businesses worldwide. They can discuss different strains and organizations in the platform while likewise evaluating the business.

Functionality-wise, Weedmaps gets most of its traffic through its app. The vast majority of these guests search “dispensaries near me” on the platform. By arriving on the Weedmaps site, a potential purchaser can examine experience with a specific brand by dissecting its costs, rates, and reviews.


Advertising on Weedmaps ranges from $295 per month to over $1,000 a month. That cost is a lot but is worth it if you have the income. The downside is worth mentioning for early-staged businesses that don’t have the customer base to afford the cost.

The plus side is that you can list your business on Weedmaps without additional costs. The free option allows you to put a backlink to your site, image page, and the capacity to put a logo. The primary and premium options are much more beneficial to your business but cost more than the free variation.


Now that you know about the pros and cons of advertising on Weedmaps, let’s discuss some other questions related to the subject. Considering how popular a subject like this is, there are a lot of points to highlight in the matter. These aren’t the only questions related to the subject; they’re just a few critical ones.

How much is advertising on Weedmaps?

As indicated by weed industry experts, most dispensaries can hope to pay between $400 to as much as $1,500 per month. Regardless, there are a few reports of weed organizations paying upwards of $10,000 per month to list their dispensary in select business sectors like LA or Denver.

Investing some income into Weedmaps means you get a profoundly upgraded business profile page. It causes ideal SEO, regular Conversion rate enhancement, and above-average prices. Regardless, check ROI reports to decide whether the WeedMaps advertising is worth the price.

How do I put my brand on Weedmaps?

The primary purpose of Weedmaps is to have your business on the platform. Begin the process by heading to the Weedmaps website and typing in the required information. The information needed will include your first name, last name, number, email, and business role.

From there, you’ll submit your business name and business type. Remember to be as accurate as possible while filling this out; otherwise, you’ll be denied. Next, you’ll submit your location and point of sale information. Lastly, you’ll have to type in your licensing information and wait for the approval.

How profitable is Weedmaps?

Weedmaps itself is a very profitable platform. Recently, income expanded to $50.9 million, up to nine percent from the second last quarter of 2020 or 46 percent in the United States. Weedmaps’ plan of action is very profitable, hence why it can generate as much income as it is.

Weedmaps pulls in publicizing income from cannabis retailers who pay to attract clients who use the site’s dispensary locater. The organization also sells a cloud-based working framework for pot organizations.

As far as profit is concerned for a business that uses Weedmaps, this tends to be very beneficial. No dispensary will make the level of income Weedmaps itself has. Still, the cost-benefit of Weedmaps needs to be examined closely since there is a lot with the platform.

How do you get product verified on Weedmaps?

Product verification is essential from a consumer perspective because it grants customers trust in your products. Unfortunately, Weedmaps can’t endorse verified items in the interest of a brand. The company tells customers to connect with the brand directly for verification. You can call (844) 933-3627 for additional help.

Advertise on Weedmaps
Advertise on Weedmaps

Who is Weedmaps competition?

Weedmaps is a viral platform for numerous reasons, meaning it’s a crucial part of the cannabis business success story. Still, this doesn’t mean Weedmaps is the only option to consider. There are a lot of platforms in this setting, so definitely take the time to see what’s available and worth considering. Regardless, Weedmaps’ top competition includes:

  • Leafly
  • Mapquest
  • City-data
  • All Bud


Weedmaps is an integral part of marketing and growing your cannabis business. However, initially try to sign up with the accessible route before investing money into the platform. The idea is to grow your business as best as possible, increasing your income for promotional purposes.

Regardless, if you have any questions on how to advertise on Weedmaps, what to do with this information, and more, contact us at Client Verge. As a cannabis digital marketing agency, we have had a team in the field for years and know what works. Visit our website to learn more.

How to Sell CBD on Shopify

How to Sell CBD on Shopify the Smart Way and Profit

Understanding how to sell CBD on Shopify is imperative to the success of any CBD business. It’s a matter of unlocking your business’s full potential through the world wide web, an area that most people have access to in the 21st century. Unfortunately, selling CBD on Shopify can be challenging, especially if you don’t have experience on the platform.

Nevertheless, below will discuss the specifics of what you’ll need to know about selling CBD on Shopify. We’ll highlight what CBD and Shopify are, how to sell CBD on the platform, Shopify’s CBD policy, CBD products you can sell on the platform, and much more. Let’s take a look!

What is CBD?

Hemp is a plant in the weed Sativa plant species and produces an expansive scope of cannabinoids. Hemp doesn’t have large sums of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) yet is equipped to create high CBD centralizations. Hence where CBD comes from.

CBD is commonly used to treat tension, pain, a muscle problem called dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, and much more. Users swear by the effects of CBD, with people able to take it as an edible, tropical, oil, and much more. It’s incredible how so many people have benefitted from CBD.

How to Sell CBD on Shopify
How to Sell CBD on Shopify

What is Shopify?

Shopify allows users to begin, develop, and manage their business in an online setting. The membership-based programming permits anybody to set up an internet-based store and sell their items. Shopify storekeepers can likewise sell in actual areas utilizing Shopify POS, a retail location application.

The company is a Canadian worldwide online business organization settled in Ottawa, Ontario. Likewise, it is the name of its web-based business stage for online stores and retail location frameworks (what we’re discussing). Shopify is easy to use, popular and is a trusted company.

How to Sell CBD on Shopify?

The basics of this process center around the platform of Shopify. You’ll need a merchant account that follows local regulations to sell on Shopify in Canada. In the U.S., it’s a little more complicated, though it makes it possible for more people to sell CBD on the platform. Below will discuss how:

  1. Log on to Shopify and create a Shopify store.
  2. Submit the Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products. You should be signed into your Shopify account as the storekeeper. On the off chance that you’re not the storekeeper, or your store address isn’t situated in the United States, then the link will divert you to the Shopify admin.
  3. Apply for a third-party payment gateway. Shopify Payments aren’t accessible for hemp or CBD items. Nonetheless, Shopify has collaborated with third-party companies that help sell specific hemp or potentially hemp-determined CBD items.
  4. Set up an email for customer notices and information related to products and orders.

Shopify CBD Policy

CBD policies are constantly changing, making it essential for you to stay up to date with any current rules. In the U.S., you mainly need to follow the Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products. Once you do that, look at all of the rules you need to follow for the site.

In Canada, you can apply for a merchant account according to legal regulations. The process isn’t complicated but is another step worth noting. Remember to follow the specific policies to where you live, so you don’t risk any potential legal issues.

CBD Products You Can Sell on Shopify

The legality of what you can sell CBD-wise on Shopify varies depending on where you live. U.S. dealers in specific states can sell select hemp or hemp-determined cannabidiol (CBD) items on Shopify.

However, dealers can sell these items in states where it’s allowed. State regulations and guidelines constantly change, making it worthwhile to discuss the specifics with a digital marketing team and lawyer. The same rules apply to other nations, such as Canada. Regardless, expect the following on Shopify CBD pages:

  • Containers and Pills
  • CBD FlowersCBD for Dogs and Pets
  • CBD for Vaping
  • CBD Gummies and Edibles
  • Concentrates, Creams, and Lotions
  • Treatments and Topicals
  • Showers and Atomizers

Signing Up for Shopify

Signing up for Shopify is a straightforward process, thanks to how Shopify makes it so simple for users to dive into. Begin by creating an account and putting in the required information through Shopify. Seeing as CBD is different from a standard Shopify set-up, remember to visit Shopify’s guide for setting it up.

Once your Canadian merchant license is connected, or Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products is approved in the U.S., you can begin the fun process of creating the site. Most experts recommend working with a digital marketing agency to ensure you have the proper tools.

The Importance of a CBD Shopify Theme

Shopify CBD themes are vital to the longevity of your company. If you didn’t know, Shopify Themes are the layouts vendors use on their online business stores. Countless entrepreneurs download these layouts, with many searching for the perfect theme to fit their business.

The theme is imperative to your company since it establishes that your site will appear and operate. Ensure you find a theme that fits your company; otherwise, you’ll waste your time and energy on something that doesn’t make sense. All themes are downloaded and installed from the Shopify Theme Store.

A CBD Payment Processor Shopify will Allow You to Use

As great as it is to go with any payment processor thinking it’ll automatically work with your Shopify business, realizes that isn’t always the case. Regardless, you’ll need a CBD payment processor for your Shopify site.

A payment processor is meant to process credit cards online, with you needing one that permits your Shopify CBD business the capacity to work. Sadly, the default installment processor for Shopify doesn’t permit CBD items.

You’ll need to observe an outside CBD payment processor like Digipay that can give you the high-risk dealer account you’ll require. CBD is sorted as high risk because of constantly changing laws surrounding it. Likewise, banks that help your record would rather not have the dangers related to CBD items.

Digipay CBD Payment Processor

As noted, you need a CBD payment process to operate Shopify for your CBD business. Thankfully, DigiPay is wholly coordinated with Shopify to help Hemp CBD Payment Processing. Most banks have been delayed to embrace CBD shippers even though it’s been four years since the 2018 Farm Bill.

Nowadays, the rules for selling CBD are evolving, with many wondering why they can’t go through Shopify directly to sell the product. Regardless, Digipay realizes CBD isn’t one size fits all. The company guides users through the interaction and tracks down the correct answer for your business. Some of its critical CBD services include:


Wholesale CBD

Quick Track Approval

Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering

3-7 Day Underwriting


Offering numerous items and hemp inferred CBD

Quick Track Approval

Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering

3-7 Day Underwriting


Hemp determined CBD body moisturizers, creams, medicine, drops, transdermal (skin) application.

Quick Track Approval

Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering

3-7 Day Underwriting


Hemp determined CBD imbued shampoos, conditioners, and styling items.

Quick Track Approval

Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering

3-7 Day Underwriting


Hemp determined CBD oils and e-fluid flavors

Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering

3-7 Day Underwriting


Chewy candies, gummies, and beverages

Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering

5-14 Day Underwriting


Containers and gels

Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering

5-14 Day Underwriting

How to Signup with Digipay

DigiPay is wholly coordinated with Shopify to help Hemp CBD Payment Processing.

If you are a CBD business, the company offers payment processing and much more. The process is extremely straightforward. Begin by applying and submitting the required information for Digipay to know more about the business.

From there, Digipay’s CBD experts will guide you through the options they have, specifically with their payment processing for Shopify. It’s ideal for connecting with a payment processor like Digipay with a digital marketing team (such as client verge) since it makes the entire process easier.

White Labeled Bottle and Spoon on Plate

CBD Shopify Stores – Examples and More

The best way to know How to sell CBD on Shopify is by analyzing a few notable Shopify stores in the CBD world. Though there are plenty to choose from, below will highlight some of the most popular options to analyze. Remember, these are the best of the best, so do what you can to emulate their success.

Be mindful of how the company presents itself, the contact on each page, and what they offer product-wise. It’ll help your business significantly; you can make a note of that for your website. Don’t flat-out copy the top CBD businesses on Shopify; just know what makes them so successful.


Cannuka is the principal CBD store for excellence and wellbeing class while being present-day and immortal. It joins the most flawless and standard components on Earth in a way that mirrors the changing necessities and interests of purchasers. The company’s central goal is to legitimize the CBD business, to make a larger audience in the field.

Infusion CBD

Infusion CBD is a family-run business that came to life in 2019. The company was established because of a disease called Dysfunctional epilepsy while seeing the tremendous advantages of CBD. The family realized they needed to share their story and make a brand centered around aiding individuals and aiding the planet around us.

LEEF Organics

LEEF was established with a singular mission to improve and sway lives. Co-owner Micah Anderson has over 30 years’ involvement with soil-based cultivating. His energy and capability set the establishment and principles. Other co-owners, Emily Heitman, wear the innovative cap while being lively about science and creativity.

Made By Hemp

After hemp supplements helped turned Made By Hemp’s founder Jeff Gallagher’s life around, he made it his primary goal to help individuals find the advantages of hemp. He began MHR Brands in mid-2013 with Made by Hemp, conceived soon after.


Populum prides itself on trying to help everyone do better with the company’s main focus to change the scene of current taking care of oneself. Populum is a group of premium full-spectrum CBD items intended to be a piece of your everyday health custom.


Now that you know what to do with selling CBD on the platform, you most likely have many questions about the subject. Client Verge is here to help you, take a deeper look in the area of CBD of Shopify, and so much more. Regardless, below are a couple of questions people typically ask.

How Much Can You Make Selling CBD Online?

CBD businesses can create decent income once their client base is established. The biggest challenge comes during the early days, where you try to spread the news about your business (hence why a digital marketing agency is so important. However, once that client base is established, you can easily make over $100,000 a year as an owner.

Is Dropshipping CBD Legal?

It is legal for dropship CBD in the U.S. and Europe. How the process works are more accessible than it seems. You let the CBD outsource the organization you are working with to satisfy the request. There are some important start-up points critical.


Thank you for reading our article on selling CBD on Shopify. Though the process may seem intimidating at first, it’s definitely worth your time and energy for your company. Shopify is as popular as it is for a reason, so realize what it can do to blossom your CBD company.

Regardless, if you have any questions about how to sell CBD on Shopify, feel free to contact us at Client Verge. As a trusted cannabis and CBD digital marketing agency, we have the tools and experience necessary to achieve your business dreams and aspirations in this industry. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cannabis Design Agency

How to Find the Right Cannabis Design Agency

Many agree that the cannabis industry is one of the most blossoming and lucrative industries in the world today. As a result, many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed while entering the field, hoping to find a cannabis design agency to help them with the process. What is a design agency, you might ask?

With this in mind, below will highlight a few key points related to design agencies and what to know about the subject. We’ll discuss why a design agency is essential, what they focus on, if they work, and how to find the right agency for your cannabis business. You’ll have a plethora of information to analyze related to design agencies in the cannabis industry by the end.

What is a Design Agency?

A design agency is a company that specializes in the look, services, and products of a company. There are design agencies for practically every business type, with there being several options in the cannabis industry. Considering how large the industry has gotten, it makes sense why these agencies are so valuable in the field.

There is so much attached to having a cannabis business. It can be overwhelming, whether it’s getting the business up and running, selling the right products, or growing your client base. Thankfully, design agencies put a lot of that burden at ease, as long as you follow the proper steps to mitigate those potential issues.

Cannabis Design Agency
Cannabis Design Agency

Why is a Design Agency Important?

A design agency is essential due to the necessity of building the brand of your cannabis business. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if you don’t have the right image to go along with it. Design agencies can build your website, social media pages, and anything else that’s tied to your business.

Once you have that area covered, you’ll be able to move on to managing your cannabis business and not worry about the other stuff. Besides making your day-to-day business operation easier, design agencies help grow your business. You’ll get a better reputation, image, and customers as a result.

What Does a Design Agency Focus On?

A design agency centers around the vibe of brands, products, and services. They make client contributions more alluring and appealing than their rivals. The agencies frequently work with other innovative outlets, including publicizing and counseling companies, to carry out their work.

As business savvy as you might consider yourself to be, there is always a team of experts who are more knowledgeable than you. You need to trust the team and see how it can grow your business. There is a lot a design agency can do for your cannabis business; you just need to find the right one.

How Do Design Agencies Work?

Generally speaking, getting a design agency onboard with your business begins with an inquiry. That inquiry can be made on the agency’s website, which has a forum or contact information for you to submit. Eventually, you’ll hear back with a meeting to see how they can work with you.

You can further this process by hearing about the cost if you like what you hear. Some agencies work strictly on a percentage cost, meaning they’d make a portion of the business they help you with. More commonly, agencies have flat fees, meaning a one-time, monthly, or yearly cost for their services.

Once you have the right agency set up, the agency will discuss your goals and map out a plan with whatever you need help with. Social media management, content writing, website development, e-commerce, and anything else can be done. Keep in mind every agency varies with what they offer, so be aware of that.

How to Find the Right Design Agency for Your Cannabis Business

Now that we’ve discussed what a design agency does and how they work, you most likely want to know how to find the right cannabis design agency. Though these descriptions may seem broad, reading ahead will help you understand the basics of finding the right agency. There are many options in the field, so take your time analyzing everything available.

1. Know Your Goals

Before any meeting with an agency, you need to outline all of the specifics you have with your business goals. Knowing the goals you want will help you determine if an agency is right for you. For example, if one of your goals is to have an excellent website, you’ll need to know if the agency you’re meeting with offers that.

It helps eliminate any agencies that don’t offer what you need, saving you time in the long run. Eventually, when you meet with the agency, you’ll be able to tell them everything you want in the long run. The agency can then discuss options for helping you achieve those goals and what they offer.

2. Research Agencies and Compare

You should be researching agencies and comparing them before meeting with any. Some agencies will do anything to get a client strictly for monetary reasons. These agencies don’t care about helping the business owner and solely use it for themselves. Clearly, you don’t want to work with these agency types.

As a result, compile a list of agencies and outline each offer. From there, consider going on Reddit and similar sites for any discussions related to the agencies. Doing this will help you focus on the agencies worth your time instead of the ones that aren’t ideal in this setting.

3. Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions after you have a few agencies in mind. Many business owners feel like they’re overstepping a boundary when talking to a potential business aid like a design agency. Don’t be like this and instead choose to ask questions and inquire into anything the design agency might offer.

A good rule of thumb is to begin by asking what the design agency does for you. From there, you can construct questions related to their price and history. Once you get that down, you can move on to other information related to the subject. Basically, ask away and don’t feel odd for doing so. You can ask questions through a FAQ forum or email.

4. Understand What Each Agency Offers

As discussed, the best way to find the right agency for you is to know what each agency offers. As you can imagine, every business varies with what they offer, and that applies to design agencies as well. Therefore, you’ll need to be thorough so you can find a design agency that makes sense with what you need.

The best way to determine what a design agency offers is to head to their website and click on the service tab. At that point, you can analyze what they offer and if it fits your needs. Once you have that sorted out, you’ll be able to move ahead to see other information related to the company. Consider writing some notes along the way.

5. Know Your Budget

As mentioned, design agencies cost money. That cost may seem a lot at first, so you’ll have to do a cost-benefit analysis if it’s worth your time. Do research into how much a design agency costs with what you want. Determine what you’re willing to pay so you know if the agency is worth your time.

Once you have that determined, you’ll be able to move ahead with the agency. If you’re unsure how much an agency costs, discuss the topic with other cannabis entrepreneurs online or in person. There are plenty of business owners who are more than willing to share what they’ve learned over the years.

6. Ensure They Have Cannabis Industry Experience

For whatever reason, many cannabis business owners forget about the necessity of having cannabis industry experience with a design agency. It’s a huge advantage when the agency has previous experience since they can relate and go over what works. Most cannabis agencies have this experience, but it’s worth highlighting if they don’t.

7. Meet with The Agency

The last and most crucial point in finding the right design agency is to meet with them. Almost every design agency has a website with the correct information available for you contact-wise. Some choose to have a forum, while others keep it simple with a phone number or email. Either way, set something up and be sure to analyze how the agency is over a meeting.

Cannabis Design Agency


We hope you enjoyed our look at the necessity of a design agency in the cannabis industry. If you’re someone who hopes to open a cannabis business, don’t neglect the importance of a design agency.

On the other hand, if you currently own and operate a cannabis business, be sure to look over this article again to refresh your memory on what to look for with a design agency.

Nevertheless, if you have any questions about a cannabis design agency, the industry itself, or growing your business, reach out to us at Client Verge. We have years of experience in the cannabis industry and have the right tools in the cannabis sector to help you get the most out of the subject. We look forward to hearing from you!

Marijuana Social Network

Everything you Need To Know About The Marijuana Social Network

Promoting a cannabis business can be an overwhelming experience for most, primarily since there is so much attached to the matter. As great as social media is for promotion, there are many rules and guidelines to follow. Thankfully, a marijuana social network makes it so you can discuss the magical world of cannabis without any issue.

No matter how knowledgeable a cannabis business owner is, not everyone knows about cannabis social networks. People typically think of the most common social media platforms instead of those oriented around cannabis. As a result, below will discuss the importance of these sites, what they are, and a few key examples.

What is a Social Network for Marijuana?

Think of a social network for cannabis like any other standard social media platform. However, instead of focusing on anything, it has a stricter niche of marijuana. As imperative as social media is to the growth of a cannabis business, there are a lot of rules to follow on the subject.

Thankfully, these platforms don’t have the same rules the standard social media platforms have. Regardless, the platforms themselves range from being a place to show where dispensaries are, discussion boards, personal reviews of cannabis products, and much more. In short, they’re all applicable to a cannabis business.

Marijuana Social Network
Marijuana Social Network

Why is Social Networking Important?

Social networking permits individuals to foster associations with others with whom they may not have the option to interact otherwise. It additionally benefits business efficiency when utilized for advertising, promoting, and publicizing purposes. Not to mention how much the world is connected through online platforms.

As far as cannabis networking sites are concerned, it makes it possible to discuss the topic directly with your target audience. You know everyone on the platform is there because they are interested in cannabis to a certain degree. As a result, it’s much easier to promote or share information related to your business on the platform.

Marijuana Social Networking Sites

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics of social networking, you most likely have a slew of other questions about the subject. Thankfully, many of those questions can be answered on a social networking site. You never know what you might find or learn from one of these platforms until you give it a try.

Rather than discuss the nitty-gritty of it all, below will highlight a few key social networking sites in the industry. Keep in mind these aren’t the only options to be aware of, just a few of the most popular ones. Some of these platforms offer extensive knowledge related to the industry, while others connect with similar interests.


WeedLife is intended to assist the development of the marijuana business. The platform abbreviates the business expectation to learn and adapt for new organizations entering the commercial center. It’s essential for anyone looking to get started in the industry, primarily because of its large size.

GrassCity Forums

Grasscity is a space where similar individuals meet up to discuss cannabis and anything related to the subject. It’s an inviting and lively platform, similar to platforms like Reddit. The platform is continuously developing, and there’s always a new thing to share on the platform.


Leafwire provides users with a protected, inviting stage for the weed industry. The company saw a need in the business to give a stage where the marijuana business could share news events, talk to colleagues, track down representatives, search for financial backers, and network.


BudHubz is an excellent social networking site for the cannabis industry. The platform has a focus on cannabis culture. Weed culture crosses legislative issues, free ideas, music, food, amusement, travel, and weed. It understands the necessity of those discussions related to cannabis and more.


Though it’s only available on smartphones, Duby is one of the most popular cannabis social networking sites. It’s all about taking some time off and elapsing the day with some cannabis while hanging out with companions online. It has a very relaxing atmosphere, great for making friends around your area.


Weedable is a community planned explicitly for energetic individuals about marijuana. Utilize the platform to cooperate with companions or your beloved brands all over the planet. Investigate their marketplace for local bargains, track down nearby stores, or discover new products in the field.

420 Magazine Forum

420 Magazine has been discussing news and other information related to cannabis since 1993. The magazine is the most significant medical marijuana media distribution and association accessible. Users can jump into conversations, transfer their own photos, get a total Cannabis schooling with realities and data, talk about the issue, read item surveys, and much more.


CannaSOS aims to change how weed fans communicate with their companions and organizations. The platform makes it so you can blend and fabricate associations, find and offer pot-related data, search and survey weed strains, and interface with 420-related organizations close by and around the world.

Marijuana Social Network

How to Use Cannabis Social Networking Sites

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of a marijuana social network and a few key examples, you most likely want to know how to use one. Considering a social networking site of this caliber isn’t heavily talked about like other platforms, it makes sense why it may seem confusing at first. Thankfully, most of these platforms give users a brief introduction early on.

Regardless, there are a few broad things to keep in mind no matter what platform you want to go on. You should also stick with a few platforms instead of making accounts across every platform. Try out a few at a time so you can see which option will work best for you. Once you know, then you can have a better focus on the platforms in the long run.

Have Goals

Having goals is imperative to the success of any business, especially in the cannabis industry. Before you jump ahead and dive into a cannabis network, make sure you have some goals in mind. Having some goals will help you know your purpose on the site, even if it’s as simple as making connections.

If you’re new to the cannabis industry, it might be in your best interest to have goals related to experts in the field. Talk to experts and see what you can learn. If you can do that, you should have a plethora of information about the subject moving forward.

Know The Purpose of The Site

As great as it is to have goals while you’re venturing on one of these sites, none of this matters if you don’t know the site’s purpose. Imagine you’re on a platform like Instagram, but you hope to use it like Twitter. See how that may cause some issues? That same logic should be apple to cannabis network you hope to be on.

If you’re confused about any of the descriptions above, read into some more information about the platforms on places like Reddit. See what people have to say, what they use it for, and if they recommend it. Once you do that, you’ll have a better idea of the site and if it’s worth your time.

Make Connections

The entire purpose of any social networking site is to make connections. Though it may seem daunting at first, realize what you’re there to do. Whether you hope to meet a future business partner, grow your business, or connect with some random, all of it is a part of that making connection area.

Consider looking around the platform for people in your area and give them a general spiel about what you do. If they don’t respond or have no interest in what you say, then don’t bother communicating with them again. Be aware of what you’re doing and if it’s too much or if you’re not doing anything. Be friendly and see how the platforms operate in this sense.

Promote Your Business

The last and most crucial point to a social network in the cannabis industry is promotion. Most business owners join these platforms with the hope of promoting their business. So, how do you promote your cannabis business without being overly promotional?

Be friendly, make friends, and casually bring your business up. Don’t stuff it down everyone you talk with unless it’s a forum meant for promotion. You’ll get the hang of it before you know it, and once you do, you’ll be happy you did.


We hope you enjoyed our analysis of cannabis social networks and their importance in the cannabis industry. Though we didn’t cover every option in the subject, we hope we covered enough information to help you get started on the subject. All of these platforms are incredibly beneficial, especially if you’re involved in the industry somehow.

Nevertheless, contact us at Client Verge if you have any questions about a marijuana social network, the importance of social media, or anything related to the subject. We’re a digital marketing agency with years of experience in the cannabis industry. We look forward to hearing from you!

Great Dispensary Website Design Ideas

Great Dispensary Website Design Ideas – Full Guide

There is no better feeling than getting a dispensary up and running with a website to accompany it. The worldwide web is an integral part of the modern business era, especially in the cannabis industry. It’s practically impossible to have a successful dispensary without a website and a web presence. As a result, many dispensaries building their website are searching for dispensary website design ideas.

If this is the case with you, you’re in the right place. Below will highlight a few key points with building a website and some key ideas to consider. We’ll discuss why a website is essential, how you can build a site, and some design ideas. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of what to do with your dispensary’s site. Let’s take a look!

Why is a Dispensary Website Important?

The importance of a website comes down to the current technological landscape we find ourselves in today. It’s impossible to have any successful brand, business, aspiration, or endeavor without an online presence to back it up. As great as social media is for that purpose, none of that compares to having a central website.

A dispensary website is integral for selling products, promoting what you sell, and for people to find your business. Search engines trust businesses with websites more, giving you a higher chance to pop up on people’s search for a dispensary near them. Though there are laws and restrictions on search engines with dispensaries still, you’re much better off with a website.

Great Dispensary Website Design Ideas
Great Dispensary Website Design Ideas

How to Build a Website

Before we discuss the perfect 420 website design for your dispensary, it’s valuable to know how to build a website in the first place. Web design is one of the most intimidating factors for many business owners, especially since it appears so alien-like. It’s a matter of getting your business online to the rest of the world. This process seems so extensive and overwhelming.

Truthfully, building a website has never been easier thanks to the many web hosts, WordPress, and site builders available. We’ll discuss the difference between the two, but understand you could theoretically have a website for your dispensary up and running in a few hours if you wanted to.

Web Host and WordPress

The first and most common way to build a website for your dispensary is through a web host. A web host is what grants your website online access, being the server to your website more or less. Besides putting your site online, you can purchase your domain and install WordPress through a web host.

WordPress.org is where users can download the open-source content management software. Most web hosts make it very easy for you to install WordPress through their platform since it’s so common. From there, you’d choose a theme, edit your site, and get it to how you’d like it to appear.

Site Builder

Though not as versatile, a site builder is more straightforward and easier to use than a web host WordPress option. Generally speaking, there are plenty of dispensary website builder providers to consider. Going with a site builder fitted to this subject is obviously more ideal.

If you have a site builder in mind that isn’t necessarily meant for the cannabis industry but could still work, check it out. It’s essential to have every option in front of you to determine which route is best. If you can manage to do that, you should be okay in the long run for your website.

Why are Website Designs Important?

As valuable as it is to have a website up for your dispensary, none of that matters if you don’t have a great website design to accompany it. There is why so many dispensaries search for dispensary website design ideas. It’s all about the aesthetic, appearance, and look of your site.

Besides the look of your site, a web design can significantly enhance how you operate your site. Making posts, editing your menu, adding a logo, and anything else revolving around the design. As a result, it’s precious to take a close look at some design ideas to see what’ll work for you.

420 Website Design Ideas For Dispensaries

Now that you know the importance of a website and the basics of building one let’s discuss some key ideas for your website. Remember, it’s impossible to bring up every option in the web design world. It’s a matter of discussing some broad options to look for while you’re trying to come up with the ideal site for your dispensary.

These ideas will focus on the look and format of the design and not the nitty-gritty of how they operate. An in-depth discussion such as coding is for another article, so let’s try to avoid that altogether. Nevertheless, below are a few key design ideas to be mindful of with your dispensary website.


A theme-based dispensary web design revolves around the theme of your dispensary. If you have a significant theme for your brand (logo, color design, etc.), consider applying it to your website. Have the logo, text font, and color design all match the look of your dispensary in person.

Having a theme-based appearance for your site will significantly benefit your customer’s interaction with your site. They should easily recognize it and correlate it to your dispensary. Seeing as brand recognition is so vital to your target audience, a dispensary web design that understands that is key.

Appeal to Audience

As great as it is to have a web design that fits your business theme, sometimes it’s more beneficial to have a design that appeals to your audience. Generally speaking, there is a broad look and appeal once can assume with a dispensary website. Having a design that does this can make it easier for people to know what kind of site they’re on.

The downside to a theme like this is it makes it more challenging for your site to stand out. Dispensary website builder providers are the best for this particular option since it allows you to pick a template to work with. Edit it to your liking and watch as you have a simple website that fits the dispensary mold.

Colorful and Creative Appearance

For whatever reason, there are plenty of colorful and creative designs that dispensaries choose to ignore. Whether it’s their fear of having a design that’s not common in this mold or not knowing about the design, it doesn’t matter. Color and creative appearances are great for setting your dispensary apart.

These designs tend to be busy on the screen but have so many features and a look that makes it worth checking out. There tends to be a main menu, footer, header, sidebars, and a main home page with plenty of other features that can be colorful. See what it can do, especially if you’re looking to stand out.


As great as it stands out with its colorful appearance, the minimalist approach is also worth considering. The minimalist design makes it so your products and information are easily attainable, not confusing the audience. Plus, minimalism is trendy today, making it an intelligent design option to consider.

Illustrated Look

Besides having a colorful or minimalist approach, consider turning to an illustrated design. An illustrated design typically features drawn characters (such as yourself) throughout your site to help the audience. Though you can have it animated, having illustrations is more than enough.

Great Dispensary Website Design Ideas

Abstract and Out of the Ordinary

Going off the idea of a colorful web design, the last and most overlooked area is an abstract and out-of-the-ordinary web design. It’s vital to think outside of the box with this setting. For example, maybe your website is in a video game setting where people are on the main menu. The possibilities are truly endless, so see what you can do in this setting. You never know what might work.

Where to Find More Website Designs?

Outside of the design ideas we discussed, realize plenty of other options to consider. The web design world is genuinely endless as niche as this subject appears. There are countless design options on the world wide web, making it a broad topic in the best way possible.

Consider reading similar blogs, YouTube videos, and recommendations from experts on the matter for the best route. Digital marketing agencies can help you with this process and offer our web design expertise. It’ll save you the trouble of having to do it yourself.


We hope you enjoyed our analysis of building a dispensary website and the design ideas that accompany it. Though web design may seem like an overwhelming task, it becomes easier as you get used to it. More specifically, the process is even more straightforward when working with a digital marketing agency.

If you’re hoping to learn more about dispensary website design ideas and more on the matter, reach out to us at Client Verge. As a digital marketing agency specializing in the cannabis industry, we have years of expertise to help you with your goals. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to Find the Right Cannabis Copywriter For Your Business

How to Find the Right Cannabis Writer For Your Business

Wondering how to find the right cannabis writer for your business is a common question in the cannabis industry. Building content and having a blog are imperative to the success of any business, especially when owning a cannabis business. Luckily, there are plenty of writers available to fulfill that role.

Nevertheless, below will highlight everything you’ll need to know about a marijuana writer. We’ll discuss what one is, what to look for in one, and the benefits of having a writer for your cannabis business. By the end, you’ll know what to do in the subject and begin your process of finding the best writer for your cannabis business.

What is a Cannabis Writer?

A cannabis writer is a broad term referencing someone who writes about the cannabis industry. The phrase can range from someone who worked in the industry to a professional SEO writer that researches the topic heavily. Either way, someone with writing skills is competent enough to write about the subject.

These writers are used for a wide range of reasons, including magazines, and reporting to the content on a website for a dispensary. Obviously, if you’re a cannabis business, you most likely want someone to write content for your business. Not everyone has the writing skills to do so, and getting a professional writer can help you immensely.

Cannabis Writer

What to Be Aware Of for a Cannabis Writer

Now that you know what a cannabis writer is, you most likely are interested in adding one to your cannabis business. Hold off on jumping the gun and meeting with potential writers. Instead, read ahead to know what to look for in the subject. Not every writer is worth your time, and you need to know why.

As a result, below will highlight a few key points to be mindful of when looking for your writer. We’ll discuss factors such as knowledge requirements in the industry, writing skills, worth ethic importance, learning ability, and your budget. Keep in mind these aren’t the only points to be aware of, just a few to help you get started.

1. Knowledgeable in the Industry

Though it isn’t required, having knowledge in the industry is an added bonus to a writer in this field. Any SEO writer could probably do a decent enough job if you’re looking for primary blog content. Still, having a writer who has some knowledge in the industry will significantly benefit their writing.

If you have someone in mind, discuss their knowledge in an email or during your meeting with them. On the off chance that they don’t have any previous experience in this particular, ask them what they have worked with and if they’re able to learn. Getting that off the bat should help you decide if they’re the right pick.

2. Great Writing Skills

Though it may seem obvious, having excellent writing skills is the most essential part of the process. Excellent writing skills can benefit practically any content for any subject, no matter their expertise. See what the writer says about their writing skills and how they are fair with others.

The best way to analyze their writing skills is to check out some of their work. Asking for a few samples is pretty standard in the field so see what you can get. Make sure you read it closely to ensure it’s worth your time. If it is worth your time, you should quickly move ahead and begin the hiring process.

3. Excellent Work Ethic

Asking how to find the right cannabis writer for your business isn’t complete without analyzing a writer’s work ethic. Though having a great work ethic is essential in any job, it’s especially the case with writing. Writing can be a daunting task for many people, taking up long hours of the day.

The writer will need to adapt and be ready for any content requirements. Not to mention the ability to give ideas and anything else that might be needed writing-wise. This shouldn’t be an issue if your writer has a great work ethic. Consider reaching out to other organizations or people they wrote for to see work-wise.

4. An Ability to Learn

Similar to the notion of having an excellent work ethic, every writer should have the ability to learn. As knowledgeable as a writer might say, there is always room for improvement. Whether it’s a specific request you have, a trendy topic, or anything for that matter, writers need to learn what to do writing-wise.

Writers who don’t listen to feedback or cannot adjust to any of your requests shouldn’t be worth your time. Time is a luxury, and people who aren’t willing to adjust or listen to what you have to say shouldn’t be given the time of day. As a result, try to get a good read on the purpose you’re interested in before making a final decision.

5. Fits Your Budget

Most people agree that people deserve a good wage for the work they put in. However, you need to know your budget even with good pay in mind. If you’re willing to offer one thing, you need to search for writers that fit that budget. As a result, always ask writers their rates before moving too far ahead.

You don’t want to go over that specific budget unless it’s worth your time or you’ve made more money to the point where you can pay your writer more. On the other hand, try not to be cheap with the writer you hire since you will only get what you invest. The more you’re willing to spend, the better the writer.

Benefits of a Cannabis Writer

Now that we’ve covered a wide range of information related to cannabis writers, you most likely want to know about the benefits of one. Going over the benefits will help you understand the necessity of having a paid writer with your business. It’s more than just an essential requirement and is a matter of growing your business.

1. Shares Informative Information to Your Audience

People typically want to learn about subjects they’re interested in. Having a writer generate content related to the cannabis industry will surely make sure your target audience is happy. Not to mention how beneficial it’ll be with growing traffic to your website. Information is valuable, especially when discussing this particular subject.

2. Benefits Your SEO

Most cannabis businesses hire a writer to help their SEO. SEO refers to search engine optimization and is all about ranking your site higher on a search engine for those who don’t know. Seeing as a search engine is a primary way people will discover your business, you’ll want to ensure you have content that does well in that regard. Consider looking up some guides and tutorials for more information on SEO.

3. Promotes High-Quality Content

Quality is imperative to the success of any business, mainly when you discuss having a writer on your team. That content can significantly benefit your business, causing people to visit and check out your site. In return, the user may find an interest in your business because of that content.

4. Allows You to Overcome Cannabis Advertising Restrictions

Most social media platforms have odd rules with cannabis and advertising. Thankfully, fully optimizing your site correctly with SEO will help grow your business. It’s a way to overcome cannabis advertising restrictions, growing your business more organically.

Just remember to stay up to date with content and pay attention to what works and doesn’t work. There is a lot tied to this particular subject, but be patient. You’ll get the results you’re looking for before you know it.

CBD Writer

Why It’s Important to Find a Competent Writer

A cannabis writer is essential for what it brings to your business. Rather than having an essential website with what you sell, an additional blog with informative and educational content will grow your business even more. Not to mention product descriptions, about pages, and anything else that requires writing.

Even if you’re a fairly decent writer, just about any cannabis business owner can benefit from having a professional writer a part of their team. If you can’t hire a professional writer full-time, consider looking into some freelancing options so you can order and get what you want as needed.


We appreciate you taking the time to read and analyze our article on the necessity of a cannabis writer. Though not every business owner can afford a writer initially, you most likely will at some point. When you do have the funds to do so, having a dedicated writer for your cannabis business will significantly grow your company in the long run.

Nevertheless, if you’re still wondering how to find the right cannabis writer for your business, feel free to reach out to us at Client Verge. We’re a digital marketing agency that has years of expertise in the world of cannabis. We know what works and look forward to beginning your journey with us!

Cannabis SEO Strategy

Dispensary SEO Strategy to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

The modern technological landscape has made it necessary for business owners to be aware of any online strategy requirements for their business. When discussing the cannabis industry, dispensaries tend to focus on the web since it’s vital to their business success. Hence why so many are interested in a dispensary SEO strategy.

Though you may not know the importance of SEO now, you’ll begin to realize its importance as you get further along with your dispensary. Nevertheless, below will highlight a few key points of what to know with SEO. We’ll discuss what it is, its importance, and some SEO strategies to know. Let’s take a look!

What is SEO?

Also known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO is about having your website rank higher on search engines. When someone searches something related to your dispensary on a search engine, you’re going to want it, so your site is near the top for people to click on. The better optimized your site is, the better search engines will rank your website.

As a result, you need to understand the necessity of having a website for your dispensary. Even if you don’t want an e-commerce set-up right away, having a central hub on the web will significantly benefit your website. Consider adding blogs and other informational content to drive even more people to your site and business.

Dispensary SEO Strategy

Why is SEO Important?

SEO is essential because it’s a primary way for businesses to grow their online presence, including dispensaries. The worldwide web needs to be taken seriously when you discuss the idea of growing a business. Though that process may seem overwhelming to most, there are a lot of practical strategies related to the subject.

It’s essential to analyze these strategies and implement them to get the most out of the subject. If you can do that properly, you’ll begin to see your website grow. Website growth will have a significant impact on your dispensary storefront, guaranteeing more customers for your business.

SEO Strategies to Know

As great as it is to know about the importance of SEO, none of that matters if you don’t have a proper strategy to go along with it. Implementing and following the correct ways to utilize SEO is implementing and following the correct ways to utilize SEO. Don’t expect to create a site and have it automatically rank well on search engines.

As a result, below will discuss a few key ways to use SEO to the best of your ability. Though these aren’t the only ways to use SEO correctly, the guidelines highlight a few key points everyone should know. Also, consider reaching out to a digital marketing agency such as us (Client Verge) for more information.

1. Link Building

Link building is the process of linking other websites on your website in your content. Though that’s a comprehensive description, think of it like this. If you’re writing a blog about the benefits of cannabis, you should link any studies or other information related to the blog’s topic.

Besides studies, you can use link building to reference other portions of your site or content from another site. You can either have the link building be natural in your text (linking to a specific word) or have it be a “click here” option. Either way, try to have a few links in every article or bit of content you write.

2. Use the Right Keywords

Usually, whenever someone brings up the idea of SEO, most people know about keywords and their importance in SEO. For those who don’t know, keywords refer to a common word or phrase people search in a specific search. It’s all about using the right words or phrases to enhance your article on a search engine.

For example, an article on the benefits of cannabis will use the keyword “benefits of cannabis” or “cannabis benefits” in it a few times for better SEO. As a dispensary owner, you should know any keywords that matter for your site. Whether it’s an about section, a FAQ, a blog, or an arbitrary page, know what keywords matter.

3. Great Website Design

Even if you have all the right keywords implemented to your site, none of that matters if you don’t have a great website design. A website design can mean many things for its functionality. As for SEO, you’ll want to use a website design that works well with search engines.

Generally speaking, most website builders will advertise their websites on search engines. Consider reading some forums and posts on how each builder does in this respect. On the other hand, if you plan on using WordPress through a web host, read reviews on each theme to see how they are with SEO.

4. Optimize Site For Phones

Besides having a great website design for computers, that needs to apply to phones. As great as some web designs may appear, some aren’t mobile-optimized for whatever reason. While you’re checking what site builder or theme you want for your site, look into how it works on phones.

Most people spend their time searching the web on their phones. Whether you fall into this category or not, make sure you spend enough time to ensure your dispensary’s site is optimized for mobile devices. You don’t want to miss out on any potential business because of something completely avoidable.

5. Have a Social Media Strategy

Going off the idea of building the right website for your dispensary, understand the necessity of social media to go along with it. Most people know about the importance of social media to growing a business. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they know what to do with SEO.

An effective social media strategy will grow your following and have more traffic go to your site. That form of link building grows your dispensary and causes search engines to trust your site more. The more search engines trust your site, the better-ranked you’ll be in searches.

6. Start Blogging

Any dispensary SEO strategy focuses on blogging, and it makes sense why. Blogging is the best way to have lengthy content that’s meant for keywords, link building, and getting users to your site. So, what do you blog about as a dispensary? Well, the answer is easy.

There is a plethora of information tied to the cannabis industry and dispensaries that you could blog about. Find keywords related to the subject and see how you build the subject. If you’re not a confident writer, consider hiring a part-time writer for this purpose, It’s a lot more beneficial than most business owners realize.

7. Have Your Site Listed On Other Platforms

As great as all of the above steps, none of that matters if there isn’t an outside discussion about your dispensary and website. Consider promoting your dispensary in Facebook groups, Reddit pages, and anywhere else that’ll allow that kind of discussion.

Try not to be overly promotional since that can turn people off when they’re just being advertised to. Do what you can to make it natural and not annoying. Also, consider putting your dispensary on business directories throughout the web. Doing that can help establish your dispensary’s legitimacy, furthering that trust with search engines.

Dispensary SEO Strategy

Should all Dispensaries Use SEO?

Yes, every dispensary should use SEO to the best of its ability. Though it’s not as clear-cut as making a website or social media page, it is imperative to understand how SEO benefits your dispensary is imperative. Regardless, consider reaching out to a professional to get the most out of SEO to help grow your dispensary.

Do You Need a Website for SEO?

Though some SEO techniques are used without a website, you should still have one to enhance it even more. Having a website is ideal with any business type, especially when discussing the cannabis industry and a dispensary. It’ll make it easier for you to gain traffic and grow your business in the long run.

Is SEO Difficult?

Many business owners fear SEO with the notion that it’s overly complicated. Though it may seem difficult at first, understand it’s not as bad as it sounds. A few videos and articles should get you close enough to have your site and social media okay SEO-wise. However, you should definitely consider working with a professional to further your SEO knowledge and growth for your dispensary.


We appreciate you taking the time to read this article on SEO strategies for dispensaries. Though we didn’t cover every possible area related to the subject, we highlighted enough to get you started on the matter. There is a lot to SEO, so do your best to implement it to enhance your website and business.

Nevertheless, if you wish to learn more about a dispensary SEO strategy, consider reaching out to us at Client Verge. Digital marketing agencies are imperative to the success of any dispensary, and we’re here to help you in countless ways. Whether it’s SEO, building your website, advertising, blogging, or social media managing, we have the solutions for you.