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Unleash Explosive Growth with Our Cannabis Email Marketing Service

Boost your cannabis brand’s reach and engagement with our cutting-edge email marketing service. Targeted campaigns, compelling content, and unrivaled results await. Elevate your business today!

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We help our clients succeed by turning challenges into opportunities. Client Verge is a dedicated company that helps grow cannabis businesses. We have been operating since 2014, and we officially started operating in 2021. We offer a wide variety of marketing services such as website improvement, creating engaging content, social media management and more. 

What sets us apart is the fact that we work closely with our clients, promise good results, and know a lot about different areas. We are here to help you grow. Join us in the exciting world of cannabis and CBD email marketing. 

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Elevate Your Cannabis Business with Our Email Marketing Service

Elevate your cannabis business with our comprehensive Email Marketing Service. We create automated email flows tailored to your unique requirements, integrate them seamlessly with the platform of choice and offer eye-catching custom graphics – not to mention persuasive sales copy that turns cold visitors into loyal customers!

Not only that; we offer one-on-one training and consultations to make sure you’re up-to-speed with everything. Our monthly Email Success Report keeps you up-to-date while flow optimization and A/B split testing help your campaigns continuously improve. Rely on us to enhance the online presence of your cannabis business and turn visitors into customers!

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Cannabis Email Marketing Service

Automated Email Flows

Say goodbye to manual email campaigns. Our automated email flows streamline your communication process, delivering timely and relevant messages to your audience. Whether it's nurturing leads, onboarding new customers, or reengaging past clients, we've got it covered.

Seamless Website Integration

We seamlessly integrate our email marketing services with your chosen platform, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Whether you're using e-commerce, CRM, or any other system, our integration ensures your email campaigns align perfectly with your website.

Custom Graphics

Stand out from the crowd with eye-catching custom graphics. Our talented designers create visually appealing email templates that resonate with your brand's identity, making every email a work of art.

Sales Copy for Conversion

Crafting compelling sales copy is our forte. We write persuasive content that converts cold visitors into loyal customers. From catchy subject lines to engaging body text, we've got the words that make sales happen.

1-on-1 Training & Consultation

We're not just your service provider; we're your partner. Benefit from personalized 1-on-1 training and consultation sessions. Our experts ensure you're confident in utilizing our email marketing services to their full potential.

Monthly Email Success Report

Stay informed about your email marketing performance. Our monthly reports provide valuable insights into campaign effectiveness, audience engagement, and opportunities for improvement.

Recurring Flow Optimization

We're committed to continuous improvement. Our team regularly optimizes your email flows to enhance their effectiveness, ensuring your campaigns always deliver the best results.

A/B Split Testing

Leave nothing to chance. We conduct A/B split tests to fine-tune your email campaigns. By testing different elements, we identify what resonates best with your audience, maximizing your conversions and ROI.

Live Client Dashboard

Access real-time data and insights through our user-friendly client dashboard, giving you full control and transparency.

Why Cannabis & CBD Email Marketing

Unlocking the Power of Email Marketing for Your Cannabis Brand

In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, connecting with your audience is crucial, and email marketing stands as a potent tool to foster engagement and drive growth. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, cannbis and cbd email campaigns offer a direct line of communication, reaching your audience precisely where they are most receptive – their inbox.

With the unique challenges and regulations surrounding cannabis marketing, email marketing allows you to navigate these hurdles effectively. It enables you to nurture leads, build trust, and provide valuable insights about your products and services without running afoul of advertising restrictions.

Moreover, it’s a cost-effective solution that consistently delivers impressive ROI. By harnessing the power of tailored content and personalized campaigns, you can convert prospects into loyal customers, boost brand loyalty, and ultimately increase revenue.

In a landscape where brand differentiation is key, email marketing sets you apart by delivering timely, relevant, and informative content to your audience. It’s not just about sending messages; it’s about building relationships, establishing authority, and driving success for your cannabis brand. Don’t miss out on this vital channel to elevate your brand’s presence and profitability.

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Our Unique Selling Proposition

Unlocking Success with Client Verge: Your Cannabis Marketing Authority

At Client Verge, we stand out from the competition by embodying our commitment to offering unmatched value. Our unique approach begins with a complimentary email promotion graphic – a testament to our confidence in our services. We believe in demonstrating the impact we can make for your brand before we even discuss business.

What truly sets us apart is our comprehensive understanding of state and provincial marketing laws. In an industry fraught with regulatory intricacies, our expertise ensures your brand remains compliant while maximizing its reach.

With over 8 years of experience exclusively within the cannabis space, we bring a wealth of proven results to the table. Our track record of success speaks volumes, underscoring our ability to elevate your brand to new heights.

At Client Verge, we specialize exclusively in serving cannabis brands. This singular focus allows us to channel our expertise, resources, and passion into achieving the results that matter most to your business. When you partner with us, you’re choosing a dedicated ally with a deep-rooted commitment to your brand’s success in the cannabis industry.



Email marketing campaigns that feature CBD can be extremely successful at promoting products, increasing brand loyalty and engaging your target market. Here are a few different kinds of CBD email marketing initiatives:

Product Announcements and Updates: Send email blasts to inform subscribers about new CBD products, flavors or formulations available – while emphasizing their unique features and benefits so as to entice customers into making purchases.

Educational Content: Send informative emails about CBD’s potential health benefits, usage guidelines, and any relevant research findings to establish yourself as a credible source. Utilize these emails as opportunities for brand building by becoming the source of reliable information about it.

Sales and Promotions: Send emails promoting special discounts or limited-time offers on CBD products. These might include holiday sales, seasonal discounts or exclusive subscriber deals.

Abandoned Cart Emails: When customers add CBD products to their cart but abandon it before completion, send an abandoned cart email reminding them what items were in there as well as offering an incentive to make their purchase.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Include reviews from satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of your CBD products to foster trust with potential new buyers, encouraging others to give your offerings a try. Real-life success stories will encourage others to experience what makes CBD unique!

Stay abreast of industry developments like new regulations or research findings so as to establish yourself as an authority figure within the space. By staying abreast of industry news and updates, this can position your brand as a thought-leader within its niche market.

Customer Loyalty and Rewards: Create an anti-churn program using email marketing to inform subscribers about rewards, points or exclusive benefits they’ve earned through repeat purchases or customer retention efforts. Promote repeat purchases while encouraging repeat business.

Content Aligning CBD with Wellness and Lifestyle: Generate content that associates CBD with wellness and healthy living by sharing tips about including it into daily routines, relaxation techniques or stress reduction strategies.

Event and Webinar Invitations: If your brand hosts CBD-related events, webinars, or educational seminars using email campaigns as invitations. Ensure the content provided to participants is valuable and pertinent to them.

Survey and Feedback Requests: Send surveys to collect customer insights regarding their CBD experiences and preferences; use this feedback data to enhance products and customer services.

Referral Programs: Motivate subscribers to recommend your CBD brand by sending referral program emails offering incentives or discounts in return.

Reorder Reminders: Send customers of products with an indefinite consumption cycle such as CBD oil reminders when it’s time for them to reorder to maintain a steady supply.

Post-Purchase Follow Up: Following each purchase by your customers, send out an email thanking them and providing additional details such as product usage/dosage instructions/support services/etc.

Be sure to segment your email list based on subscriber preferences, behavior and demographics to deliver targeted and appropriate content to each group. In addition, ensure compliance with any CBD regulations or industry guidelines in your email marketing campaigns.

A successful CBD email depends on its individual goals, audience demographics and email marketing campaign context – but success typically shares some common characteristics:

Subject Line to Engage Readers: Your subject line should entice recipients and compel them to open your email. Ideally, its message must be concise yet appealing enough that readers understand its worth or value – something which an email cannot do by itself.

Engaging Content: For an email to be effective and bring value, its body should contain well-written, engaging content focusing on providing benefits or information of value such as discounts or promotions or educational material related to CBD.

Personalize Email: If possible, personalizing emails by including information specific to each recipient such as their name can improve engagement and conversion rates.

Clear Call to Action (CTA): Your email should include an explicit CTA to indicate what action are expected of recipients next, such as making a purchase, signing up for a webinar, reading an article or following your social media pages.

Mobile-Friendly Design: Make sure that the design of your email is mobile responsive so it looks good across devices – as many of us check our emails on smartphones or tablets.

Use Legitimate Sender Information: Establish trust with recipients by including an easily recognized sender name and legitimate “from” email address as this helps reduce spam marking rates.

Compliance With Regulations: Due to the complex regulatory environment surrounding CBD, make sure your email is compliant with all pertinent laws and regulations pertaining to it, including disclaimers or disclosures that are mandated by law.

Segmentation: Utilizing email list segmentation allows for targeted content delivery to specific groups of subscribers – for instance existing customers, new leads and subscribers interested in CBD products could each be sent their own tailored emails.

A/B Testing: Experiment with various aspects of your email such as subject lines, CTAs and content using A/B testing to see which approach resonates best with your readers.

Use Compelling Visuals: Include appealing images or graphics to increase the visual appeal of your email message. This could include product photos or graphics.

Consistency: Consistent branding, voice and messaging will strengthen your brand identity and establish trust with subscribers.

Opt-Out Option: As per email marketing regulations, include an easy and accessible unsubscribe mechanism in each email you send so recipients may opt-out if desired.

A “good” CBD email is defined by one that meets its intended goals of driving sales, informing customers, boosting brand loyalty or meeting other objectives. Regularly evaluate performance through metrics like open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates so as to optimize email marketing strategy while creating emails which resonate with audiences.

MailChimp was not considered “cannabis friendly”, meaning they did not support email marketing for businesses involved with selling or promoting cannabis-related products and paraphernalia directly or indirectly. MailChimp strictly disallowed promotion of such activities that violate federal or state law. As such, they did not allow email campaigns relating to marketing of illegal cannabis-related businesses, products or paraphernalia through them.

However, please keep in mind that email marketing policies and regulations regarding cannabis can change frequently and service providers may offer differing policies. Therefore it’s critical that you review any terms of service or acceptable use policies of any email marketing platforms you plan on utilizing in addition to staying abreast of legal updates related to cannabis in your jurisdiction.

If you operate in the cannabis industry or plan to market CBD-related products through email marketing, consider exploring email platforms which specialize or are open to working with businesses in this niche. Such platforms might have better insight into meeting the particular requirements and hurdles presented by this particular industry.

Klaviyo is enterprise-level email marketing software. It offers user-friendly functionality with its real-time analytics for users. It provides software integration, full customization, and personalization of your cannabis email marketing campaign. Klaviyo provides a cannabis industry-friendly email marketing service to its customers. 

You can integrate Klaviyo with your website to run smart email marketing campaigns for your cannabis or CBD business. With flows, templates, and campaigns features, it provides you with everything needed for running a successful email marketing campaign. 

Yes, Klaviyo allows email marketing for the CBD industry. The online shops can integrate Klaviyo with their webshop and use it to run fully customized and personalized cbd email marketing campaign. It is a smart choice for eCommerce CBD businesses. The software collects and stores the related data about all your customers in real-time. This helps you create unique cannabis email marketing campaigns to provide memorable experiences to your target customers, driving more conversions and sales. 

Klayvio comes with a range of robust automation tools that CBD companies of any size can harness to improve their market presence and sales.

There are several types of cannabis email marketing that you can do to attract and engage your target audience. These include direct emails, email newsletters, transactional emails, promotional emails, informative emails, survey emails, new inventory emails, and many more. We work with you to choose the right type of email marketing and create a custom-tailored campaign for your brand.

Yes, we are well-aware of the applicable cannabis email marketing laws, and our team stays updated with the changes in those laws. W ensure that your email marketing campaign adheres to those laws and regulations.

Dispensary Email Marketing refers to the practice of using email as a marketing channel to engage and market products to customers and prospective customers of a cannabis dispensary. It serves as an effective strategy for dispensaries to build customer relations, promote products, share updates and drive sales within their industry. Below are key aspects of dispensary Email Marketing:

1. **Customer Engagement**: Dispensaries use email marketing to keep their customers up-to-date and engaged by sharing new product arrivals, promotions, events and industry news via email marketing. This may involve sharing information such as new arrivals of products as well as industry events that might occur or industry updates via emails.

2. **Product Promotion** Email campaigns often showcase specific cannabis products, strains or accessories available for purchase through email campaigns. These emails could contain product descriptions, images and pricing.

3. **Educational Content**: Dispensaries may provide educational content about cannabis strains, use methods, effects and possible health benefits that helps customers make educated choices when selecting their medication. Such content provides customers with vital insight to assist with making sound choices when purchasing marijuana products from dispensaries.

4. Customer Loyalty Programs: Dispensaries employ email marketing to promote loyalty programs where customers can receive rewards such as discounts or points with repeat purchases.

5. **Event Promotion** Dispensaries can use email to publicize upcoming in-store and online events, including product launches, workshops, seminars or community gatherings.

6. **Compliance:** Due to the legal complexities surrounding cannabis, dispensaries should ensure their email marketing campaigns comply with local, state, and federal laws – specifically regarding age verification requirements as well as any other relevant legislation.

7. **Segmentation:** Dispensaries often segment their email lists so as to send relevant and targeted content directly to different customer segments; such as sending different emails for medical cannabis patients versus recreational users.

8. **Personalization:** To increase the success of dispensary email marketing campaigns, personalizing emails with recipients’ names or sending personalized product suggestions based on previous purchases can significantly boost effectiveness.

9. **Mobile Optimization:** Many email subscribers access their emails using mobile phones; therefore dispensaries need to ensure their emails are mobile-responsive and look good across various screen sizes.

10. Feedback and Surveys: Dispensaries can use email to gather customer feedback through surveys or request customer reviews and testimonials to build trust and provide better services.

11. **Abandoned Cart Recovery** If a customer adds items to their cart but then abandons their transaction without concluding their purchase, dispensaries can send follow-up emails encouraging them to complete it and complete their transaction.

Dispensary email marketing, like any form of promotion, works best when it brings value and adheres to relevant regulations. Dispensaries that use email to cultivate customer relations while driving sales also benefit greatly by maintaining compliance with cannabis industry laws and regulations.

Email marketing for CBD products can be of tremendous assistance for businesses operating within this space. Here are several advantages associated with emailing marketing:

Email marketing allows direct communication between yourself and your target market, including personalized messages, product updates and promotions to subscribers who have expressed an interest in CBD products.

Email marketing is one of the more cost-efficient strategies available for reaching a broad target audience, often producing higher returns on investments than many other channels of promotion.

Customer Engagement: Email allows your business to connect regularly with its customers. By creating useful content and disseminating educational material about CBD, as well as keeping customers up-to-date about new offerings and developments, email lets your organization keep its audience satisfied and interested in your offerings.

Segmentation: Email lists can be segmented based on various criteria, including customer preferences, purchase history and demographics. This enables you to send targeted and relevant content that increases conversion chances among specific groups.

Email marketing offers an effective platform to educate audiences on the many potential health and wellness advantages offered by CBD oil, and how it may address specific conditions or needs.

Promotions and Discounts: Email is an ideal medium for advertising promotions, discounts and exclusive deals related to your CBD products, thus incentivizing customers to purchase them and driving sales growth.

Establish Trust: By consistently and informative email content, it helps your brand establish itself as a source for quality CBD products and information in its industry.

Compliance: Email marketing provides an effective platform to ensure compliance with CBD industry regulations and legal requirements. By including necessary disclaimers and age verification processes in an email marketing campaign, businesses can ensure full adherence with CBD industry requirements and legal obligations.

Customer Feedback: By collecting feedback from your customers through surveys or soliciting reviews and testimonials, you can gather invaluable customer insights that can enhance trust in your products and services and further refine them to their fullest extent.

Email marketing offers one way of recovering potentially lost sales: follow-up emails can be sent out to those who have abandoned their shopping carts with CBD products, providing another chance for potential sales recovery.

Measurable Results: Email marketing platforms offer comprehensive analytics and reporting, making it possible to measure the success of campaigns by measuring open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates and much more.

Brand Loyalty: By consistently providing useful content and engaging your subscribers, you can build brand loyalty that encourages repeat business and customer referrals.

However, it’s essential that marketers remain mindful of the regulatory challenges involved with CBD email marketing as the industry is subject to specific laws and restrictions. When running email campaigns related to the industry make sure your campaigns comply with relevant laws while providing accurate information while prioritizing customer privacy and consent – when done right CBD email marketing can become an invaluable asset in building brand recognition among audiences while driving sales growth in this space.

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