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Our Favorite Dispensary Design Companies – Read Before You Sign

Dispensary Design Companies

The fact is that the cannabis market is currently one of the most competitive markets in all of the USA. The market is currently worth billions of dollars, and is forecasted to just keep growing exponentially for the foreseeable future. As more states legalize more forms of hemp and cannabis, legal dispensaries are popping up like daisies out of the snow.

Thus, the cannabis industry is providing plenty of new business owners and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to make some very real profits. Of course, just like with any other product, one of the best ways to make sales is through in store shopping, as is the case with hemp and cannabis products. All of that being said, starting your own cannabis dispensary is not an easy undertaking.

Starting your own dispensary is something that requires intimate knowledge of the law, in-depth wisdom concerning cannabis, and a business savvy know-how as well. Generally speaking, you need to be an expert in all three areas in order to run a dispensary successfully. However, it doesn’t end there, because cannabis dispensary design is another issue that you need to think about.

In other words, what is your dispensary going to look like on the inside? How will it be laid out? What kind of logos, wording, and color schemes will you use? These are all decisions that you have to make, and what it really comes down to is business branding.

If you aren’t an interior designer and you don’t know how to make a dispensary come to life, then you come to the right place, because right now we’re going to talk about some of the best dispensary design companies in the whole country.

These are fantastic companies that can help you design your cannabis dispensary from ideation to inception. Right now, we’re going to take a look at the very best dispensary design companies that you can hire to bring your storefront to life.

The Importance of Cannabis Dispensary Design

The Importance of Cannabis Dispensary Design
The Importance of Cannabis Dispensary Design

Many people might think that cannabis dispensaries don’t need to look good, because after all, people just go there to buy their weed.

However, this really isn’t the case, because the cannabis dispensary isn’t any different than any other retail outlet or storefront out there. By this, we mean that this is the free market and people have choices, which means that you need to make your dispensary the choice that other people want to make.

What it really comes down to is considering what kind of dispensary design layout plan you should consider. As someone who owns a dispensary, your primary objective is to make your customers feel like they belong there, like they are at home, and like they want to keep coming back for more.

The Atmosphere

Having a friendly, bright, and warm interior is therefore extremely important. You don’t want a dank and drab cannabis dispensary, because a lack of visual appeal generally translates to a lack of sales. Even if you have better products than other dispensaries in your area, if your dispensary doesn’t look the part, people won’t be inspired to keep coming back for more. Visual appeal is a big deal.


However, it’s not just about the feeling or atmosphere that your dispensary produces, but the layout and design should be very functional as well. This means that a good cannabis dispensary design company also needs to consider the layout of the dispensary in terms of how you will display your products.

You want people to be easily able to find and see all of your biggest and best products, so you can make fantastic sales across your product selection. Having a cannabis dispensary that makes it difficult to view the majority of the products won’t do you any favors at all.


Visuals aside, something else that you also might want to consider is that cannabis dispensaries need to be safe and secure. The reality is of course that any cannabis dispensary out there might have millions of dollars’ worth of cannabis and related items on hand.

This means that security and safety are paramount. Your cannabis dispensary needs to be designed in such a way that makes it as resistant to thievery, burglary, and break-ins as humanly possible.

While this might all sound very intimidating, the simple reality is that there are plenty of cannabis dispensary design companies out there that can take care of all of these factors and so much more. Let’s now move on and take a look at some of the very best cannabis dispensary design companies in all of the USA.

The Best Cannabis Dispensary Design Companies in the USA

The Best Cannabis Dispensary Design Companies in the USA
The Best Cannabis Dispensary Design Companies in the USA

Now that you know why the design and layout of your cannabis dispensary is so important, you might be wondering who you can turn to for assistance. Well, here are some of the very best cannabis dispensary design companies that your money put to use.

1. CLC Design Studio

First on the list, we have the CLC Design Studio, which is a 100% woman-owned and operated business, therefore not only benefiting the cannabis world, but the social equality world as well. Christina founded the business in 2017, and ever since then CLC Design has focused on the cannabis industry specifically, and they’ve been very successful on this front.

The company is currently active in states such as Massachusetts, Missouri, Connecticut, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and others, and is set to expand even further as legalization continues.

What is very interesting to note is that this particular company doesn’t just work with just factories, although that is certainly made focus. This cannabis design company also works with process manufacturers, such as laboratories that create cannabis extracts, and even with cultivation and grow operations.

Whether it’s a dispensary, a factory, or a cannabis grow house, the CLC Design Studio has plenty of experience in creating spaces that are functional and profitable.

What many people will also appreciate about this particular cannabis design company is that it takes care of every single aspect required to start a dispensary. For instance, CLC will help take care of schedule and budget development, they’ll help you develop your brand, they have many different service providers to allow for fantastic strategic partnerships, and much more.

To help you find the location you need for your dispensary, the company also offers location assistance, along with great feasibility studies to see how successful your business could be.

It’s all topped off with in-depth interior design accompanied by three-dimensional renderings so you can see exactly what your new dispensary will look like. For all of these reasons and more, the CLC Design Studio is hands down one of the best options out there at this time.

2. MJ12 Design Studio

We then have the MJ12 Design Studio, which is another fantastic option to consider if you are planning on opening your own dispensary. Of course, one of the biggest benefits that you get with this particular company is that it provides you with all of the best interior design elements.

This company employs some of the brightest minds in the industry, people that know everything there is to know about how to lay out a business so that it is as functional, inviting, and as profitable as possible. It’s all about making it look good and function even better.

However, what really stands out here is that the services of the MJ12 Design Studio go far beyond that of a regular architectural company. They provide their clients with many different turnkey solutions, such as construction support from ideation to project completion, licensing application assistance, cost estimations of projects, property condition assessments, and so much more.

What also stands out about this particular design studio is that they aren’t just experts on design and the retail store layout, but they also know their cannabis.

MJ12 has intimate knowledge of cannabis cultivation methodologies, cannabis extraction, infusion, processing, dispensaries, and so much more. They aren’t just design experts, but cannabis experts as well. The bottom line is that MJ12 is a fantastic option if you need a company that can provide you with client driven solutions.

3. Harka Architecture

If you are looking for a cannabis dispensary design company that is all about being green, sustainable, and eco-friendly, then Harka Architecture is one of the best options to look into of all. The reason for this is because this company uses a variety of methodologies to produce the greenest spaces possible.

For instance, Harka uses toxicology information, lifestyle analysis, and recent carbon data to make well informed decisions when specifying materials and designing spaces. Although all of the designs are meant to be fun, attractive, visually appealing, and functional, the main goal here is to encourage smarter and better living through eco friendliness and sustainability.

Furthermore, the company also makes it its mission to provide its clients with all the information they need about the environmental impact they’re having on the rest of the world.

Now, many people might think that they have to give up many amenities and luxuries in favor of being eco-friendly, but this really isn’t true. As Harka says, the focus is not on what is being given up, but what is being gained through thoughtful and responsible living.

The mission here is to uplift and to inform, while also producing beautiful spaces. On a side note, this business is also able to help new cannabis dispensary owners who need help with legalizing their cannabis endeavors. From the ideation of the dispensary design to getting all of the necessary permits, Harka Architecture is always a fine choice.

4. High Road Design Studio

No matter the state, the High Road Design Studio is by far one of the most popular, respected, and reputable cannabis dispensary design companies in all of America. Right off the bat, this is a company known for producing some of the most beautiful and functional cannabis dispensary spaces in the whole world.

Megan Stone, the founder and creative director, has a passion for creating deep connections to the cannabis experiences through the spaces she designs, this can be seen by various statistics, such as those below.

In fact, this company has received over 21 different national and international awards since it first started in 2013. The work of this company can be found in over 15 different states across the USA. The High Road Design Studio services over 47 different brands, has created over 82 different dispensaries at this point, and is still going strong.

One of the most important aspects of this company is that these retail spaces are designed for mission and driven pioneers who are passionate and committed to the success of their companies and to the health of their communities.

This cannabis dispensary design business is all about helping entrepreneurs take their ideas and turn them into small businesses that have a real chance at success, and potentially even turn into large businesses.

There are several tenets that this design business adheres to, including respecting the power of emotion, perception, and attitude when designing any kind of space.

It’s also about the infusion of authenticity, respecting quality and sustainability at the same time, and practicing a pragmatic and holistic approach to problem solving. It’s by far one of the best cannabis dispensary design companies that you could ever go with.

5. MerJ Architecture

MerJ Architecture is another one of these awesome cannabis dispensary design companies that are not only experts in interior design and retail space layout, but also in cannabis itself.

They have a fantastic expertise and the laws and regulations surrounding cannabis dispensaries, as well as in creating functional spaces no matter if we are talking about retail locations, testing laboratories, extraction facilities, cultivation locations, and more.

As far as retail locations are concerned, the company is dedicated to creating spaces that flow well, allow for a great customer experience, are efficient, and are also very secure.

his is a great design company to keep in mind if you’re looking to create a cannabis dispensary that has great security features while also providing customers with the experience they are looking for.

Final Thoughts

Remember that when you are working on designing your dispensary, there are many things to take into account, including the layout and functionality, the aesthetic appeal, security, and legal issues as well, not to mention funding the whole project to begin with.

The reality is that you may not have all of the expertise needed to bring it all together, but any one of the dispensary design companies listed above certainly can. They’re trained experts in everything to do with high-end dispensary design. 

Now that you know what the top five best cannabis dispensary design companies in the USA are, you can get to making an informed choice between them, so you can finally create the dispensary of your dreams.

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