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Dispensary SEO Strategy to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

Dispensary SEO

The modern technological landscape has made it necessary for business owners to be aware of any online strategy requirements for their business. When discussing the cannabis industry, dispensaries tend to focus on the web since it’s vital to their business success. Hence why so many are interested in a dispensary SEO strategy.

Though you may not know the importance of SEO now, you’ll begin to realize its importance as you get further along with your dispensary. Nevertheless, below will highlight a few key points of what to know with SEO. We’ll discuss what it is, its importance, and some SEO strategies to know. Let’s take a look!

What is SEO?

Also known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO is about having your website rank higher on search engines. When someone searches something related to your dispensary on a search engine, you’re going to want it, so your site is near the top for people to click on. The better optimized your site is, the better search engines will rank your website.

As a result, you need to understand the necessity of having a website for your dispensary. Even if you don’t want an e-commerce set-up right away, having a central hub on the web will significantly benefit your website. Consider adding blogs and other informational content to drive even more people to your site and business.

Dispensary SEO Strategy

Why is SEO Important?

SEO is essential because it’s a primary way for businesses to grow their online presence, including dispensaries. The worldwide web needs to be taken seriously when you discuss the idea of growing a business. Though that process may seem overwhelming to most, there are a lot of practical strategies related to the subject.

It’s essential to analyze these strategies and implement them to get the most out of the subject. If you can do that properly, you’ll begin to see your website grow. Website growth will have a significant impact on your dispensary storefront, guaranteeing more customers for your business.

SEO Strategies to Know

As great as it is to know about the importance of SEO, none of that matters if you don’t have a proper strategy to go along with it. Implementing and following the correct ways to utilize SEO is implementing and following the correct ways to utilize SEO. Don’t expect to create a site and have it automatically rank well on search engines.

As a result, below will discuss a few key ways to use SEO to the best of your ability. Though these aren’t the only ways to use SEO correctly, the guidelines highlight a few key points everyone should know. Also, consider reaching out to a digital marketing agency such as us (Client Verge) for more information.

1. Link Building

Link building is the process of linking other websites on your website in your content. Though that’s a comprehensive description, think of it like this. If you’re writing a blog about the benefits of cannabis, you should link any studies or other information related to the blog’s topic.

Besides studies, you can use link building to reference other portions of your site or content from another site. You can either have the link building be natural in your text (linking to a specific word) or have it be a “click here” option. Either way, try to have a few links in every article or bit of content you write.

2. Use the Right Keywords

Usually, whenever someone brings up the idea of SEO, most people know about keywords and their importance in SEO. For those who don’t know, keywords refer to a common word or phrase people search in a specific search. It’s all about using the right words or phrases to enhance your article on a search engine.

For example, an article on the benefits of cannabis will use the keyword “benefits of cannabis” or “cannabis benefits” in it a few times for better SEO. As a dispensary owner, you should know any keywords that matter for your site. Whether it’s an about section, a FAQ, a blog, or an arbitrary page, know what keywords matter.

3. Great Website Design

Even if you have all the right keywords implemented to your site, none of that matters if you don’t have a great website design. A website design can mean many things for its functionality. As for SEO, you’ll want to use a website design that works well with search engines.

Generally speaking, most website builders will advertise their websites on search engines. Consider reading some forums and posts on how each builder does in this respect. On the other hand, if you plan on using WordPress through a web host, read reviews on each theme to see how they are with SEO.

4. Optimize Site For Phones

Besides having a great website design for computers, that needs to apply to phones. As great as some web designs may appear, some aren’t mobile-optimized for whatever reason. While you’re checking what site builder or theme you want for your site, look into how it works on phones.

Most people spend their time searching the web on their phones. Whether you fall into this category or not, make sure you spend enough time to ensure your dispensary’s site is optimized for mobile devices. You don’t want to miss out on any potential business because of something completely avoidable.

5. Have a Social Media Strategy

Going off the idea of building the right website for your dispensary, understand the necessity of social media to go along with it. Most people know about the importance of social media to growing a business. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they know what to do with SEO.

An effective social media strategy will grow your following and have more traffic go to your site. That form of link building grows your dispensary and causes search engines to trust your site more. The more search engines trust your site, the better-ranked you’ll be in searches.

6. Start Blogging

Any dispensary SEO strategy focuses on blogging, and it makes sense why. Blogging is the best way to have lengthy content that’s meant for keywords, link building, and getting users to your site. So, what do you blog about as a dispensary? Well, the answer is easy.

There is a plethora of information tied to the cannabis industry and dispensaries that you could blog about. Find keywords related to the subject and see how you build the subject. If you’re not a confident writer, consider hiring a part-time writer for this purpose, It’s a lot more beneficial than most business owners realize.

7. Have Your Site Listed On Other Platforms

As great as all of the above steps, none of that matters if there isn’t an outside discussion about your dispensary and website. Consider promoting your dispensary in Facebook groups, Reddit pages, and anywhere else that’ll allow that kind of discussion.

Try not to be overly promotional since that can turn people off when they’re just being advertised to. Do what you can to make it natural and not annoying. Also, consider putting your dispensary on business directories throughout the web. Doing that can help establish your dispensary’s legitimacy, furthering that trust with search engines.

Dispensary SEO Strategy

Should all Dispensaries Use SEO?

Yes, every dispensary should use SEO to the best of its ability. Though it’s not as clear-cut as making a website or social media page, it is imperative to understand how SEO benefits your dispensary is imperative. Regardless, consider reaching out to a professional to get the most out of SEO to help grow your dispensary.

Do You Need a Website for SEO?

Though some SEO techniques are used without a website, you should still have one to enhance it even more. Having a website is ideal with any business type, especially when discussing the cannabis industry and a dispensary. It’ll make it easier for you to gain traffic and grow your business in the long run.

Is SEO Difficult?

Many business owners fear SEO with the notion that it’s overly complicated. Though it may seem difficult at first, understand it’s not as bad as it sounds. A few videos and articles should get you close enough to have your site and social media okay SEO-wise. However, you should definitely consider working with a professional to further your SEO knowledge and growth for your dispensary.


We appreciate you taking the time to read this article on SEO strategies for dispensaries. Though we didn’t cover every possible area related to the subject, we highlighted enough to get you started on the matter. There is a lot to SEO, so do your best to implement it to enhance your website and business.

Nevertheless, if you wish to learn more about a dispensary SEO strategy, consider reaching out to us at Client Verge. Digital marketing agencies are imperative to the success of any dispensary, and we’re here to help you in countless ways. Whether it’s SEO, building your website, advertising, blogging, or social media managing, we have the solutions for you.


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