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Great Dispensary Website Design Ideas – Full Guide

Great Dispensary Website Design Ideas

There is no better feeling than getting a dispensary up and running with a website to accompany it. The worldwide web is an integral part of the modern business era, especially in the cannabis industry. It’s practically impossible to have a successful dispensary without a website and a web presence. As a result, many dispensaries building their website are searching for dispensary website design ideas.

If this is the case with you, you’re in the right place. Below will highlight a few key points with building a website and some key ideas to consider. We’ll discuss why a website is essential, how you can build a site, and some design ideas. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of what to do with your dispensary’s site. Let’s take a look!

Why is a Dispensary Website Important?

The importance of a website comes down to the current technological landscape we find ourselves in today. It’s impossible to have any successful brand, business, aspiration, or endeavor without an online presence to back it up. As great as social media is for that purpose, none of that compares to having a central website.

A dispensary website is integral for selling products, promoting what you sell, and for people to find your business. Search engines trust businesses with websites more, giving you a higher chance to pop up on people’s search for a dispensary near them. Though there are laws and restrictions on search engines with dispensaries still, you’re much better off with a website.

Great Dispensary Website Design Ideas
Great Dispensary Website Design Ideas

How to Build a Website

Before we discuss the perfect 420 website design for your dispensary, it’s valuable to know how to build a website in the first place. Web design is one of the most intimidating factors for many business owners, especially since it appears so alien-like. It’s a matter of getting your business online to the rest of the world. This process seems so extensive and overwhelming.

Truthfully, building a website has never been easier thanks to the many web hosts, WordPress, and site builders available. We’ll discuss the difference between the two, but understand you could theoretically have a website for your dispensary up and running in a few hours if you wanted to.

Web Host and WordPress

The first and most common way to build a website for your dispensary is through a web host. A web host is what grants your website online access, being the server to your website more or less. Besides putting your site online, you can purchase your domain and install WordPress through a web host.

WordPress.org is where users can download the open-source content management software. Most web hosts make it very easy for you to install WordPress through their platform since it’s so common. From there, you’d choose a theme, edit your site, and get it to how you’d like it to appear.

Site Builder

Though not as versatile, a site builder is more straightforward and easier to use than a web host WordPress option. Generally speaking, there are plenty of dispensary website builder providers to consider. Going with a site builder fitted to this subject is obviously more ideal.

If you have a site builder in mind that isn’t necessarily meant for the cannabis industry but could still work, check it out. It’s essential to have every option in front of you to determine which route is best. If you can manage to do that, you should be okay in the long run for your website.

Why are Website Designs Important?

As valuable as it is to have a website up for your dispensary, none of that matters if you don’t have a great website design to accompany it. There is why so many dispensaries search for dispensary website design ideas. It’s all about the aesthetic, appearance, and look of your site.

Besides the look of your site, a web design can significantly enhance how you operate your site. Making posts, editing your menu, adding a logo, and anything else revolving around the design. As a result, it’s precious to take a close look at some design ideas to see what’ll work for you.

420 Website Design Ideas For Dispensaries

Now that you know the importance of a website and the basics of building one let’s discuss some key ideas for your website. Remember, it’s impossible to bring up every option in the web design world. It’s a matter of discussing some broad options to look for while you’re trying to come up with the ideal site for your dispensary.

These ideas will focus on the look and format of the design and not the nitty-gritty of how they operate. An in-depth discussion such as coding is for another article, so let’s try to avoid that altogether. Nevertheless, below are a few key design ideas to be mindful of with your dispensary website.


A theme-based dispensary web design revolves around the theme of your dispensary. If you have a significant theme for your brand (logo, color design, etc.), consider applying it to your website. Have the logo, text font, and color design all match the look of your dispensary in person.

Having a theme-based appearance for your site will significantly benefit your customer’s interaction with your site. They should easily recognize it and correlate it to your dispensary. Seeing as brand recognition is so vital to your target audience, a dispensary web design that understands that is key.

Appeal to Audience

As great as it is to have a web design that fits your business theme, sometimes it’s more beneficial to have a design that appeals to your audience. Generally speaking, there is a broad look and appeal once can assume with a dispensary website. Having a design that does this can make it easier for people to know what kind of site they’re on.

The downside to a theme like this is it makes it more challenging for your site to stand out. Dispensary website builder providers are the best for this particular option since it allows you to pick a template to work with. Edit it to your liking and watch as you have a simple website that fits the dispensary mold.

Colorful and Creative Appearance

For whatever reason, there are plenty of colorful and creative designs that dispensaries choose to ignore. Whether it’s their fear of having a design that’s not common in this mold or not knowing about the design, it doesn’t matter. Color and creative appearances are great for setting your dispensary apart.

These designs tend to be busy on the screen but have so many features and a look that makes it worth checking out. There tends to be a main menu, footer, header, sidebars, and a main home page with plenty of other features that can be colorful. See what it can do, especially if you’re looking to stand out.


As great as it stands out with its colorful appearance, the minimalist approach is also worth considering. The minimalist design makes it so your products and information are easily attainable, not confusing the audience. Plus, minimalism is trendy today, making it an intelligent design option to consider.

Illustrated Look

Besides having a colorful or minimalist approach, consider turning to an illustrated design. An illustrated design typically features drawn characters (such as yourself) throughout your site to help the audience. Though you can have it animated, having illustrations is more than enough.

Great Dispensary Website Design Ideas

Abstract and Out of the Ordinary

Going off the idea of a colorful web design, the last and most overlooked area is an abstract and out-of-the-ordinary web design. It’s vital to think outside of the box with this setting. For example, maybe your website is in a video game setting where people are on the main menu. The possibilities are truly endless, so see what you can do in this setting. You never know what might work.

Where to Find More Website Designs?

Outside of the design ideas we discussed, realize plenty of other options to consider. The web design world is genuinely endless as niche as this subject appears. There are countless design options on the world wide web, making it a broad topic in the best way possible.

Consider reading similar blogs, YouTube videos, and recommendations from experts on the matter for the best route. Digital marketing agencies can help you with this process and offer our web design expertise. It’ll save you the trouble of having to do it yourself.


We hope you enjoyed our analysis of building a dispensary website and the design ideas that accompany it. Though web design may seem like an overwhelming task, it becomes easier as you get used to it. More specifically, the process is even more straightforward when working with a digital marketing agency.

If you’re hoping to learn more about dispensary website design ideas and more on the matter, reach out to us at Client Verge. As a digital marketing agency specializing in the cannabis industry, we have years of expertise to help you with your goals. We look forward to hearing from you!


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