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The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Cannabis Brands

Email Marketing for Cannabis Brands

In an industry as dynamic and regulated as the cannabis sector, crafting an effective email marketing strategy presents unique challenges and unprecedented opportunities. The ‘Complete Guide: Email Marketing for Cannabis Brands’ offers an unparalleled exploration into leveraging this digital channel to navigate the intricate legalities and engage a discerning audience. From understanding the foundational aspects of email marketing tailored for cannabis brands to implementing advanced techniques for segmentation and analytics, this guide lays out a roadmap for success. As we embark on this journey, one question remains paramount: how can cannabis brands unlock the full potential of email marketing to thrive in a competitive landscape?

Key Takeaways

  • Email marketing offers a high ROI, making it a cost-effective strategy for cannabis brands.
  • Personalization and segmentation are crucial for engaging and retaining customers.
  • Compliance with email marketing laws and regulations is essential in the cannabis industry.
  • Utilizing the right tools and platforms enhances the effectiveness of email campaigns.

What is Cannabis Email Marketing?

What is Cannabis Email Marketing
What is Cannabis Email Marketing

Cannabis email marketing is a strategic approach that enables cannabis brands to engage directly with their customer base through targeted email campaigns, promoting products, fostering relationships, and driving sales while adhering to industry-specific regulations. This form of marketing leverages the power of email to convey personalized content, promotions, and valuable information tailored to the subscriber base’s unique interests and needs. By doing so, cannabis brands not only ensure compliance with the stringent regulations governing the cannabis industry but also maximize the potential for meaningful engagement and customer loyalty.

The essence of cannabis email marketing lies in its ability to provide a direct line of communication between brands and consumers. This is particularly important in an industry where traditional advertising channels are often limited or restricted. Through the use of various types of emails, including direct emails, newsletters, and segmented email campaigns, brands can create a diverse content strategy that resonates with different segments of their audience. This targeted approach enhances the messages’ relevance, thereby increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Moreover, the effectiveness of email marketing in the cannabis sector is supported by its high engagement rates and significant return on investment (ROI). By employing best practices and utilizing platforms and tools like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, and Hubspot, cannabis brands can craft compelling email campaigns that respect the legal framework and captivate and grow their customer base. Consequently, cannabis email marketing emerges as a critical component in the marketing strategies of cannabis brands, driving brand awareness, customer retention, and revenue generation in an increasingly competitive market.

Do Cannabis Brands Really Need Email Marketing?

Given the competitive landscape of the cannabis industry, brands must consider the efficacy of their marketing efforts. Email marketing, with its high return on investment (ROI), the autonomy of email list ownership, and customers’ apparent preference for receiving promotional content via email, presents a compelling case for its necessity. These factors collectively underscore the importance and potential benefits of integrating email marketing into the broader strategy of cannabis brands to foster growth and customer loyalty.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

Considering the compelling average return on investment of $38 for every dollar spent, email marketing emerges as an indispensable strategy for cannabis brands aiming to maximize their marketing efficiency. With 91% of U.S. consumers using email, the reach and potential impact of email marketing in the cannabis industry are significant. Moreover, its effectiveness in acquiring new customers is unparalleled, 40 times more effective than social media. Additionally, the preference of over 70% of people for receiving marketing promotions via email highlights the receptiveness of the audience to this form of communication. Cannabis brands can capitalize on this by driving both online sales and in-store visits, leveraging that 64% of U.S. Internet users act on coupons received through emails.

Email List Ownership

Owning an email list offers cannabis brands a direct and personal channel to communicate with their audience, underscoring the necessity of email marketing in their promotional strategies. This ownership facilitates a personalized and cost-effective way to promote products and services and enables brands to navigate the marketing regulations and restrictions prevalent on other platforms. By building their own email list, cannabis brands can foster stronger relationships with their customers, enhance brand loyalty, drive sales, and effectively measure the impact of their marketing efforts. Furthermore, the ability to create targeted campaigns and track analytics provides invaluable insights, making email list ownership a crucial component for cannabis brands aiming to maximize their marketing potential and ensure compliance.

Customers Want Your Emails

Understanding the direct and personalized communication benefits of email list ownership, it’s also important to recognize that consumers actively seek out email content from cannabis brands, indicating a solid foundation for the necessity of email marketing within this industry. Given that 91% of U.S. consumers use email, the platform presents an unparalleled opportunity for cannabis brands to reach their target audience effectively. Moreover, the compelling ROI of $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing underscores its efficiency and potential for business growth. With traditional marketing channels often off-limits due to regulatory restrictions, the preference of over 70% of people for receiving marketing promotions via email further highlights the critical role email campaigns play in connecting cannabis brands with their consumers.

How Does Cannabis Email Marketing Work?

Cannabis email marketing effectively engages customers by delivering targeted and personalized emails to those interested in cannabis products. This method hinges on cultivating an email list of individuals who have opted in through various channels, such as company websites, newsletters, and in-store sign-ups. By securing explicit consent, cannabis brands ensure a foundation of trust and legal compliance, setting the stage for meaningful interactions.

The process involves detailed segmentation of this email list, a strategy that allows for the tailoring of messages according to subscribers’ diverse behaviors and preferences. Whether customers are frequent purchasers, new to the brand, or have shown interest in specific product categories, segmentation enables brands to customize their communication, enhancing relevance and engagement. Personalization takes this further by adjusting content to reflect individual interests and needs, fostering a deeper connection between the brand and its customers.

Adhering to email marketing laws and regulations is critical to executing a successful cannabis email marketing strategy. These rules govern the frequency, content, and manner of communications, ensuring that they are both respectful and legally compliant. Non-compliance can lead to penalties and damage to a brand’s reputation, making it imperative for cannabis brands to stay informed and act within legal boundaries.

Cannabis Email Marketing Benefits

Cannabis Email Marketing Benefits
Cannabis Email Marketing Benefits

Exploring the advantages of email marketing for cannabis brands reveals a spectrum of benefits that can significantly enhance business outcomes. Improved services and a higher return on investment (ROI) are critical factors contributing to the strategic edge email marketing provides. Additionally, the ability to drive increased website traffic and lower the churn rate further underscores the importance of integrating email marketing into a comprehensive marketing strategy for cannabis brands.

Improved Services

With its remarkable 3800% ROI potential, email marketing stands as a cornerstone for cannabis businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement and sales. This method allows brands to communicate with their audience directly and tailor their messaging based on customer behaviors and preferences. The utilization of triggered emails, which have 8x more opens and clicks, exemplifies how cannabis brands can improve services by responding to specific actions taken by customers. Furthermore, with 53% of emails being opened on mobile devices, email marketing ensures that promotional content and updates are readily accessible, enhancing the customer experience. Using email marketing, cannabis brands can significantly improve their service offerings, fostering more robust customer relationships.

Higher ROI

Achieving a remarkable return on investment (ROI) of $38 for every dollar spent, email marketing emerges as a highly profitable strategy for cannabis brands. This unparalleled efficiency underscores its financial viability and highlights the method’s potency in engaging a target audience. With over 70% of consumers expressing a preference for marketing communications via email, the medium offers cannabis brands an optimal channel for nurturing customer relationships and driving sales. Moreover, the comparative effectiveness of email marketing, being 40 times more successful in acquiring new customers than social media, solidifies its position as a cornerstone in a cannabis brand’s marketing strategy. Additionally, the strategic use of triggered emails, capitalizing on customer behaviors, further amplifies engagement, making every marketing dollar invested work harder for the brand.

Increased Website Traffic

Harnessing the power of cannabis email marketing campaigns can significantly amplify website traffic, steering consumers towards an online platform with targeted precision. By effectively utilizing various types of emails, such as direct emails, newsletters, and segmented email lists, cannabis brands can direct a focused stream of consumers to their websites. This targeted approach increases visibility and boosts potential sales through higher website visits. Personalized email campaigns attract more visitors and generate organic traffic that enriches the brand’s online presence. Moreover, engaging email content designed to drive traffic to specific pages can enhance conversions and interactions, making email marketing an invaluable tool for increasing website traffic within the cannabis industry.

Lower Churn Rate

In the competitive landscape of the cannabis industry, personalized email marketing strategies play a pivotal role in reducing churn rates by fostering more robust customer relationships. By engaging customers with content tailored to their preferences, these strategies heighten retention and cultivate loyalty, making it less likely for customers to explore competitors. Dispensary email campaigns that aim to build a community further solidify this bond, ensuring long-term engagement. Moreover, the immediacy of email allows for swift conversations and feedback, enabling brands to address concerns quickly, thus further reducing churn. Targeted campaigns keep customers informed and engaged, significantly decreasing their likelihood of disengaging. Hence, personalized email marketing is crucial for cannabis brands aiming to maintain a loyal customer base.

How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy for Your Cannabis Brand

Creating an effective email marketing strategy for your cannabis brand involves key steps for engaging your audience and driving sales. First, selecting the right email marketing platform is essential for managing your campaigns and analyzing their performance. Next, expanding your email list and segmenting your audience allows for more personalized and targeted communications, while setting up automation workflows and designing impactful campaigns can significantly enhance the overall effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

Choose An Email Marketing Platform

Selecting the right email marketing platform, such as Mailchimp or Active Campaign, is a critical first step in crafting an effective email marketing strategy for your cannabis brand. These platforms offer the tools necessary for compliance with cannabis marketing regulations, enabling you to create personalized email campaigns that resonate with your audience. Automation features streamline marketing efforts, allowing for efficient customer engagement. Implementing segmentation strategies enhances this engagement by targeting specific groups within your email list, making your communications more relevant and impactful. Moreover, the analytics tools provided by these platforms are indispensable. They enable you to track the performance of your email campaigns, offering insights that guide optimization efforts for better results, ensuring your strategy evolves with your audience’s needs.

Grow Your Email List

Building a robust email list is a foundational step in crafting a successful email marketing strategy for cannabis brands, starting with collecting opted-in email addresses from existing and prospective customers. Utilizing various tactics such as website forms, engaging newsletters, strategic popups, and hosting or participating in events can significantly aid in growing your list. Encouraging customers to opt-in during both online and in-store purchases further amplifies your list’s growth, while digital kiosks positioned in brick-and-mortar locations offer an innovative way to capture sign-ups. Importantly, implementing a double opt-in process ensures compliance with email marketing regulations and enhances the quality of your email list by confirming subscriber engagement and interest.

Segment Your Audience

Understanding the importance of audience segmentation is pivotal for cannabis brands looking to tailor their email marketing strategies for maximum engagement and compliance. By categorizing subscribers based on common attributes such as purchase history or location, brands can send personalized content that resonates more deeply with each segment. This targeted approach enhances the relevance of each email and significantly boosts engagement and conversion rates. Moreover, geolocation targeting is crucial for adhering to state-specific cannabis laws, ensuring that marketing efforts remain compliant. Integrating data from platforms like Flowhub facilitates detailed segmentation, creating distinct groups such as new customers, disengaged subscribers, and high spenders, each receiving tailored messaging that aligns with their unique interests and behaviors.

Create Automation Workflows

Creating effective automation workflows is a pivotal step in harnessing the full potential of email marketing for your cannabis brand, offering a pathway to enhance engagement and drive sales significantly. By implementing personalized automation workflows, brands can expect to see a 20% increase in sales while saving 6-9 hours per week. Triggered emails, part of these workflows, notably have a 152% higher open rate than traditional emails, demonstrating their effectiveness in capturing audience attention. Moreover, businesses utilizing these automation strategies report up to a 50% increase in conversion rates. Such statistics underscore the importance of integrating automation workflows into your email marketing strategy to streamline operations and significantly boost performance and outcomes.

Design Effective Campaigns

Having explored the significance of automation workflows in enhancing email marketing efficiency and sales for cannabis brands, it is equally crucial to focus on crafting effective campaigns that resonate with your target audience. You can create more targeted and personalized email campaigns by understanding your audience and segmenting them based on attributes like purchase history or location. This personalization tailors content to recipients’ interests and needs, significantly increasing engagement and relevance. Building your brand identity and loyalty through these emails is essential, as they offer a direct channel to convey your brand’s values and differentiate your cannabis brand in a competitive market. Implementing best practices such as clear calls to action, ensuring mobile optimization, and providing personalized content are key strategies to drive engagement and revenue through email marketing efforts.

Monitor Your Key Metrics

Monitoring key metrics is essential for evaluating the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy and making informed decisions to enhance future campaigns. Tracking open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates clearly shows how recipients interact with your emails. This insight allows cannabis brands to understand what content resonates most with their audience, enabling the refinement of messaging and offers. Employing A/B testing to experiment with different subject lines, content, and calls-to-action (CTAs) can significantly improve engagement and results. Analyzing data on unsubscribes and spam complaints helps maintain email quality and relevance. By utilizing analytics tools, brands can accurately measure their return on investment (ROI), ensuring that future email marketing efforts are practical and efficient.

Why Should You Should Start Cannabis Email Marketing?

Given the substantial return on investment (ROI) of $38 for every $1 spent, initiating an email marketing strategy is a highly cost-effective move for cannabis brands. This impressive ROI underscores the power of email marketing in reaching and engaging target audiences. With 72% of people expressing a preference for receiving promotional content through email over social media, the message is clear: email marketing is a preferred communication channel for many consumers, particularly in the cannabis industry.

Moreover, the potency of personalized email campaigns is evident, as triggered emails based on customer behavior boast eight times more opens and clicks than non-personalized emails. This statistic demonstrates the critical importance of tailoring communications to meet the interests and behaviors of subscribers, enhancing engagement, and fostering stronger customer relationships.

Additionally, with 53% of emails being opened on mobile devices, optimizing email newsletters for mobile is non-negotiable. This ensures that cannabis brands maximize their reach and engagement, catering to the substantial segment of consumers who use their mobile devices for email communication.

Lastly, the role of email marketing in driving revenue cannot be overstated. Promotions delivered via email drive online sales and increase in-store visits, with 64% of U.S. Internet users indicating they have printed coupons from emails. This highlights the dual benefit of email marketing in promoting both digital and physical storefronts, making it an invaluable tool in the cannabis brand’s marketing arsenal.

6 Steps to Build a CBD and Cannabis Email Strategy

6 Steps to Build a CBD and Cannabis Email Strategy
6 Steps to Build a CBD and Cannabis Email Strategy

As we transition into discussing the steps to build an effective CBD and cannabis email strategy, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of foundational elements that ensure compliance and engagement. Initiating the organic building of your list, incorporating age verification processes, and utilizing lead magnets are essential first steps. Further segmentation of the email address list and employing exit popups can significantly enhance the precision and effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Build Your List Organically

Building an organic email list is fundamental in crafting a robust CBD and cannabis email marketing strategy. By collecting opted-in email addresses from customers and prospects, brands ensure a base of interested parties for their campaigns. Utilizing website forms, newsletters, popups, and events effectively gathers these crucial contacts. Encouraging opt-ins during online and in-store purchases further amplifies list growth, while digital kiosks in physical locations offer another avenue for capturing email sign-ups. Importantly, implementing a double opt-in process not only complies with regulations but also solidifies the quality and engagement level of the email list, setting the stage for more targeted and effective email marketing efforts within the cannabis industry.

Age Verification

Having established the importance of organically building your email list, the next critical step in formulating a robust CBD and cannabis email marketing strategy is implementing age verification to ensure compliance with legal standards. Age verification processes are indispensable for cannabis brands, given the stringent regulations surrounding the sale and marketing of cannabis products. By incorporating methods such as requiring birthdates upon sign-up or integrating third-party age verification services, brands can ensure that their marketing efforts target only those of legal age. Neglecting this step could lead to legal repercussions and potential harm to the brand’s reputation. Age verification is a cornerstone in developing a responsible and legally compliant email marketing strategy for CBD and cannabis brands.

Lead Magnets

Why should cannabis brands consider implementing lead magnets in their email marketing strategy? Lead magnets serve as valuable incentives, such as discounts, free guides, or exclusive content, offered to potential customers in exchange for their email addresses. They play a crucial role in building a CBD and cannabis email strategy to attract subscribers and expand the email list. By offering effective lead magnets that resonate with the target audience’s interests and pain points, cannabis brands can significantly enhance opt-in rates, engagement, and conversions. Moreover, lead magnets are instrumental in establishing trust, credibility, and brand awareness, paving the way for fostering long-term customer relationships in the competitive cannabis market.

Segmentation of Email Address List

After discussing the importance of lead magnets in capturing email addresses, it’s essential to explore how segmentation of the email address list can elevate a CBD and cannabis brand’s email marketing strategy. Segmentation involves categorizing email addresses based on shared characteristics such as purchase history or location, enabling brands to send more tailored and relevant content to different audience segments. This targeted approach enhances engagement and ensures compliance with state laws by employing geolocation targeting. By leveraging data from platforms like Flowhub, cannabis brands can fine-tune their segmentation strategies, creating specific categories for new customers, disengaged subscribers, and high spenders. This personalized method significantly improves the effectiveness of email campaigns, fostering stronger relationships and driving sales.

Exit Popup

Exit popups are a critical tool in a CBD and cannabis brand’s arsenal for capturing email leads, especially considering the high likelihood of visitors not returning once they leave a site. Implementing these popups can significantly increase email sign-ups by 10-15%, offering visitors incentives such as discounts or exclusive content. This helps reduce bounce rates and converts abandoned visitors into subscribers, leveraging the last opportunity to engage with them. Moreover, by transforming these visitors into potential customers, exit popups play a pivotal role in a brand’s email marketing strategy, ensuring every opportunity to connect and convert is noticed.

Lock Blog Content

Building on the foundation of capturing email leads, locking blog content is a strategic approach to further develop a nuanced CBD and cannabis email marketing strategy. This method involves restricting access to certain valuable content on your website, making it available only to those who provide their email address. This helps grow your email list and ensures that the audience is genuinely interested in your offerings. By offering exclusive insights, research findings, or in-depth guides as locked content, brands can incentivize potential customers to subscribe. This step is critical in segmenting your audience based on their interests and engagement level, allowing for more personalized and targeted email campaigns that drive sales and foster loyalty within the cannabis industry.

Examples of the Cannabis Dispensary Email Market Techniques

Cannabis dispensaries can significantly enhance their marketing efforts by employing targeted email marketing techniques, such as welcome emails, newsletters, and exclusive promotions. Welcome emails serve as an initial handshake between the brand and new customers, setting the tone for future communications. These emails introduce the brand’s ethos, product range, and what new subscribers can expect regarding content and offers, making them a critical first step in building a lasting relationship.

Newsletters are another potent tool in the dispensary email marketing arsenal. By delivering curated content about new products, upcoming promotions, and industry news, newsletters keep subscribers engaged and informed. This consistent engagement nurtures the subscriber’s relationship with the brand and positions the dispensary as a trusted source of information in the cannabis industry.

Exclusive promotions, such as price cuts and bundle offers, drive immediate sales and encourage repeat business. Tailoring these offers to the interests and purchasing history of the email list can significantly increase their effectiveness. For instance, offering a discount on a product a customer has previously purchased or shown interest in can spur additional purchases.

Moreover, by building a genuine connection with their email list, dispensaries can boost open rates and foster community among their subscribers. This connection is cultivated through personalization, timely and relevant content, and recognition of the audience’s preferences and behaviors. Ultimately, effective email marketing not only engages the audience but also significantly drives revenue for cannabis dispensaries.

5 Cannabis-Friendly Email Service Providers

Selecting the right email service provider is critical for cannabis brands aiming to enhance their email marketing efforts. Among the options, Klaviyo, Moosend, MailerLite, Drip, and AWeber stand out as cannabis-friendly platforms that cater specifically to the needs of the cannabis industry. These providers offer various features to support effective email marketing campaigns, from automation tools to compliance assistance, ensuring brands can communicate efficiently and within legal boundaries with their audience.


Among the array of email service providers catering to the nuanced needs of the cannabis industry, Klaviyo stands out as a noteworthy option that ensures compliance with legal guidelines while offering tailored email marketing solutions. This platform empowers cannabis brands with automated tools and industry-specific templates, facilitating the creation of personalized and targeted email campaigns. Klaviyo’s dedication to compliance with industry regulations makes it a reliable choice for cannabis businesses aiming to expand their customer base through effective email marketing strategies. Furthermore, its ability to drive sales and foster brand loyalty through customized email interactions positions Klaviyo as an indispensable tool for cannabis brands seeking to leverage email marketing to its fullest potential.


As a cannabis-friendly email service provider, Moosend welcomes marketing efforts from a broad spectrum of canna businesses, offering an array of features designed to streamline their email marketing strategies. With an intuitive and clean dashboard design, Moosend caters to both seasoned marketers and newcomers in the cannabis industry. The platform distinguishes itself by providing a 30-day free trial with unlimited email sends, which is particularly advantageous for new cannabis brands testing the waters of email marketing. Moreover, Moosend simplifies the creation of sophisticated email campaigns with automated email series, pre-made templates, and advanced email automation tools. These functionalities facilitate crafting logical sequences for crucial emails, such as abandoned cart reminders and repeat purchase prompts, aiding cannabis brands in nurturing lasting relationships with their subscribers.


MailerLite emerges as a leading cannabis-friendly email service provider, offering robust tools and clear guidelines to ensure marketing compliance within the industry. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by cannabis brands in promoting their products, MailerLite provides a secure platform that allows for effective email marketing while adhering to industry regulations. This ensures businesses can communicate with their target audience without fear of abrupt account cancellations or marketing restrictions often encountered with less accommodating services. By emphasizing transparency in its email marketing practices, MailerLite guides users in creating compliant campaigns, thereby helping cannabis brands avoid marketing pitfalls and connect with their audience in a meaningful and effective way.


Building on the exploration of cannabis-friendly email service providers, Drip emerges as another significant platform that supports cannabis brands in navigating the complexities of email marketing within the industry. Drip distinguishes itself by offering features tailored explicitly for cannabis businesses, including compliance with industry regulations. This ensures that marketing efforts are not only practical but also legally sound. The platform provides an array of tools for creating targeted and personalized email campaigns aiming to meet the unique needs of the cannabis industry. By leveraging Drip, cannabis brands can foster stronger customer relationships, enhancing engagement and driving sales growth. Drip’s dedication to optimizing email marketing strategies for cannabis brands makes it a valuable asset in a company’s marketing toolkit.


In the realm of cannabis-friendly email service providers, AWeber stands out by offering specialized support that ensures marketing emails remain within the bounds of industry regulations. AWeber’s clear rules and policies for sending cannabis-related emails provide a layer of compliance and transparency crucial for cannabis brands aiming to navigate the complex web of email marketing laws. The platform’s proactive approach to preventing abrupt account cancellations and marketing restrictions is invaluable for sustaining direct customer communication and fostering growth. Additionally, AWeber’s provision of curated lists of cannapreneur-friendly email service providers eliminates confusion and maximizes the effectiveness of email marketing efforts. Its reliability and scalability render AWeber an apt choice for dispensaries and CBD businesses seeking robust email marketing solutions.

Alpine I.Q.

Following AWeber’s example of providing targeted support for cannabis brands, Alpine I.Q. emerges as another formidable ally in cannabis-friendly email service providers. This platform offers specialized assistance to cannabis brands to elevate sales and fortify customer loyalty. Alpine I.Q. is distinguished for its proficiency in crafting personalized campaigns that resonate with dispensaries and CBD businesses. It not only aids in launching an inaugural campaign but also in forging a community through meticulously targeted dispensary emails. The emphasis on initiating immediate dialogues and comprehending customer preferences underscores its commitment to the cannabis industry. By leveraging Alpine I.Q., brands can effectively captivate their audience and amplify revenue with customized email marketing strategies.


Understanding the unique challenges cannabis brands face in email marketing, SendX emerges as a specialized provider offering compliant and practical solutions. As a cannabis-friendly email service provider, SendX caters specifically to the nuanced requirements of cannabis businesses, enabling them to navigate the complexities of industry regulations. With features like customizable templates, automation tools, and detailed analytics, SendX equips brands with the resources to craft impactful email campaigns. Moreover, the platform emphasizes transparency in marketing practices, fostering trust between brands and their subscribers. Opting for SendX not only helps cannabis brands steer clear of marketing pitfalls but also aids in cultivating a dedicated customer base through strategic email communication.

Best Practices for Creating Good Email Marketing Content

Best Practices for Creating Good Email Marketing Content
Best Practices for Creating Good Email Marketing Content

Creating engaging email marketing content for cannabis brands requires a strategic approach to ensure maximum impact and compliance. Finding the right balance in your messaging is essential, compelling enough to grab attention without resorting to clickbait tactics and including a clear call to action to guide recipients towards the desired action. Additionally, continuously monitoring open rates and employing A/B testing is critical for refining strategies and enhancing the effectiveness of email campaigns.

Strike a Balance Between Clickbait and Boring

Crafting the perfect email marketing content for your cannabis brand requires a delicate balance between captivating subject lines and substantive information to prevent being dismissed as clickbait. To achieve this, use data-driven insights to tailor your messages, ensuring they are valuable and relevant. Including industry-specific news and updates can also keep your subscribers well-informed and engaged. Moreover, maintaining credibility is crucial; avoid exaggerated claims or false promises that could harm your brand’s reputation. Experimentation with different content formats and styles is critical to discovering what truly resonates with your audience. By striking this balance, you can craft email content that captivates without misleading, fostering a trustworthy and engaging relationship with your subscribers.

Always Include a Call to Action

Incorporating a clear call to action (CTA) within your email content is crucial for guiding subscribers toward the desired outcome, significantly enhancing engagement and conversion rates. Studies have shown that a clear CTA can increase click-through rates by an astounding 371%. It’s advisable to include a single, focused CTA rather than offering multiple options to achieve the best results, which can dilute the message and reduce effectiveness. Creating urgency in your CTA can compel recipients to take immediate action, boosting conversion rates. Additionally, using direct and specific language in your CTA can significantly enhance engagement. Experimenting with different placements of your CTA within the email content can also help identify the optimal strategy for maximizing conversions.

Track Your Open Rates

Monitoring your email campaign’s open rates is crucial for gauging its success and refining your marketing strategies. With the industry average open rate hovering around 20%, aiming for or surpassing this benchmark is essential to ensure your content effectively reaches your audience. Personalizing subject lines can significantly boost open rates by up to 26%, demonstrating the power of tailored content. Additionally, the timing of your emails plays a pivotal role; sending emails on Tuesdays, for instance, has been shown to achieve the highest open rates. By closely monitoring these metrics and adjusting your email content accordingly, you can optimize your campaigns for better engagement and outcomes. Understanding your audience’s preferences, such as their receptivity to emojis in subject lines, can further enhance open rates, making your email marketing efforts more successful.

Don’t Forget About A/B Testing

Building on the importance of tracking open rates, A/B testing emerges as a critical strategy in refining email marketing content for cannabis brands. This method involves crafting two variations of an email to gauge which version yields a more favorable outcome. Brands can fine-tune their communications by experimenting with diverse elements such as subject lines, imagery, and calls to action. The utility of A/B testing extends beyond mere optimization; it affords invaluable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, fostering a deeper understanding of the audience. Consequently, leveraging data from A/B tests can significantly enhance engagement rates, elevate sales, and bolster the overall efficacy of email marketing campaigns. This analytical approach is indispensable for cannabis brands aiming to maximize their outreach and impact.

5 Content Ideas for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Crafting compelling content is crucial for the success of any email marketing campaign, especially in the dynamic cannabis industry. This section will explore various content ideas that can captivate your audience, from highlighting your business’s latest news to showcasing new product lines and offering exclusive promotions. We will also discuss the benefits of promoting blog posts and incorporating videos to enrich your emails and drive engagement.

Highlight The Latest News About Your Business

Sharing the latest developments within your cannabis brand through email marketing can significantly enhance engagement and foster a deeper connection with your audience. You can generate buzz and keep your subscribers informed by including exciting updates such as store openings or the introduction of new initiatives. Highlighting awards or recognitions your brand has received adds a layer of credibility, building trust with your audience. Featuring positive customer reviews and testimonials in your emails demonstrates the quality and satisfaction of your products, encouraging new customers to make a purchase. Additionally, promoting upcoming events, sales, or promotions drives engagement and conversions while sharing behind-the-scenes content or stories about your team humanizes your brand, making your emails more relatable and engaging.

Showcase A New Product Line

Introducing a new product line through your email marketing campaign offers a unique opportunity to captivate your audience by showcasing the distinctive benefits and features that set your offerings apart. To create an impactful presentation, employ eye-catching visuals and compelling product descriptions that underline the uniqueness of your new line. These elements help draw the recipient’s attention and foster an emotional connection with the product. Encouraging feedback and reviews from those who make a purchase builds credibility and trust among your audience and provides valuable insights for future improvements. Always include clear calls to action, guiding recipients to explore and purchase your new products, ensuring a seamless transition from interest to action.

Offer an Enticing Promotion

After showcasing a new product line, amplifying customer engagement and sales through enticing promotions becomes the subsequent strategic step for cannabis brands seeking to elevate their email marketing campaigns. To captivate subscribers, offering exclusive discounts or BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals can serve as a compelling incentive to drive sales and enhance customer engagement. Highlighting new products or strains through limited-time promotions can instill a sense of urgency, encouraging swift action. Incorporating freebies or samples with purchases can also foster repeat business and strengthen brand loyalty. Running flash sales or 24-hour deals can generate excitement and improve email open rates. Finally, establishing referral programs or loyalty rewards incentivizes customers to share your emails, expanding your subscriber base and fostering a community around your brand.

Promote A Blog Post

Leveraging email marketing to highlight your latest blog post can significantly enhance website traffic and foster more profound engagement with your audience. Crafting compelling subject lines entices recipients to explore your content further. Incorporating visuals and multimedia within your emails grabs attention and makes the message more engaging. Offering snippets or teasers of the blog content piques interest, encouraging readers to click through to your website. Tracking the click-through rates and other engagement metrics is crucial in measuring the success of your email campaign. This data-driven approach ensures you understand what resonates with your audience, allowing for optimized future content and strategies in your email marketing efforts for cannabis brands.

Add Your Latest Video

Building on the foundation of engaging your audience through email, adding your latest video into your marketing campaign can markedly enhance subscriber interaction and interest. Videos have significantly increased engagement metrics, including video content in emails, potentially leading to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates. Furthermore, a simple video thumbnail can elevate open rates by as much as 19%, leveraging curiosity and visual appeal to drive action. Videos offer a dynamic way to convey your cannabis brand’s message, showcase your products or services, and provide valuable information or tutorials. By integrating video content, cannabis brands can create more compelling, informative, and interactive email marketing campaigns that captivate and educate their subscriber base, fostering stronger relationships and driving sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mailchimp Work With Cannabis?

Mailchimp, a widely recognized email marketing platform, does not permit the promotion of cannabis, CBD, and related products. This prohibition aligns with federal regulations on cannabis advertising, aiming to ensure compliance and mitigate legal risks. Consequently, cannabis businesses using Mailchimp for email marketing risk account suspension or termination upon violation of these terms. Cannabis brands must seek alternative platforms that accommodate industry-specific marketing and legal requirements.

How Are Cannabis Companies Marketing?

Cannabis companies are innovatively navigating the complex marketing landscape within the industry’s unique legal confines. By harnessing the power of email marketing, these brands are directly engaging with their audience, circumventing traditional advertising restrictions. Personalized email campaigns, newsletters, and segmented communications are critical strategies to promote products, foster customer loyalty, and drive sales. This approach ensures compliance with regulations and capitalizes on the high engagement and ROI email marketing offers.

What Is the Average Budget for Cannabis Marketing?

The average budget for cannabis marketing varies significantly, ranging from $10,000 to $500,000 per month, depending on the campaign’s scope and objectives. Smaller cannabis enterprises typically dedicate about 12-20% of their revenue to marketing endeavors, including email marketing strategies. In contrast, larger brands may invest up to 30% or more of their revenue in comprehensive marketing approaches, with a substantial portion allocated to email marketing efforts to enhance engagement and sales.

Can Cannabis Brands Advertise?

Cannabis brands navigate a challenging landscape where traditional advertising platforms often impose restrictions. However, they can advertise primarily through compliant and effective avenues like email marketing. This method provides a direct line to targeted audiences, circumventing the limitations encountered on platforms like Facebook and Google. By leveraging email marketing strategies, cannabis brands can engage with consumers, promote products, and drive sales while adhering to advertising regulations and maximizing return on investment.


In conclusion, while the allure of cutting-edge marketing techniques often overshadows traditional methods, the enduring effectiveness of email marketing within the cannabis sector cannot be understated. Ironically, despite being perceived as an old-fashioned approach in the digital age, email marketing emerges as a formidable strategy for cannabis brands, adeptly navigating the complex legal terrain and intimately connecting with their audience. This paradox underscores the timeless value of well-crafted communication, proving that sometimes, the old ways—when rejuvenated—can indeed be the best.

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Marshan B.

Marshan Beals is a co-partner at Client Verge Inc. With 8 years of experience in digital marketing, his expertise extends beyond digital marketing for cannabis brands. He is also a sponsor of the High Profits ebook, available for download when you sign up for our email list.