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How to Sell CBD on Shopify the Smart Way and Profit

How to Sell CBD on Shopify

Understanding how to sell CBD on Shopify is imperative to the success of any CBD business. It’s a matter of unlocking your business’s full potential through the world wide web, an area that most people have access to in the 21st century. Unfortunately, selling CBD on Shopify can be challenging, especially if you don’t have experience on the platform.

Nevertheless, below will discuss the specifics of what you’ll need to know about selling CBD on Shopify. We’ll highlight what CBD and Shopify are, how to sell CBD on the platform, Shopify’s CBD policy, CBD products you can sell on the platform, and much more. Let’s look!


What is CBD?

Hemp is a plant in the weed Sativa plant species and produces an expansive scope of cannabinoids. Hemp doesn’t have large sums of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) yet is equipped to create high CBD centralization. Hence, where CBD comes from.

CBD is commonly used to treat tension, pain, a muscle problem called dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, and much more. Users swear by the effects of CBD, with people able to take it as an edible, tropical, oil, and much more. It’s incredible how so many people have benefitted from CBD.

What is Shopify?

Sell CBD on Shopify

Shopify allows users to begin, develop, and manage their business in an online setting. The membership-based programming permits anybody to set up an internet-based store and sell their items. Shopify’s storekeepers can likewise sell in actual areas utilizing Shopify POS, a retail location application.

The company is a Canadian worldwide online business organization settled in Ottawa, Ontario. Likewise, it is the name of its web-based business stage for online stores and retail location frameworks (what we’re discussing). Shopify is easy to use, popular and is a trusted company.

How to Sell CBD on Shopify?

The basics of this process center around the platform of Shopify. You’ll need a merchant account that follows local regulations to sell on Shopify in Canada. In the U.S., it’s a little more complicated, though it makes it possible for more people to sell CBD on the platform. Below will discuss how:

  1. Log on to Shopify and create a Shopify store.
  2. Submit the Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products. You should be signed in to your Shopify account as the storekeeper. On the off chance that you’re not the storekeeper, or your store address isn’t situated in the United States, then the link will divert you to the Shopify admin.
  3. Apply for a third-party payment gateway. Shopify Payments aren’t accessible for hemp or CBD items. Nonetheless, Shopify has collaborated with third-party companies that help sell specific hemp or potentially hemp-determined CBD items.
  4. Set up an email for customer notices and information related to products and orders.

Shopify CBD Policy

CBD policies are constantly changing, making it essential for you to stay up to date with any current rules. In the U.S., you mainly need to follow the Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products. Once you do that, look at all the rules you need to follow for the site.

In Canada, you can apply for a merchant account according to legal regulations. The process isn’t complicated but is another step worth noting. Remember to follow the specific policies for where you live, so you don’t risk any potential legal issues.

CBD Products You Can Sell on Shopify

Free Dog Cbd photo and picture

The legality of what you can sell CBD-wise on Shopify varies depending on where you live. U.S. dealers in specific states can sell select hemp or hemp-determined cannabidiol (CBD) items on Shopify.

However, dealers can sell these items in states where it’s allowed. State regulations and guidelines constantly change, making it worthwhile to discuss the specifics with a digital marketing team and lawyer. The same rules apply to other nations, such as Canada. Regardless, expect the following on Shopify CBD pages:

  • Containers and Pills
  • CBD FlowersCBD for Dogs and Pets
  • CBD for Vaping
  • CBD Gummies and Edibles
  • Concentrates, Creams, and Lotions
  • Treatments and Topicals
  • Showers and Atomizers

Signing Up for Shopify

Signing up for Shopify is a straightforward process, thanks to how Shopify makes it so simple for users to dive into. Begin by creating an account and putting in the required information through Shopify. Seeing as CBD is different from a standard Shopify set-up, remember to visit Shopify’s guide for setting it up.

Once your Canadian merchant license is connected, or Attestation for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products is approved in the U.S., you can begin the fun process of creating the site. Most experts recommend working with a digital marketing agency to ensure you have the proper tools.

The Importance of a CBD Shopify Theme

CBD Shopify Theme
CBD Shopify Theme

Shopify CBD themes are vital to the longevity of your company. If you didn’t know, Shopify Themes are the layouts vendors use on their online business stores. Countless entrepreneurs download these layouts, with many searching for the perfect theme to fit their business.

The theme is imperative to your company since it establishes that your site will appear and operate. Ensure you find a theme that fits your company; otherwise, you’ll waste your time and energy on something that doesn’t make sense. All themes are downloaded and installed from the Shopify Theme Store.

A CBD Payment Processor Shopify will Allow You to Use

As great as it is to go with any payment processor thinking it’ll automatically work with your Shopify business, realizes that isn’t always the case. Regardless, you’ll need a CBD payment processor for your Shopify site.

A payment processor is meant to process credit cards online, with you needing one that permits your Shopify CBD business the capacity to work. Sadly, the default installment processor for Shopify doesn’t permit CBD items.

You’ll need to observe an outside CBD payment processor like Digipay that can give you the high-risk dealer account you’ll require. CBD is sorted as high risk because of constantly changing laws surrounding it. Likewise, banks that help your record would rather lack the dangers related to CBD items.

Digipay CBD Payment Processor

As noted, you need a CBD payment process to operate Shopify for your CBD business. Thankfully, DigiPay is wholly coordinated with Shopify to help Hemp CBD Payment Processing. Most banks have been delayed to embrace CBD shippers even though it’s been four years since the 2018 Farm Bill.

Nowadays, the rules for selling CBD are evolving, with many wondering why they can’t go through Shopify directly to sell the product. Regardless, Digipay realizes CBD isn’t one size fits all. The company guides users through the interaction and tracks down the correct answer for your business. Some of its critical CBD services include:


  • Wholesale CBD
  • Quick Track Approval
  • Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering
  • 3-7 Day Underwriting


  • Offering numerous items and hemp-inferred CBD
  • Quick Track Approval
  • Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering
  • 3-7 Day Underwriting


  • Hemp-determined CBD body moisturizers, creams, medicine, drops, transdermal (skin) application.
  • Quick Track Approval
  • Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering
  • 3-7 Day Underwriting


  • Hemp-determined CBD-imbued shampoos, conditioners, and styling items.
  • Quick Track Approval
  • Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering
  • 3-7 Day Underwriting


  • Hemp determined CBD oils and e-fluid flavors
  • Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering
  • 3-7 Day Underwriting


  • Chewy candies, gummies, and beverages
  • Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering
  • 5-14 Day Underwriting


  • Containers and gels
  • Complete Credit Card Suite by Product Offering
  • 5-14 Day Underwriting

How to Signup with Digipay

DigiPay is wholly coordinated with Shopify to help Hemp CBD Payment Processing.

If you are a CBD business, the company offers payment processing and much more. The process is extremely straightforward. Begin by applying and submitting the required information for Digipay to know more about the business.

From there, Digipay’s CBD experts will guide you through the options they have, specifically with their payment processing for Shopify. It’s ideal for connecting with a payment processor like Digipay with a digital marketing team (such as client verge) since it makes the entire process easier.

CBD Shopify Stores – Examples and More

The best way to know How to sell CBD on Shopify is by analyzing a few notable Shopify stores in the CBD world. Though there are plenty to choose from, below will highlight some of the most popular options to analyze. Remember, these are the best of the best, so do what you can to emulate their success.

Be mindful of how the company presents itself, the contact on each page, and what they offer product-wise. It’ll help your business significantly; you can make a note of that for your website. Don’t flat-out copy the top CBD businesses on Shopify; just know what makes them so successful.


Cannuka is the principal CBD store for excellence and wellbeing present-day and immortal. It joins the most flawless and standard components on Earth in a way that mirrors the changing necessities and interests of purchasers. The company’s central goal is to legitimize the CBD business, to make a larger audience in the field.

Infusion CBD

Infusion CBD is a family-run business that came to life in 2019. The company was established because of a disease called Dysfunctional epilepsy while seeing the tremendous advantages of CBD. The family realized they needed to share their story and make a brand centered around aiding individuals and aiding the surrounding planet.

LEEF Organics

LEEF was established with a singular mission to improve and sway lives. Co-owner Micah Anderson has over 30 years’ involvement with soil-based cultivating. His energy and capability set the establishment and principles. Other co-owners, Emily Heitman, and Jennifer Smith, wear the innovative cap while talking about science and creativity.

Made By Hemp

After hemp supplements helped turn Made By Hemp’s founder Jeff Gallagher’s life around, he made it his primary goal to help individuals find the advantages of hemp. He began MHR Brands in mid-2013 with Made by Hemp, conceived soon after.


Populum prides itself on trying to help everyone do better with the company’s main focus on changing the scene. Populum is a group of premium full-spectrum CBD items intended to be a piece of your everyday health custom.


Now that you know what to do with selling CBD on the platform, you likely have many questions about the subject. Client Verge is here to help you, take a deeper look in the area of CBD of Shopify, and so much more. Regardless, below are a couple of questions people typically ask.

How Much Can You Make Selling CBD Online?

CBD businesses can create decent income once their client base is established. The biggest challenge comes during the early days, where you try to spread the news about your business (hence why a digital marketing agency is so important. However, once that client base is established, you can easily make over $100,000 a year as an owner.

Is Drop-shipping CBD Legal?

It is legal for drop-ship CBD in the U.S. and Europe. How the process works are more accessible than it seems. You let the CBD outsource the organization you are working with to satisfy the request. There are some important start-up points critical.


Thank you for reading our article on selling CBD on Shopify. Though the process may seem intimidating at first, it’s definitely worth your time and energy for your company. Shopify is as popular as it is for a reason, so realize what it can do to blossom your CBD company.

Regardless, if you have any questions about how to sell CBD on Shopify, feel free to contact us at Client Verge. As a trusted cannabis and CBD digital marketing agency, we have the tools and experience necessary to achieve your business dreams and aspirations in this industry. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in achieving your digital marketing goals in the cannabis field. Don’t hesitate to reach out, and let’s embark on this journey together!

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