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Case Study

Located in the United Kingdom, BUDBROS is committed to bringing its customers the highest quality CBD and hemp products available. Their aim is to improve people’s lives and help them feel better by providing access to high-quality CBD products made under regulated conditions. Among the many products they offer is CBD oil, vapes, flowers, edibles, accessories, and branded merchandise. BUDBROS is devoted to informing and motivating its customers about the many uses of CBD as well as providing them with the highest-quality CBD products on the market. Only selling to customers over the age of eighteen, they also offer free consultations and advice to anyone looking to find the best CBD product for their specific needs. BUDBROS is the go-to CBD supplier because of their unwavering commitment to product quality and empathetic approach to customer service.

The brand’s goal was to expand its online presence in order to attract a dedicated fan base. Although widespread interest has led to widespread knowledge of CBD and Hemp products, reliable information remains elusive. Our guidance in developing and maintaining the brand’s Instagram account was part of its strategy to address this issue. This strategy allowed the company to enlighten consumers about its CBD and Hemp products and their health benefits. The company also set up a forum and message board for customers to talk about the brand, ask questions, and share their own experiences. Through customer interaction, the company has cultivated a following of adherents in the therapeutic potential of CBD and Hemp. Because of this, the brand was able to attract a dedicated fan base that is interested in hearing more about the brand’s products and how they can improve their lives. The brand was able to establish an interesting and useful online identity.


The goal of the brand’s social media and content strategy was to increase consumer understanding of the health benefits of CBD and Hemp products. Our efforts paid off, and the brand is now recognized as a credible resource and seller thanks to its active presence on Instagram, where it regularly shares interesting and informative posts. We also made a community platform for people to talk about their experiences with CBD and Hemp products, ask questions, and learn from one another. Because of this, customers developed a strong sense of community and became closer to one another. As a result of the brand’s interactive content, customers felt more connected to the company, which ultimately led to higher sales and greater brand loyalty. The brand was ultimately successful in spreading the word about their products and services because of the relevant and engaging online presence they established.


So as to create a winning brand, we based their content strategy around three pillars: benefits, ingredients, and brand values. We designed content that described the ingredients used in CBD and Hemp products and their potential health benefits. We also created content that highlighted the brand’s values and mission, fostering an emotional connection between the company and its customers. Instagram users were exposed to this material, which promoted the brand’s values and advantages. The brand expanded its customer base and gained credibility as a knowledgeable resource on CBD and Hemp items as a result of these initiatives.


In just one month, we saw a 7% increase in followers, bringing the total to over 1300. Looking to expand even further, BUDBROS studied the habits of its customers. They had a lot of creative leeway when making visuals, but users were more engaged with genuine photos. As a result, they updated all of their content with real photography, forcing themselves to adhere to the brand’s intended organic forms and color scheme. This game-changing strategy shift lets customers immerse themselves in the brand’s world and interact with it on a more individual level.