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Case Study

Coombs Cannabis is a local partnership that is committed to providing the finest cannabis products and accessories to its community. The company is located in BC and aims to be an easily accessible and discrete destination for cannabis products. The company values the community and plans to support local initiatives and food banks. Coombs Cannabis applied for a license from the BC government to become a supplier of recreational cannabis and expects to have knowledgeable employees with living wages and benefits.


The objective of the project was to expand Coombs Cannabis’ online presence and reach a larger audience. The goal was to increase visibility and attract more customers through a combination of effective website design, social media management, and informative content writing. The project aimed to provide a seamless and efficient online experience that would help the company achieve a higher ranking in search engine results.


The strategy employed by Client Verge was focused on providing high-quality content, social media management, and website design services. The following services were provided to Coombs Cannabis:

  • Content Writing/Articles: The content writing team at Client Verge provided 100% unique articles that were well-researched and written by experienced cannabis content writers. The articles targeted low-competition keywords to help improve SEO visibility and increase the ranking of articles in top searches. The content was informative and accurate, providing valuable information to readers.
  • Social Media Management: Client Verge’s social media management team created unique graphics and designs that attracted more followers and increased engagement on Coombs Cannabis’ social media profiles. The graphics and posts were educational, in line with Instagram’s policies for cannabis companies, and never used to sell products. The team also researched and wrote the social media copy and conducted hashtag research to support the growth of Coombs Cannabis’ social media presence.
  • Web Design: Client Verge’s web design team ensured that Coombs Cannabis’ website was optimized for speed and security. The website was designed with responsive design, which improved its ranking in search engine results and increased conversion rates. The website was equipped with SSL encryption, which protected data in transit from hackers. The team also provided new product copy on a monthly basis, which helped Coombs Cannabis avoid the problems associated with duplicate content and improve its SEO efforts. The website was fully managed, with a constantly updated inventory and an optimized checkout process for a seamless online shopping experience.


As a result of the services provided by Client Verge, Coombs Cannabis achieved a speedy website with a GMetrix Grade of B and a performance score of 96%. The website also achieved high placement in Google search results, which helped increase visibility and attract more customers. The social media profiles were also managed effectively, with unique graphics and designs that attracted more followers and increased engagement. The informative content writing and regular product updates helped improve Coombs Cannabis’ SEO efforts and provided valuable information to customers. The optimized checkout process and fully managed inventory made the online shopping experience seamless and convenient for customers. Overall, the project was successful in achieving its objectives, helping Coombs Cannabis expand its online presence and reach a larger audience.