Project Summary

We helped Delaware Valley Cannabis by raising its SEO visibility and increasing its website quality, speed, and conversion rates. We did this by creating an SEO-friendly website, an educational yet modern and engaging social media campaign with the help of our cannabis content writers. Our team knew the best low competition keywords to focus on while also being knowledgeable of the best type of content to create and feature on their website.

Content Writing

We ensured articles were always answering the hottest cannabis questions concerning their products so customers never had to leave the site to get their questions answered. The articles were 100% unique and researched by our in-house writing team.

Our cannabis content writers helped ensure the content was relative, accurate, and informative to the readers. By targeting low competition keywords, we could easily rank articles in top searches while also improving the website's overall SEO visibility.


Social Media Management

We created unique social media posts with consistent and sleek modern designs that were unique to the brand to help drive new visitors. We utilized custom social media posts, social media copy, and relevant hash tags to help their social media engagement.

We also kept the social media posts and graphics designed for the project educational to avoid triggering Instagram's strict cannabis social media policy. 

We wanted to stay engaging but also in the line of Instagram’s policies while consistently encouraging more website traffic and followers.

social media content

Educational Content

We consistently kept things educational to ensure their profile remained safe from the possibility of being disabled or terminated due to possibly breaking policy rules.

By engagingly being educational, we could still market safely and effectively on their social media profile while pulling in new followers and traffic.

social media post

Website Design

We created a sleek and well-organized website design to make it easier for customers to find what they needed while still looking appealing. In the process, we ensured that visitors' experienced quick load times. Page speed is an important ranking factor. The faster the page, the better the Google SERP rank and conversion rate.

We also used SSL to ensure visitor safety online.  This prevents hackers from accessing vital data by using encryption algorithms to scramble data in transit to make the website safe. 

website example

Product Pages

Our team created well-organized and sleek product pages to help ensure customers were looking at relevant and informative information about each available product listed. We also fully managed the inventory while constantly updating product information. We wanted to make sure the process was simple and efficient.

Showing related products was also a strategetic plan to help drive more upsells whenever a customer was browsing a particular product.

Instead of hurting their SEO efforts by using similar copy like everyone else, we provided new product copy every month to help increase their SEO relevancy and increase their searchability on Google.

product page


We optimized their checkout process so it didn't look like the default WordPress checkout interface that's known to be non-user-friendly, long-winded, and messy. 

By organizing everything into a single clean page we made the checkout process easier and more efficient for new customers. By optimizing their checkout, we saw an increased conversion rate. 



With the help of our team, Delaware Valley Cannabis saw an increase in their conversion rate, web traffic, and social media engagement. Our team takes pride in helping this dispensary transform their presence online. If you like to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your project, pick a time below!

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