Dispensary Loyalty Program

What to Know About A Dispensary Loyalty Program

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry is growing at an extremely fast rate. With the stigma largely mitigated and its legality increasing across the globe, one can assume the possibilities are endless in the sector. As a result, many dispensaries should consider a dispensary loyalty program to help drive more business, separating themselves from the competition.

The industry isn’t what it used to be even a few years ago. There are companies beginning and startups launching that make it extremely challenging for dispensaries to distinguish their business. Nevertheless, below will discuss what a loyalty program is, why they’re essential, and how it can significantly benefit your dispensary.

What is a Loyalty Program?

A loyalty program is an advertising system intended to urge clients to keep shopping or utilize the services of a business related to the program. In simple terms, customers who are loyal to your business are then rewarded in some way. There are many ways to develop a loyalty program, all of which vary with their pros and cons.

Some businesses do this with a point system, meaning the amount of money they spend returns with some points. Those points can then be used toward a product. Though this method is one of the most popular methods, there are plenty of other ways to set up and use a loyalty program.

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Why are Loyalty Programs Important in the Cannabis Industry?

The biggest reason we’re discussing loyalty programs has to do with their importance in the cannabis industry. Generally speaking, customer loyalty builds benefits, further develops sales, and promotes growth. Considering repeat buyers is such an imperative aspect of a cannabis business, you want to do everything you can to grow this sector.

An all-around planned and professional loyalty program can assist you with holding existing clients, drawing in new clients, lessening turnover and driving benefits. From a consumer perspective, they love loyalty programs because it gives them a return on spending money they normally would spend.

Think of it like this. If a person wants edibles, they’d instead purchase them from a dispensary that has a reward system they can work toward getting the most out of. It’s a win-win from both perspectives and isn’t the most complicated area for a dispensary to fully establish. Though it does take some work to perfect.

Reasons to Consider a Loyalty Program

There are many reasons to consider a loyalty program, ranging from a dispensary’s want to grow and the appeal of consumer satisfaction. Unfortunately, many dispensaries worry about setting up dispensary loyalty rewards with the fear that it’ll end up hindering their business.

If this is a reason for concern from your perspective, don’t worry in that regard. As long as you set it up correctly, loyalty programs are incredibly beneficial. As a result, below will discuss some of the key reasons you should consider setting up a system for your dispensary. Let’s take a look!

Rewards Loyal Customers

Compensating your client’s dependability is advantageous to the business and the consumer. It’s a matter of showing your customers you’re willing to give them something back and allow them the path to building their loyalty.

Giving out sales and free products might appear as though it’s hindering your income. Still, it pays for itself and then some over the long haul. Consolidate with effective marketing measures to get the most out of the matter and watch it grow over time.

Generates Brand Recognition

Obtaining phone numbers and email addresses is crucial to give deals to consumers through a loyalty program. This implies that you’ll have the option to straightforwardly market to somebody who you definitely know is interested in your products.

More specifically, your brand will turn into an easily recognizable aspect to your client. Customers are more likely to work with a brand they perceive and trust. This relationship can be supported through text and email advertising.

Allows Customer Data Analyzation

The best dispensary loyalty program allows companies to analyze many customer data. This information can likewise be utilized to figure out what products to stock, which vendors to work with, and to assist with setting income targets. Measurements like this assisted larger dispensaries into the success story they are now.

Makes Business Stand Out

Practically every business, regardless of whether it’s in the cannabis industry, wants to stand out. You want a method for creatively showcasing your image so you can be heard across the industry. Offering a loyalty program could be the answer that guarantees your client doesn’t look at the dispensary down the road.

Generates More Business

Furthering the notion of developing a dispensary stands out; much of that has to do with generating more business. Loyalty programs entice customers to return, meaning you’re more likely to see returning business than without one. It may take some time to see the results, but they will come.

How to Communicate Your Loyalty Program

Now that you know the main benefits and reasons to consider a loyalty program, you might want to know how to communicate the program. Generally speaking, an SMS or email campaign is a great way to inform customers and ensure what you’re offering is heard clearly and concisely.

Texting and SMS messaging are even better than an email campaign since people typically respond to texts better than an email. Either way, make sure you follow the laws closely for whatever loyalty program route you go. Though there aren’t a ton of laws to know, there are a few key ones you shouldn’t break. Check online to see what the laws are for where you live.

Different Loyalty Programs to Consider

As great as it is to know the vast benefits tied to loyalty programs, none of that matters if you can’t find a loyalty program that fits your business niche. As a result, below will discuss a few critical loyalty programs to consider. Though there are some other obscure programs, these are the main ones worth mentioning.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are great for rewarding clients for visits back. They can be something as straightforward as a punch card where each time a client visits, an opening is punched in the card. The card can be recovered for 10 percent off on the tenth punch, etc. There’s a lot you can do with loyalty cards.

Tiered Program

A tiered program operates by placing clients into levels based on their spending at your dispensary. The more cash spent, the higher the level they’re put in. As clients ascend the level stepping stool, more products, deals, and savings are unlocked for the customer.

Cashback Points

Cashback points tend to be the most common loyalty program method, which we briefly describe above. A predetermined measure of points is given to the customer for each dollar spent. Once they hit a certain amount for a free product, these points can be used.

Referral Rewards

Though not as familiar in the cannabis industry, referral rewards are great for getting new customers, specifically with dispensaries. It works by compensating clients for sending new business your way. It’s valuable since it draws in new clients and fortifies the bond with existing clients. How great is that?

Check-In Bonus

A check-in bonus is a more advanced version of the cashback point option. Clients enter their email or telephone number, and the online system tracks their visits. Each visit will procure them rewards that can be reclaimed for in-store purchases in the future once they hit a certain threshold. The check-in method can be altered to fit a specific reward program you want.

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Need Help With Your Dispensary Rewards Program? Contact Client Verge

A worthwhile loyalty program keeps your client base happy without having to ruin your profit. Yet, where do you begin in this complicated process? Do you try to manage it yourself? Ask competition? It all surrounds the idea of collecting data and determining the best avenue for your business.

Fortunately, there are digital marketing agencies that exist for this reason. Hence why we at Client Verge are talking about this subject. Our digital marketing skills can save you time and acquire more business, keeping the clients you value continually coming back to support your business.

Besides Setting Up Loyalty Programs, Some of Our Key Services Include:


We hope you enjoyed our discussion on the benefit and use of a loyalty program. Though this concept may seem unnecessary at first, considering how much there is to do with a dispensary, its benefit makes it a necessity. Regardless, be sure to take a close look to see which loyalty program option fits you the best.

If you have any questions about a dispensary loyalty program, reward options, what we offer, or anything else, feel free to contact us today. It’s practically impossible for a dispensary to reach the level of success they want without a digital marketing agency to help them along the way. We’re here to help and can’t wait to hear from you!

How Do You Open a Dispensary in California

How Do You Open a Dispensary in California?

If you’re reading this article, you most likely have been asking those around you, how do you open a dispensary in California? Though the process is extensive and costly, the rewards at the end of the process are worth it in every bit of the way. You won’t be disappointed in the slightest.

Nevertheless, below will discuss the basics of what you’ll need to know for opening a dispensary in California. We’ll discuss what you’ll need, how you can open a dispensary, license requirements, costs, and much more. Before concluding, we’ll also highlight how we can help your dispensary grow, even if you’re in the early stages of it.

What Do You Need to Open a Dispensary in CA?

Asking what you’ll need to open a dispensary anywhere is a loaded question. Some people might come up to you and give you the simple “money.” Though capital is essential for any business, there is much more to creating a successful dispensary than monetary purposes.

You’ll have to follow local laws, regulations, and guidelines. Meanwhile, all of that is on top of gaining investors, developing a business plan, having a storefront, and much more. It can be a tedious experience for many, but the good news is there is a proven path to get you down this road.

What You’ll Need

  • A Business Plan
  • Investors
  • A Storefront or Place of Operation
  • Cannabis Products
  • Workers
  • Required Licensing
  • Approval From Government

How Do You Open a Dispensary in California?

How to Open Your Own Dispensary in California

Generally speaking, the first step in opening a dispensary in California should begin with a business plan. Think of a business plan as your guide for opening your dispensary. Though it may seem unnecessary at first since there is a lot to accomplish, it is worth it in the long run.

Instead of aiming to make a business plan without any plan, use the web for your potential benefit. There are countless cannabis business formats to dissect, so definitely take a gander at those to give you an idea of what you’ll need. Plans typically cover your goals, financing, target market, location, competition, products, marketing, staff and team, and much more.

What licenses are Needed to Start a Dispensary in California?

The what do you need to open a dispensary in California process shouldn’t ignore the requirement of licenses in California. As you can imagine, California has a lot of requirements when it comes to licensing. Much of this is to protect consumers from ensuring they’re only getting the highest quality cannabis.

It has its pros and cons because it can be a nuisance for smaller start-ups to get going. Still, there are plenty of smaller dispensaries out there that accomplished all of the goals they wanted and more.

Don’t let the initial costs and paperwork stop you from achieving your goal. Regardless, you’ll have to obtain an Adult-Use Retail license or Medicinal Retail license depending on what kind of dispensary you hope to set up.

Different Licenses

  • Adult-Use Retail (A-License)
  • Medicinal Retail (M-License)

Dispensary License Cost California

The most significant issue people have with licenses is the range of costs tied to the matter. Getting involved in the cannabis industry isn’t a cheap project. It’s a significant investment that requires either a wealthy individual or a passionate person in the industry to get a team of investors to get started.

Thankfully, most of the costs are taken care of early in the process, besides some license renewal fees. Ether way, the profit turned from a dispensary outweighs any negative tied to the matter. Just make sure you take the time to obtain all of the required licenses to avoid any issues.

  • Non-refundable application fee ($1000)
  • A $5,000 bond payable to the state
  • License fees are based on estimated gross annual revenue (minimum fee is $2,500 for an estimated $500,000 or less annual gross revenue)
  • License renewal fees

The Challenge of Owning a Dispensary in California

There are many challenges tied to opening a dispensary anywhere, but especially in the state of California. Though the market is thriving, getting a dispensary launched from the start is a process not many people are fully ready for. It takes courage and patience, especially while obtaining the correct licensing for the dispensary.

Besides licensing, the challenges typically revolve around increasing security, financial institutions, dispensary renovations, and a POS system. Though some of these areas are easier than others, realize it will take you some time to get the ground running for all of them.

California Dispensary Laws

The main area you need to focus on while setting up your dispensary has to do with the dispensary laws in California. Though there are some areas you can jump around, the laws and regulations set in place are there for a reason. Do everything you can to ensure you follow these closely; otherwise, you run the risk of getting shut down or worse.

Federal Regulations

  • Controlled Substances Act
  • Internal Revenue Code

State Regulations

  • Uniform Controlled Substances Act-Cannabis
  • Business and Professions Code
  • California Code of Regulations Title 16 Division 42 Bureau of Cannabis

Other Requirements

As great as it is to adhere to the federal and state regulations, there are plenty of other restrictions and required documentation you’ll need to follow. Keep in mind; most states vary in this sense, so you’ll need to follow the specific requirements for California. Not doing can cause countless issues.

Restrictions for Selling Cannabis

  • The individual should be 21 years old or older.
  • Unconcentrated marijuana should not be more than 28.5 grams.
  • Concentrated cannabis should not be more than eight grams.
  • The individual involved should possess no more than six living cannabis plants.

Required Documentation to Provide

  • Your business structure.
  • A Valid Social Security Number or Federal Employer Identification Number.
  • A Seller’s Permit from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA).
  • A statement that the dispensary is not within 600 feet of a school or youth center.
  • Evidence of compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Documentation Required for Manufactured Cannabis Licensing System

  • Your Social Security Number, Date of Birth, address, email, and phone number.
  • Any criminal convictions.
  • A fingerprint obtained through Live Scan.
  • Disclosure of any financial interest in other cannabis businesses.

How Hard is it to Open a Dispensary?

If you’ve been asking others how you open a dispensary in California, understanding many of them will stress the difficulty tied to the matter is imperative to your success. Regardless, difficulty can largely be mitigated as long as you’re confident in your business plan. Ensure you take the extra time early on to get the most out of your plan.

What Happens if I’m Denied?

If your application for a dispensary has been denied, realize a few main reasons why. Examples range from having errors to a felony conviction that prevents you from owning a dispensary. Either way, contact the Manufactured Cannabis Licensing System for further information on why you were denied. If they don’t answer, consider reaching out to a lawyer for more information. Don’t sit around waiting for the reason to come to you.

Reasons if You Were Denied

  • Your application contains errors or is incomplete.
  • Assumptions or beliefs that don’t comply with regulations.
  • You failed to pay owed income taxes.
  • You have a violent felony conviction.
  • You have a felony conviction involving fraud, deceit, or embezzlement.
  • You have a felony conviction for selling a controlled substance to a minor.

How Do You Open a Dispensary in California?

Need Help Opening Your Dispensary? Contact Client Verge

Opening a dispensary yourself is a highly daunting task that most people aren’t cut out for. Whether it’s beginning with a business plan, meeting with investors, following local regulations or guidelines, or getting the best product out, there is a lot tied to having a great dispensary.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. Client Verge is a digital marketing agency built to get the most out of your dispensary. We have experts in the field and years of experience to help guide you along with the cannabis industry. We know what works, so allow us to show how to have a thriving dispensary.

Besides Dispensaries, We Offer Services To:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) Shops
  • Hemp, or Industrial Hemp Stores and Products
  • Cannabis Lawyers
  • Psilocybin Mushrooms (Magic Mushrooms) Businesses
  • Vape Shops
  • Botanicals & Creams Businesses
  • Alternative Health Shops

Key Services Include:

  • Clean, Mobile Website Design
  • White Hat SEO Services
  • Lucrative Marketing Consultation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • RIO-Driven Advertisements
  • Website Audits

How to Open a Legal Dispensary in CA – Conclusion

We appreciate you analyzing this in-depth guide for opening a dispensary in California. Though this process may appear complicated to most people, the rewards make the entire journey worth the exploration. Remember to follow all of the steps closely; otherwise, you may run into some issues.

Regardless, if you have any questions about how do you open a dispensary in California process, tax information, business plans, or anything related to the subject, feel free to contact us. We’ve worked with plenty of dispensaries over the years, growing them in countless ways many of them didn’t think was possible.


How to Write a Dispensary Business Plan

How to Write a Dispensary Business Plan

Many people wonder how to write a dispensary business plan, thinking it’d be one of the biggest challenges for them to accomplish. Thankfully, this process isn’t as challenging as it was in the past, with there being so many examples and experts to help guide you along the way.

Still, none of this matters if you don’t follow the steps correctly for making a successful business plan. So, what is a business plan for a dispensary, and why does it matter? Let’s discuss what this means, how you can write one, an example, and how we can help your cannabis business with your digital marketing needs.

What is a Dispensary Business Plan?

Before beginning your business plan, you must know what a business plan is. In case you didn’t know, a business plan is meant to show your financial backers and partners how you intend to make a profit. Sounds simple enough, right?

The initial reaction is enormous in a business endeavor, especially when discussing the cannabis industry. You’ll want to ensure you have every point planned and thought out with your cannabis business, and a business plan is a great way to guide you along the way.

How to Write a Dispensary Business Plan

How to Write a Marijuana Dispensary Business Plan

Writing a business plan is an overwhelming task for many people to perfect since there is so much pressure on them. Thankfully, a sample and guide like this should give you a good idea of what to do with your plan. Feel free to contact us here if you have any questions or need help with your digital marketing.

Sample Dispensary Business Plan

Though components vary with every business plan, we believe there is a general guideline to follow with a plan for a dispensary. This sample will feature what you should begin with on page one until the end. Though the specifics of what you should write won’t be there, you’ll get an idea of what each section means. Let’s take a look!

Problem and Solution

Practically every business plan needs to begin with a problem and solution. Think of it as you with a thesis in a science experiment, as your proclamation for why you’re doing this. As challenging as it may seem, try to think of a problem and why your cannabis endeavor is the solution.

Reasons can range from wanting to add more versatility to the dispensaries in your area to your dispensary being a higher-end option. The possibilities are truly endless and are all about determining a path that sets you apart from the competition.

Target Market

Determining your target audience is one of the most crucial steps in the business plan. As broad as you may think your target audience is, realize a demographic for cannabis users varies depending on where you live.

A good rule of thumb is to do some research around where you live. Try to see who uses the products you’re offering with details related to their age, sex, income, etc. Once you can do that, come up with answers related to what your ideal customer will want, need, like, and more.

Location – Where is Your Business and Where are you Located?

Similar to your target audience, the location is a critical part of determining who you’re advertising and marketing to. Even if you plan on strictly being online, the location is still valuable for investors, so they know where your main headquarters is.

Location is also helpful so you can go over any specific laws, regulations, or guidelines you’ll need to follow. Laws and regulations are constantly changing, so do what you can to ensure you’re staying up to date in the matter. You never know when something might change, and you’ll need to adjust.


For whatever reason, plenty of business owners chooses to ignore their competition to fear that investors will go to them instead. Don’t do this since it’s an integral part of any business plan.

Highlight your competition on a finite local level and in a broader sense. Come with solutions to why you stand out and how you can outperform your competition. Point out what they do wrong as well.


Understanding how to write a dispensary business plan primarily surrounds the products or services you’re going to end up offering. This section tends to be the most straightforward since it’s all about what you hope to offer product-wise.

Go over all the details related to each product ranging from how they’re made, what you’ll need, or the cost to a consumer. Once you do that, you can have another section with products you hope to add in the future. Either way, make sure you focus on the initial products before anything else.


It’s practically impossible to have a successful dispensary without a marketing plan to go along with it. The marketing section should be the densest part of your business plan, highlighting how you can get the word about your dispensary out there.

Go over all of the nitty-gritty parts of the subject, including social media management, website development, SEO, paid advertising, and anything else you can think of. Don’t forget about your marketing budget, even if you plan on mentioning it in the financing section.


The operations portion of your business plan should explain your business’s technical and physical aspects. Cover important information related to your offices, gear, technology, security, and staff. What’s more, this segment will clarify everything about your space, property, and design.

The section should also focus on how you plan to comply with local laws and guidelines. As straightforward as it might seem, understand the necessity of following any guidelines and laws where you live. This area is constantly changing, so do what you can to stay updated with the latest updates.

Staff and Team

The staff and team portion of the plan focuses on who you plan on employing, their job description, and if you’ll need to grow your team. Go over details such as what they’re doing for the company, including owners, specialists, representatives, accomplices, sellers, and expanded staff.


The financing portion of the plan is self-explanatory. Here is where you should highlight all costs, potential profit, prices, and what you’ll need to expand or get the business going. Investors tend to look at this subject the most, so ensure you have what’s in it for them too.


Timelines are imperative for determining a realistic spot on the calendar to accomplish a goal. This goal can range from opening a shop to launching an online store. Have it divided up on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Anyone reading the plan can get an idea of when you hope to do certain things with your dispensary if you can do that.


The last and final point of your business plan involves the executive summary. Keep it simple and straight to the point, including the key points of the plan. Some points to consider include your purpose, goals, products, and financing required to achieve said goals. Before concluding, be sure to add any additional information you feel the investors should know.

Benefits of Weed Business Plan

The main reason anyone would consider a business plan for their dispensary is the plan’s benefits. It’s more than a standard part of the industry. It is a matter of getting you organized, showing your passion, a valuable tool for investors, and much more. It’s practically impossible to have a successful dispensary without one.

  • Gets You Organized
  • Shows You’re Determined
  • Useful Tool for Investors
  • Needed for Successful Business

How to Write a Dispensary Business Plan

How Client Verge Can Help Your Marijuana Business Plan

Most business plan cannabis templates forget to mention the necessity of a cannabis digital marketing agency. That’s where Client Verge comes into play, an expert in the cannabis industry with years of experience to back you up. We’re here to walk you through the cannabis business plan process and countless other areas required in the industry.

We specialize in implementing customized marketing strategies for all our clients. Generally speaking, a digital marketing strategy attracts more sales, getting you more positive customer reviews over the long run. Allow us to show you the proper way to grow your cannabis business while guaranteeing an immaculate business plan.

Some of our Key Services Include:


Thank you for taking the time to read this quick look at business plans and why they’re essential in the cannabis industry. Remember to look through this article again to refresh your memory on why this is so important and how you can get started. A business plan is a foundation for any successful business. Without it, you can’t expect to do much with your business.

Nevertheless, if you have any questions on how to write a dispensary business plan, its importance, Client Verge, or anything else, feel free to contact us. We have years of experience and a dedicated team available to answer and help develop the best business plan possible.

CRM Software for a Dispensary

CRM Software for a Dispensary – How They Can Help Your Business

The customer relationship is arguably the most fundamental role to a successful business. Understanding your client’s needs, requests, patterns, and interests is imperative to the drive of your business, especially in the cannabis industry. Hence why so many in the sector ask what to know about CRM software for a dispensary.

Managing your customer relationship can appear overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out in the matter. If this is the case with you, try not to worry. Below will help you understand how you can get started in the subject and potentially take your dispensary to the next level marketing-wise.

What is a CRM?

CRM is more than just software but instead refers to the idea of Customer Relationship Management. Many businesses, including dispensaries, have a customer relationship manager who oversees this area, while others do it themselves.

Either way, it’s a crucial part of any business since it helps business owners better comprehend their clients’ needs, necessities, wants, and practices and permits owners to foster more grounded relationships with them.

Nowadays, the technological landscape has made it possible, so CRM is primarily controlled in software. The software tends to be cloud-based, allowing the business to capture vital data on customers, ranging from their birthday to how often they stop by the business.

CRM consolidates advertising and promotional matters either locally or through outsider applications by utilizing all of this knowledge. Examples include email marketing and SMS/instant message capacities that greatly enhance their business.

There is a wide range of use when discussing a CRM, especially for a dispensary. Even if you’re just getting started with your dispensary, understand the importance of a CRM when discussing this subject. It’s imperative to the success of any business, with it being a focal point in the cannabis industry.

Dispensary CRM Software Use

Now that you know the essential use of CRM, you more than likely want to know what it has to do with a dispensary. As noted, CRM software is great for keeping track of your clients and the details surrounding them. Some key details include their birthday (allowing you to send a happy birthday email or text), purchase habits, favorite products, and more.

CRM frameworks additionally coordinate with businesses’ eCommerce ordering, stock management, request passage frameworks, point of sale (POS), and much more. The possibilities are truly endless for CRM software and what it tracks.

Be sure to look into CRM software that’s meant for a dispensary. Though any CRM software should suffice, those designed for a dispensary tend to offer a more significant advantage. CRM also highlights how you can improve your business since it interacts directly with your consumer base.

Either way, understand the importance of a CRM, and it’s more than just a random feature of a business. It’s meant to reflect your business goals, marketing, and overall brand. It allows you to see your customers and their patterns while providing you the tools to reach out to your consumer base if necessary.

CRM Software for a Dispensary

Benefits of a CRM

The only reason anyone would consider CRM software for a dispensary has to do with the benefits of the matter. CRM software is more than just a necessity in the cannabis world. It’s a matter of keeping track of your customers and their interests, habits, and much more.

Nevertheless, below will highlight a few key ways a CRM will benefit your dispensary. Keep in mind, these aren’t the only benefits of the matter. The examples are just a few points to be mindful of while wondering what CRM is best for you and if you think a CRM is necessary for your business.

1. Builds Customer Loyalty

As straight as it might sound, the most significant advantage of CRM software has to do with its ability to build customer loyalty. It’s a matter of keeping information stored on each contact, giving you a slew of information to select from while meeting or reaching out to a customer.

That loyalty gets built with your familiarity with a customer. Rather than the customer feeling like they’re an arbitrary member of your consumer base, they get an added sense of pride with the subject. It’s all about building that relationship by showing them you know who they are, even if you have to look back at the database for the information.

2. Maintains Direct Contact with Customers

Besides building customer loyalty, CRM software is excellent for maintaining direct contact with customers. Since CRM software keeps track of customers’ contact information, you can set up mass emails specific to each customer with their name.

So, rather than a generic mass newsletter announcement, it’ll feel more personalized with each name specific to the address given. It’s a nice little touch that does a lot with maintaining contact with customers. Most CRM software has plenty of ready-made templates you can customize and send out when you’re ready.

3. Increases Sales

The most significant advantage of CRM software is its ability to increase sales. Studies have shown how better consumer interaction and responsiveness result in more sales. Seeing as CRM is all about improving the consumer relationship, it’s easy to assume you’ll see a benefit in sales.

The software can quickly remind customers about new deals or products, potentially enticing some to make a purchase they wouldn’t have otherwise. It also gives you the ability to reach out to customers who haven’t stopped by the shop in a while. Either way, having contact information accessible like that will benefit your sales significantly.

4. Provides Useful Analytics

A sound CRM system gives dispensary owners and managers the chance to analyze plenty of helpful analytics. Also, another word for data, analytics are great for determining customer habits, interests, target audience specifics, requests, and much more. In the end, it all helps you determine what you can do to enhance your dispensary more.

Rather than go into the subject completely blank on what you should do, analytics are there to help point you in the right direction. The technological landscape is a significant advantage every dispensary should utilize. It’s a way of understanding your audience the best, helping your business in the long run.

5. Saves Time

A dispensary owner is all about looking at trends and understanding what consumers want. Though the generic points of quality products and good service are apparent, plenty of other points may take a while to fully understand. Thankfully, CRM helps save time, giving you data and points that’d generally take you much longer to find out.

It makes it much easier to upsell or cross-sell customers while knowing what each customer likes or would like to see. Any software or system that allows you to make sales faster is a significant advantage for a business. It’s especially imperative when discussing the idea of a dispensary.

The Difference Between Dispensary CRM and Other Industries

There isn’t much difference between a dispensary CRM and other industries. The same points follow with it being a focus on customer relationship management. Though there are cannabis CRM-oriented platforms, the only real difference is having a cannabis setting and feature. Basically, it may have more templates or settings situated better for a dispensary. Still, outside of specializing in that, there aren’t many differences.

CRM Software for a Dispensary

Need Help? Contact Client Verge

Rather than worry about dealing with every CRM software aspect on your own, consider reaching out to us at Client Verge. We’re a forward-thinking online marketing company that specializes in the hemp and cannabis industries.

Our primary goal is to help our clients remain creative while helping them every step of the way during their digital modification. It’s our specialty to grow your business, and we have the experience, reputation, tools, and team to do it. Don’t just take our word for it; reach out to us, and we can discuss some success stories that have been brought to life thanks to our help.

We’re more than just a cannabis marketing agency with a heavy focus on making your dreams of creating a successful business possible. Having the foundation of a dedicated team of individuals who began in the cannabis and hemp industry, we’re here to help.

Some of our essential services include:


We hope you enjoyed our look at CRM software and its importance for a dispensary. Though the phrasing may seem overly complex, try to relax and understand that it is learnable. You’d be surprised at how fast you can handle CRM from a business perspective, especially with professional help.

If you have any questions about what to know about CRM software for a dispensary guide or anything else related, feel free to contact us. Client Verge is here to help with your digital online marketing needs. Call or contact us today to learn more about how we can help and what we offer!

how to start your own weed delivery service

How to Get a Delivery License in the Cannabis Industry

Delivery services have never been more prominent in society since the eruption of the technological age, the pandemic, and the appeal of getting what you want to be delivered. That delivery appeal has crossed over to the cannabis sector, with many asking how to get a delivery license in the cannabis industry.

Like anything else in the cannabis world, there is a lot tied to delivering the product. Whether it’s the legality of where you live or getting started in the industry, all of it is relevant to the subject at hand. Nevertheless, below will highlight some key points you’ll need to know if you hope to get a delivery license for cannabis.

What is a Delivery License?

Before discussing the specifics of a delivery license for cannabis, it’s imperative to discuss what it is in a broader sense. Though the title says it all, you may have some confusion about the matter. Regardless, a delivery license is granted to individuals who can deliver a specific product.

Delivery licenses vary depending on the product you’re discussing. As far as food delivery goes, you just have to pass the interview for the job or get approved by one of the food delivery apps. It varies significantly with the idea of a weed delivery license. For that, you’ll need to get approved more rigorously.

How Do Weed Delivery Services Work?

Wondering how weed delivery services work depends on what angle you’re talking about. As far as the consumer angle is concerned, the process is quite simple. The customer can head to any weed delivery app (as long as it’s legal in their state) and set up an account after downloading it.

Once downloaded, filter it by delivery and shop local menus around you. All you have to do is click on a store’s page and view the products available for delivery. You can place an order similar to how you would go with food, either through the app or via phone, like ordering a pizza.

Some dispensaries have online platforms that order right from the business rather than an app. Keep in mind, these services are only available in places where cannabis is fully legalized. If it’s not legal, then obviously, you won’t have access to a delivery method.

On the other hand, a dispensary can get a dispensary service by submitting the proper application for approval. We’ll discuss what this means momentarily but understand it’s relatively the same as a restaurant getting approved for a delivery service like Uber Eats or Doordash.

How to Get a Delivery License in the Cannabis Industry

How to Get a Delivery License

The delivery license early stage is the biggest challenge for a dispensary to fully understand. If you’re confused about the matter, don’t worry because we’re here to help. Though the specifics heavily depend on where you live and the local regulations, let’s go over the broad steps to take in the matter.

First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure you’re following every local law and regulation tied to your delivery license. The first step should be to gather, complete, and present all the necessary paperwork needed to get a permit and make your delivery activity lawful.

Check online to see what the specifics are for your local jurisdiction. Ensure you examine all accessible state resources that might direct you through this cycle. If you’re having trouble with the matter, don’t be afraid to reach out to some of your local cannabis representatives who could help you along.

After you finally get approval, remember that every driver must have a copy of that license when they’re making deliveries. You don’t want to run into trouble with the law just because the driver forgot about the license. Also, check for any other local requirements related to inspections.

How to Start Your Own Weed Delivery Service

Now that you know how to get a delivery license in the cannabis industry, you most likely want to know how to start it. If that’s the case, realize starting the process has a few main options you can go through. You can either go through a contractor that focuses on delivery or hire your own drivers.

Logistic organizations can recruit, train, and utilize drivers, so you don’t need to. Obviously, this option is more expensive than using your own array of drivers. Though it’s easier and ideal to start, you may want to transition into developing a delivery model that’s done from your dispensary rather than a third party.

Be mindful of when you switch for any additional costs tied to the matter. Some costs to consider include vehicles, insurance, and gas. Try to cost-benefit analyze insurance options and the idea of drivers using their own vehicles.

Training will also be required for your drivers, so they follow all regulations and requirements for the job. Luckily, most cannabis representatives supply you with the proper training requirements for drivers once you establish you want to go this route.

How to Delivery Weed Legally

When going over the delivery method to your drivers, remember the importance of doing it legally. If you follow all local jurisdictions and requirements, you should be fine. Just remember to follow them exactly how they state, or you may run into some issues down the line.

The training should cover points, for example, how deliveries are performed, how to be proficient and what is expected. Also cover the delivery legality, wellbeing and security conventions, how to deal with exchanges, how to work with clients, and much more.

Most dispensaries end up creating training videos to help with the process. Considering it can get repetitive to repeat the same steps with every driver, having a backlog of videos is always ideal. Just remember to update the videos when necessary and be clear and concise.

Delivery Process

The how-to start a marijuana delivery service process centers around the actual act of delivery. Most dispensaries integrate their delivery service with delivery software as great as it is to set the process upon your own terms. Even if you don’t have a lot of knowledge of the software, don’t worry; it’s nothing too complicated.

It typically makes the process helpful and appealing for your dispensary and clients. Plenty of services such as WebJoint, JungleWorks, or OnFleet makes the process straightforward for all parties involved. Be sure to look into plenty of other delivery software to see what fits your needs the best.

Most delivery software makes it so you can track your drivers, provide updates to customers, and store any information related to delivery. Considering the act of delivering is the most significant component of the subject, any helpful tool or software is always worthwhile to consider.

Customer Feedback and its Necessity

The last and most crucial point with cannabis delivery is customer feedback and its necessity. You never know how well your delivery system is doing unless you hear right from the customer. Though some customers can be overly critical for no reason, it tends to be beneficial for the most part.

Feedback is excellent at identifying issues in your delivery service, some of which you may not know. The consumer is likely to tell you when something is wrong, especially a massive nuisance. In comparison, a customer is equally as likely to tell you when something is working really well. Hence, you know if what you’re doing is okay.

Make sure you have thick enough skin since there will likely be an issue, even if you delicately set the delivery system up. You never know what might go wrong, so prepare yourself in the matter and have the tools set up in place to address any potential problem.

How to Get a Delivery License in the Cannabis Industry

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The delivery license process is a lengthy one that can seemingly drive people to a point of impatience they usually wouldn’t think was possible. If this is the case with you, don’t worry. There are countless resources available for you to utilize, with us being here waiting to help you in the cannabis sector in more ways than you realize.

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Figuring out the specifics with anything in the cannabis sector can be overwhelming. Thankfully, here at Client Verge, we understand the necessity of the digital age and its ability to grow a company. Our clients remain inventive while we guide them along with their digital transformation.

Marketing and the technological age are what we know best, with our primary specialty being the cannabis sector. So, if you’re wondering how to get a delivery license in the cannabis industry or anything related to the matter, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help and can’t wait to hear from you!

Local Dispensary Marketing Ideas

Local Dispensary Marketing Ideas – What to Know and More

If you own a local dispensary or are involved in the cannabis industry, you most likely are interested in local dispensary marketing ideas. Marketing is all about increasing traffic to a specific business, with there being several ideas and tips to succeed in the matter.

No matter what level you’re talking about, dispensaries have countless challenges when discussing the notion of marketing. There is an even more extensive set of difficulties with local dispensaries with all those challenges mentioned.

Though it’s not easy to run an online dispensary, the local level has an even greater deal of issues to get over. Issues such as traffic, parking, location, visibility, and storefront are areas of concern an online dispensary will never have to deal with.

As great as it is to look at your competitors to see how they get over these specific issues, you don’t want to copy what they’re doing. Even if what they’re doing is a way to success, no one will be able to tell you apart, meaning your business won’t stand out.

There is a cross between learning from competitors, standing out, and utilizing ideas that work. The other point is assumptions and thinking people will automatically know everything about your business. A good rule of thumb is to initially act like no one knows what your business is, and you’re there to guide them along the way.

Regardless, below will discuss some key ways to get the most out of marketing your dispensary. We’ll highlight why marketing is essential, specific marketing tips, and how we can help you along the way.

Nevertheless, suppose you’re ready to learn about the use of social media and marketing to expand your dispensary. In that case, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look!

Why Marketing is Important for a Dispensary

Dispensary marketing ideas are entirely based around the notion and idea that marketing is vital to the success of any business. For those who don’t know, marketing is centered on the growth of a business.

It’s a combination of promoting, selling products, research, and advertising to benefit a specific business. The importance of marketing is primarily why the field is such an extensive area.

Though marketing is such an obvious necessity, not doing it correctly can do more harm than good. Don’t invest an endless slew of income into an ad if it isn’t generating anything for you in return. You have to realize the importance of cost-benefit analysis.

As excellent it is to have a marketing plan in place, none of that matters if it isn’t going to do something beneficial for your dispensary. You need to be extremely honest with yourself and realize when something isn’t working.

Thankfully, there are plenty of sure-fire ways to get the most out of marketing for your dispensary. Though every business varies with what they need marketing-wise, some general marketing tips and ideas work for any dispensary.

Red and Gold Smoking Pipe on Brown Wooden Table

How Much do Dispensaries Spend on Marketing?

There is no set figure for how much you should spend on your dispensary local marketing. Obviously, you should spend enough to get noticed, but not to the degree that it threatens the livelihood of your business.

In general terms, you should spend from three to nine percent of the profits made by your sales per month. For example, if you make $1 million in sales annually, that translates to spending from $2,500 to $7,500 per month.

Of course, the amount you spend on dispensary local marketing may vary. For new businesses, the tendency is for a greater percentage of the profits to go into marketing. It is vital in establishing your business to put as much as possible in telling people about your dispensary. All too often, businesses fail because they do not put enough into their marketing efforts.

Keep in mind that online or internet marketing is cost-efficient and less expensive compared to traditional marketing methods such as radio, television, and newspapers. You should research the type of marketing outlets in your community and see where you can make some headway.

Knowing your customer demographic or the age, gender, and vocation of people who are most likely to purchase from your business is of great help as well. This will help you narrow your advertising so that it becomes more focused and cost-efficient.

How do I Get More Customers to My Dispensary?

The first step is that you have to focus on the basics. This means a location that is properly advertised, has good signage to alert those of your location, and the selection of product that they desire to purchase.


A good location for your dispensary is the first critical element. It needs to be one that is easily accessible, offers plenty of parking, and is in a relatively safe location in your community. A difficult-to-reach store that has little parking in a bad neighborhood will put you out of business quickly.

There are few perfect locations, but if you have good access to nearby highways or major thoroughfares, that is a good start. A neighborhood that is considered relatively safe is next, followed by ample parking.


Now that you have a good location, the next step is letting people know about it. This starts with proper outdoor signage that tells those that pass by what your business is all about. First and foremost, your signage has to be clear. This normally means including “dispensary” as part of the business name or description that goes below the name.

You can also set up separate signage that indicates the identity of your company. An essential part of dispensary local marketing is letting the market know your location and what you do.

Indoor signage is next. When a visitor enters your dispensary, the signage should identify the products and where they can pay for it. By making it clear the important locations inside your dispensary, you


The old saying you do not sell products, but instead, offer products that sell still applies today. You will need to find products for your cannabis dispensary that customers are interested in purchasing. This requires research into what customers are currently purchasing at other locations. Plus, what products that are coming online are the hot sellers in the industry.

Your research should always be part of your dispensary’s local marketing efforts. By finding out what is new, what is selling, and how it fits into your customer base, you can increase sales. Again, this is basic marketing, but it applies to dispensaries just as much as any other business.

How Can I Get My Dispensary to Stand Out?

You know the basics and now you know what is spent on average on advertising. The most important step in your dispensary local marketing is separating your business from the competition. To do that, here are a few tips that will definitely help.

1. Local SEO

With the majority of people locating dispensaries in their area through the internet, you need to emphasize local SEO to truly stand out. Search engine optimization or SEO is the most powerful passive marketing technique available.

By using the proper keywords and key phrases that are geared to your local market, you can make it easy for potential customers to find you. This is accomplished when a query is typed into a search engine. The results will be based on keywords that are tuned to the local market. By placing the proper keywords into your website’s content, you stand a much better chance of reaching the top of the results list.

2. Informative Content

Regularly produced content works with your local SEO efforts to maintain high rankings on search results pages. This means that your website is more than just an online store, it is a wealth of information that customers can use.

The content does not have to belong, but it does need to be regularly produced. A weekly article about your industry can go a long way towards keeping people coming back to you website.

3. Incentivize Buyers

There is a reason why having discounts on prices works so well. This normally means having a sale or discount on items that make it more attractive for people to purchase. This can be used on items that are highly desired to help you break through or those that simply are not moving off the shelves.

Incentivizing can also include alternative tactics such as adding customers to an email list. This can inform them of future sales on the horizon. Plus, it provides you with a great way to stay in contact with those who have purchased from your dispensary.

4. Loyalty Program

Repeat business is one of the keys to your dispensary local marketing. By having a significant percentage of purchases come from repeat buyers, you can build your profits steadily and reliably.

A loyalty program is a great way to offer incentives to customers which helps them to keep buying from your dispensary. Such programs can offer general discounts or ones to specific buyers who purchase in larger amounts.

For example, you can take off a percentage of the total sale if it reaches $50, $75, or $100. As part of a loyalty program, they will consider you first when thinking about making larger purchases.

Find Partners Safe to say, there are businesses in your area that are 420- friendly, without being in direct competition with your dispensary.

  • Wineries & Breweries
  • Sports Bars
  • Yoga Studios
  • Smoothie Joints and More

Once you find such a business, reach out and ask if you can become a partner in some of their marketing efforts. Such partners can be quite beneficial, especially in markets other than your own. This is because you are offering a customer base that they otherwise would not reach. Of course, the same applies to your dispensary as well.

This type of partnership can begin with simple advertising such as small signs or stickers that you place in each other’s location. It can be expanded to help promote community events and similar efforts that you can go in together. It also may save some money in terms of advertising as well.

Of course, there is a myriad of options you have when it comes to marketing your business to the local community. It does not mean you have to put resources into all of them. But it does mean that you should consider all the options that are available.

One method is to study what the competition in your region is doing. That provides insight into what may or may not work for your dispensary. Just be sure not to copy exactly what they are doing. Instead, look to see where you can use the successful methods to your advantage. And avoid what is not working for your competition.

Cannabis Dispensary Local Marketing Ideas

Local Dispensary Marketing Tips and Ideas

As noted, understanding the right marketing tips and ideas can make or break a dispensary. Whether you work for or own a dispensary, you have a lot of responsibility for the business, not only with the natural stigma a cannabis business has with some people (though it is fading), but with how you attempt to reach some success.

What matters is you utilize the right tools to get the most out of your dispensary. The process of dispensary local marketing is more than just finding a good business spot. It’s about how you take what’s around you and what you learn to enhance your business in every possible way.

Nevertheless, below are a few key ways to market your dispensary properly. We’ll begin by partnering with other local businesses and what that means for your business. It’s a matter of finding the right business that is not only open to doing it but would make sense.

We’ll then discuss the importance of developing personal connections with your consumer base and why that matters. After, we’ll highlight the use of online customer reviews and why they’re beneficial, even if some are negative. Finally, we’ll conclude the tips discussing brand imaging and incentivizing new customers. Let’s take a look!

1. Partner With Other Local Businesses

Plenty of local dispensary marketing ideas forget to mention the importance of partnering with other local businesses. No matter what city you’re in, the local business scene is meant to connect with one another. That connection is essentially why the shop local idea is so prevalent nowadays.

Thankfully, the stigma of cannabis is nowhere near what it used to be, making it more common for dispensaries to collaborate with other local businesses. The idea isn’t to find another dispensary to work with but rather a cannabis-friendly company that would have a similar target audience.

Try to think outside of the box this one, but not so far where it doesn’t make sense. Take a look at all local businesses and see what might apply. Generally speaking, breweries, bars, and wineries tend to work the best in this subject.

Even if you don’t have a suitable brewery or bar, realize plenty of other potential businesses you can reach out to. A good rule of thumb is to develop a strategy that’ll not only benefit you but their business as. A discount coupon for one another is a popular strategy, but there is a lot you can do.

Potential Businesses to Partner With

  • Breweries
  • Bars
  • Wineries
  • Record Shops
  • Book Shops
  • Comic Shops
  • Art Shops
  • Outdoors Store

2. Construct Personal Connections

A personal connection is what drives success to anything. Whether you’re discussing a relationship, friendship, product, or service, all of it centers on a connection to be successful.

Web-based media should make it simple for individuals to make unique interactions with one another, similar to the organizations and brands they love.

In a retail or neighborhood business climate, connections are made eye to eye by your staff consistently, making unique interactions a fundamental piece of your retail dispensary showcasing plan.

You really want to guarantee that your security and budtenders comprehend that their fundamental occupation is to serve individuals strolling through your business. That same notion needs to translate online, too, regardless of how challenging it is to develop a personal connection online.

The most effective way to do this is to get a client’s contact information so you can circle back to an instant message or email to resolve any inquiries regarding your business or products.

Specific individuals might be reluctant to offer their telephone number or email address. However, as long as your staff centers around the highlights, advantages, limits, and worth accessible to all clients, it’s worth highlighting.

3. Use Online Customer Reviews

Reviews, verbal exchanges, and individual suggestions are the primary traffic causes for local dispensaries. Just about every person understands the use of reviews, regardless of whether a negative review comes out randomly.

In this way, you want to make a framework to request, energize, enhance and raise references to build the pedestrian activity to your dispensary. You want to do what you can to ensure that when people review your business, they’re doing so in a positive manner.

You can also incentivize customer reviews to get an abundance of reviews at once. When a client leaves an internet-based survey on Google, the client can then receive store credit, or another reward.

This is a mutual benefit win. You get two deals: a possible new client, and an expected new web-based survey, while the individual gets a reward.

Remember, you need to keep your reviews fair. When someone leaves a lousy review, reach out to them and see what you can do to improve their experience. Make a note of all reviews so you understand what you’re doing right and what you can do better.

4. Create a High-Quality Cohesive Brand Image

Potential customers anticipate that your dispensary has a look that separates you from other dispensaries. Indeed, even dispensaries that work primarily through a storefront need to understand the importance of having a high-quality, cohesive brand image.

Though an enormous number of dispensaries realize they need to have a good brand image, relatively few know the accepted procedures for making and keeping up with it. Assuming that a business’ internet-based brand character isn’t up to date, this could establish a terrible connection with their audience and lose a likely client.

Besides having a cohesive brand image, it’s imperative to understand the necessity of having a high-quality measure with it. As great as it is to be consistent with something, none of it matters if the content or image isn’t worth mentioning. Though practice makes perfect, it’s best to learn some key points to get a step ahead early on.

Points to Follow:

  • Use consistent colors and imagery.
  • Choose fonts that benefit your dispensary.
  • Use specific design elements for your dispensary.
  • Stick to a theme when choosing art and illustrations.
  • Have a constant and consistent voice with your work.

5. Incentivize New Customers

Dispensary advertising is meant to incentivize new customers. Why should someone support your business? Why would someone buy a specific product? These are questions you should have floating around while trying to market and promote your dispensary.

The questions are all based on getting customers to your business. When you have these expected customers in your dispensary, you get an opportunity to get them illuminated by your items and amped up for your business.

There are multiple ways of executing this thought. Whether you offer a free item or an incredible markdown, the key is to bring down the boundary to passage for first-time purchasers.

A good example includes the buy-one-get-one method. Individuals love deals, and this method can arrive in an assortment of offers, from getting a one kind of cannabis item to getting another for nothing. Assuming that it’s within your financial plan, you can do a lot to incentivize your customers to shop.

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How Client Verge Can Help Dispensary Local Marketing

Client Verge is here to assist your dispensary with succeeding in the profoundly challenging field of cannabis. We offer numerous services to present the most ideal outcomes in advertising your dispensary.

Our company is here to address the necessities of dispensaries to general society with the organizations we work with. Understand that we’ll talk about the potential and progressing issues identified with promoting the industry. Most importantly, the information you’ll need to succeed.

We must help you with the challenges of showcasing and advancing your dispensary. Today, our company offers over 6 years of contribution to the cannabis business and over twelve years of marketing experience.

We Specialize In:

Our crucial objective is to advance your dispensary on the web and in person. We offer versatile responses for all dispensary sizes to help them with getting seen, securing more customers, and collecting their business concept.

We begin when you call or contact our office. We’ll focus on your necessities and direct an evaluation of where your association stands on the grand scheme of marketing cannabis. From that, we’ll develop a specific marketing plan directed to your business aspirations and goals.

Using all of the resources we have, Client Verge will put forth a solid attempt to expand the extent of your business, uncover issues to anticipated customers, and make a publicizing approach that chips away at your spending plan.

Local Dispensary Marketing Ideas Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our discussion on local dispensary marketing ideas. Remember the importance of local dispensary marketing and steps to have a successful marketing plan.

For those who are about to start or who have invested in creating a cannabis dispensary, the promise of great profits may not be matched by the results. As with any industry, you have to separate your business from the competition. This means proper cannabis dispensary local marketing to reach potential customers.

Of course, what methods you use to reach out and separate your business from the competitors should be based on proven techniques.

Most importantly, look for other local businesses to collaborate with, the idea of personal connections, using online customer reviews, creating a high-quality brand image, and incentivizing your new customers.

If you really want assistance advertising your retail dispensary location or your web-based dispensary, consider contacting us at Client Verge! We look forward to working with you and getting the most out of your dispensary.