Can You Advertise CBD On Pinterest

Can You Advertise CBD On Pinterest?

The CBD industry has surged in popularity over the last few years, especially since the Farm Bill legalized and regulated hemp across the United States in 2018. Though its legality is great for consumers looking to reap the benefits of the product, many entrepreneurs are asking, can you advertise CBD on Pinterest?

Though the specifics of Pinterest may seem less appealing than other social media platforms, the benefit of it is more significant than most people realize. Regardless, below will discuss if you can advertise CBD on Pinterest, its importance, and how we can help you with your digital marketing needs.

What is Pinterest Pinning?

Unlike many other social media websites, people tend to be confused about how Pinterest works. Obviously, if you’re going to use the site for your advertising needs, you should know the ins and outs of the platform. All you really need to know is Pinterest pinning and its importance to the site.

Pins are bookmarks that individuals use to save content they love on Pinterest. Pins can be pictures, videos, or products (including CBD). On the off chance that you click the Pin, you can visit the site to figure out how to make it or where to get it. The entire site is all about saving and discovering information, making it perfect for the CBD industry.

Can You Advertise CBD On Pinterest

Can You Buy ads for CBD on Pinterest?

Unlike many other social media platforms, Pinterest straight up allows CBD ads on their platform. You don’t have to worry about any specific rules, which is a huge plus if you know how annoying advertising is on other platforms. Considering Pinterest is all about discovery and information-based content, this especially benefits advertising platforms.

Keep in mind, you should have a clear reason for advertising CBD on Pinterest. It should have a focus on promoting the health benefits of CBD more than anything. In case you don’t know the full scope of benefits, make sure you do some research and link back to any studies you find. If you can do that, you’ll have a killer ad ready for approval.

Can You Post CBD Oil on Pinterest?

On top of allowing advertisements for CBD oil, Pinterest is also great for posting CBD oil. There is no need to worry about posting a picture of CBD oil, especially since the advertisements go hand in hand with it. Just remember to gander ad options, so you get the most out of the promotion in the matter.

Generally speaking, Pinterest doesn’t allow the promotion of sale or use of illegal or recreational drugs. Thankfully, CBD doesn’t fall under this category, meaning you’re good to make posts. Even if you don’t want to go down the advertising rabbit hole, having consistent content is a great way to build a following on the platform.

What to Know About CBD Advertising On Pinterest

The biggest thing you’ll need to know about CBD advertising on Pinterest is you can’t advertise CBD products that contain THC levels above 0.3%. Although cannabis is legalized in many places nowadays, Pinterest understands its legality is still under question in some areas. As a result, you can only discuss CBD legal everywhere in the United States.

Though this may seem like a huge deal, practically every CBD business offers non-THC or low-level THC, giving you plenty of products to promote. Plus, if someone becomes interested in a CBD product that’s allowed on the platform, they’ll more than likely check out some of your other products.

You should also be mindful of CBD post ideas outside of knowing the basics of what you can do on Pinterest. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest’s heavy focus on promotional and informative material gives you a specific angle to take a look at in the CBD spectrum.

Good Ideas to Consider:

  • CBD and Marketing Industry Facts
  • CBD SEO Campaign Ideas
  • CBD Statistics
  • CBD Studies
  • The Benefits of CBD
  • Restrictions of CBD
  • CBD Side Effects
  • The History of CBD
  • The Future of Cbd

Reasons to Consider Pinterest Advertising

Asking, can you advertise CBD on Pinterest, wouldn’t be complete without discussing the primary reasons to consider the advertising. Believe it or not, Pinterest has an average of 175 million month-to-month visitors every year. It’s the third most prominent social media platform, giving you a huge audience to promote and share information with.

Besides being a massive platform that many businesses fail to utilize, Pinterest is easy to use. It doesn’t have many features, giving you a clear path on what to use it for. Though it may take some time to generate traffic, that snowball will grow at a fantastic rate once you do. Beyond that, below will highlight some main reasons you should consider the platform.

1. Pinterest Benefits Conversions

Pinterest is all about generating conversions through its content. Conversions refer to when someone clicks on a link through a specific platform. Since Pinterest users use the website as an information hub, they’re used to clicking to a different website to learn more, making it perfect for promoting a specific product or service.

Keep in mind, it’s a balance of determining what kind of content works for you. Even if you go with a proven method, there’s a chance it might not work for your business. You’ll need to edit and adjust until you see the conversions you aim for, which may take some time to grind.

2. Pinterest Generates Demand

Demand is an imperative part of any success story, with businesses needing a high demand to succeed. Though building that demand up can be a daunting task, Pinterest is perfect for consumers to discover new brands and businesses. Any platform that promotes a brand or business interest is excellent for generating demand.

As a result, Pinterest is huge for awareness campaigns meant to boost demand for your company. The campaigns work where you pay a certain fee per 1000 impressions, with you having the ability to edit the ad to your liking. You can also utilize promoted video pins, which are even more immersing and beneficial to the consumer.

3. Pinterest Drives Traffic

When you discuss the primary benefit of generating demand and conversions, one can assume that’ll drive traffic to your site. For those who don’t know, online marketing typically aims to get more customers to your business. As simple as that may sound, much of that growth has to do with generating traffic to your central hub.

That hub can reference your website, online store, or prominent social media page. Either way, generating traffic is a significant aspect of getting the most out of your business. Pinterest users understand they’re on the platform to learn something, and hopefully, it’s to discover your CBD business.

4. Pinterest Benefits Brand Engagement

Engagement is about customer interaction with a specific business. As great as having a lot of followers is, none of that matters if the consumer isn’t engaging with your business somehow. Consider making a survey or pool in an informative pin that gets your audience on Pinterest to interact with your business online.

Getting more engagement and followers is a great way to potentially get more business down the road. Remember to stick with it and watch as your business grows. You’ll be surprised at how much it’ll benefit your business in the long run.

Can You Advertise CBD On Pinterest

Need Help Advertising On Pinterest? Reach Out to Client Verge

The can I advertise CBD on Pinterest process isn’t complete without a professional to guide you along the way. Though it may not seem significant, digital marketing is imperative to the success of any great business, especially for a CBD business. As a result, consider working with us at Client Verge.

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Can You Promote CBD Oil on Pinterest – Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed this article on the necessity to use Pinterest for your CBD business. Though the benefits may seem minuscule at first, it’s another part of the grander scheme for CBD that is vital to its growth. Remember to stick with the platform, and you’ll be happy to see the benefits in no time.

Regardless, if you’re still wondering, can you promote CBD on Pinterest, realize the answer is yes. Follow the steps and guidelines we’ve discussed, and you’ll be golden. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions about the matter or if you’re interested in setting up a free consultation for our digital marketing services.

Can I Promote CBD on Instagram

Can I Promote CBD on Instagram?

If you’re wondering, can I promote CBD on Instagram, understand that guides like this mean you’re in the right place. Yes, you can promote CBD on Instagram for those who don’t know, though it may be more challenging than you might realize.

Though you presumably can publicize CBD oil and other CBD items on Instagram, you’ll probably have your advertisements rejected, or even worse, get your record closed down or restricted. Why is this if you can technically promote it on Instagram? All of this has to do with how you promote it.

If you were to talk with numerous CBD entrepreneurs from all over the world, they’d discuss the difficulty of promoting CBD or any hemp/cannabis products on the web. You need to develop the right marketing tools to ensure you promote your CBD the best way you can. Meaning you don’t rely on paid advertisements.

The ultimate goal is to drive the perfect customers to your dispensary site or CBD/marijuana retail location to sell them CBD on the web or face to face. Marketing is a challenging process that can be very demanding. However, as long as you’re careful and follow the tips closely, you shouldn’t run into any significant issues.

The question at hand shouldn’t have to be your first question tied to CBD marketing. Unfortunately, that is the reality with the subject, meaning it’s a difficult point to truly master unless you have the patience and tools ready to do so.

As a way to help you get started, this article will have a close look at six crucial tips for marketing and promoting CBD without having to rely on ads strictly. We’ll highlight what you’ll need to know, including some advertising laws, and we can help you throughout your CBD marketing journey. Let’s take a look!

Can I Advertise CBD through Instagram – Key Tactics to Know

Whenever someone mentions the idea of advertising through Instagram, they tend to think of it in a traditional sense. You pay Instagram money so that ads pop up for your specific product. However, that form of advertising is prevalent and worthwhile; there are other ways to promote your product.

When it comes to a product like CBD, it’s almost preferred to develop a method that saves you the annoyance of potentially getting rejected. It’s not to say that traditional advertising doesn’t have its benefits, because it certainly does. It is saying that there are other ways to promote your CBD.

Nevertheless, below are six key tactics that we know promote CBD products. We’ll discuss establishing your lifestyle, hashtags, organic advertisements, the social impact, reposting content, and utilizing the geotag functionality. Let’s get started!

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1. Establish Lifestyle

The lifestyle of a business may appear like an overwhelming burden to determine. That lifestyle refers to the life your customers have after they make a CBD purchase. Hence, you can share CBD tips, similar interests with CBD, how you can use it, etc.

There is a lot you can do to establish your CBD products’ lifestyle. Seeing as Instagram is oriented around photo-sharing, do what you can to develop a lifestyle around your brand. By sticking with this particular method, your audience appreciates your products and gets a sense of what you offer.

The advantage of consolidating how people utilize your CBD items in their day-to-day routines in their homes is that you cause new clients to identify with your CBD image’s way of life.

It’s essential to your CBD business since this sort of CBD publicizing/promoting fortifies your image respect, moving individuals further through your channel, urging individuals to make a purchase.

Remember to keep famous landmarks or local sayings in your content so the locals feel some familiarity with what you’re saying. Even if some of your audience isn’t from that specific area, they’ll get an idea of what kind of life you’re promoting.

In short, lifestyle marketing demonstrates how your CBD is used by locals and in local areas with the community around you. It establishes a specific type of trust in who you are and what you have to offer.

2. Utilize Your Location with Hashtags

As discussed above, the necessity to establish a lifestyle that comes with the added focus of using location-based hashtags. Localized hashtags are imperative with CBD marketing and your general advertising strategy.

Though there are some polarizing points with hashtags, understand they are necessary with the process. Hashtags assist users with getting more reach on their CBD content on Instagram.

To enhance the neighborhood reach of your Instagram page, as well as utilizing nearby geotags, your CBD promoting method ought to incorporate local hashtags (popular hashtags pertinent to your neighborhood).

Individuals use hashtags to look for specific content on Instagram like individuals use keywords to look for specific content on Google. Using localized hashtags allows users to find your dispensary or business through those specific means.

CBD Hashtags

It’s safe to assume that hashtags for CBD will be the main bulk of your concern with hashtags. Nevertheless, utilizing local hashtags permits potential CBD clients to track down your dispensary through geo region explicit hashtags. Some common hashtags include:

  • #cbd
  • #cbdoil
  • #dispensary
  • #cbd(your city name)
  • #cannabis
  • #thc
  • #cannabiscommunity
  • #hemp
  • #weed
  • #marijuana
  • #cannabisculture
  • #cbdhealth
  • #cbdproducts
  • #cbdlife
  • #hightimes
  • #weedstagram
  • #cbdmovement
  • #cbdcommunity
  • #cbdheals
  • #cbdwellness
  • #health
  • #wellness
  • #organic

Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post. This doesn’t mean you should use 30 hashtags, but you should utilize a couple of the most common ones and change them around consistently. As with everything with Instagram promotion, there are difficulties in employing local hashtags to promote CBD.

UK Weed Hashtags

As great as it is to know some general weed hashtags, it’s equally as valuable to highlight some other specifics in the matter. Weed hashtags for the UK are incredibly popular in this subject, largely since there is such a growing subculture in the nation. Below are a few common ones you can use:

  • #ukweed
  • #uk
  • #cannabiscommunity
  • #cannabis
  • #weed
  • #ukcannabiscommunity
  • #cannabisculture
  • #dankofengland
  • #weedstagram
  • #marijuana
  • #ukcannabis
  • #thc
  • #bhfyp
  • #dank
  • #londonweed
  • #london
  • #cbd
  • #ukdank
  • #growyourown
  • #ukgrown
  • #ukstoner
  • #bud
  • #ukgrowgang

Marijuana Hashtags for Instagram

Consider throwing a few marijuana hashtags in your posts from an even broader perspective with hashtags. Even if you’re not promoting cannabis but strictly CBD, the hashtags are connected enough where you can grow your audience. Plus, the CBD and cannabis communities are close enough to cross over.

  • #weed
  • #cannabis
  • #cannabiscommunity
  • #marijuana
  • #thc
  • #weedstagram
  • #cannabisculture
  • #cbd
  • #stoner
  • #weedlife
  • #hightimes
  • #sativa
  • #smoke
  • #indica
  • #ganja
  • #kush
  • #maryjane
  • #highlife
  • #life
  • #smokeweedeveryday
  • #high
  • #dabs
  • #medicalmarijuana
  • #dank
  • #hemp
  • #highsociety
  • #stoned

3. Keep Ads Unique

People think the can I promote CBD on Instagram process has to do with advertising and nothing else. Though ads are helpful, you need to understand the benefit of keeping the ads unique and organic.

Instagram was constantly intended to feature and share extraordinary sifted/unfiltered photos that individuals would not post on other web-based media stages like Twitter or Facebook.

Regarding brands on Instagram and CBD items, specifically, the imaging, style, and tone of your images need to stay steady with your CBD image. However, an excessive amount of similarity can make your images of CBD items mix in and not stick out.

The issue with publicizing or promoting your CBD items on Instagram is exploring the space between posting reliable substance on Instagram and not posting the same content on other social media platforms.

You need all the information for your organic CBD advertisements on Instagram to be diverse on every online media stage. If not, a portion of your clients who follow you on numerous channels will wind up seeing similar information on different occasions.

4. Be Social

Without stating the prominent, social media and Instagram primarily are meant for you to be social. Social media gives a sense of community to those involved, especially when discussing something niches like a dispensary or cannabis business.

As a result, you want to follow CBD Instagram influencers and different brands, including direct contenders, and get in on the discussion, or even better, start one. You never know what might come up unless you get out there and be social.

Make it a highlight, draw in with the content they post, and communicate with other people remarking. However, don’t make this business-oriented! Make sure to remain social online for this situation and not strictly sell products.

Deals for your CBD items will descend the line as you structure more relationships, grow a following, form a reputation, and develop your general scope on Instagram.

5. Repost Content

Similar to being social on Instagram, there comes to reposting others’ content. Reposting content is one of the best ways to grow a following on the platform, especially since so many people appreciate seeing their content shared.

Though you don’t want to get into the habit of oversharing, do it when you can. Whether it’s from a customer who is posting about your dispensary, a competitor, or something useful, all of it is worth sharing. Just remember to pick and choose, so your audience will appreciate what you’re sharing.

6. Utilize Geotag

Adding geotags is a modern method more Instagram businesses need to understand. Geotagging is great because when someone clicks on your location for a post, a guide springs up shows the specific area of where your business is at.

This doesn’t mean you should geotag your retail store every single time, yet you should attempt to involve geotags of your areas, such as great tourist spots or favorite areas nearby.

Thus, if you’re posting content that was taken at another local business or well-known nearby area, you’d need to utilize a geo-area tag for that specific area.

Hemp Advertising Laws

Hemp advertising laws vary depending on what country you’re in, with Canada having several regulations and guides for their country.

The Cannabis Act contains an overall restriction against fake, deluding, or misleading information regarding cannabis and hemp, including its attributes, esteem, amount, piece, strength, fixation, power, immaculateness, quality, merit, security, wellbeing impacts, or wellbeing hazards. You can read more here.

Can You Advertise on Instagram without Facebook?

Instagram currently allows users to make Instagram ads without connecting to a Facebook account. In any case, this is only accessible to Instagram brands and businesses that haven’t posted already. If you already have an Instagram page for your business, then you’ll need a Facebook to go along with it.

Person Holding Phone While Logging-in on Instagram Application

How Client Verge Can Help Your Cannabis Business

An innovative marketing plan is urgent to build a compelling dispensary or marijuana business. Most importantly, you’ll need an approved and experienced marketing team driving your primary mission and goals; you’ll need Client Verge. We’re here to help and can’t wait to work with you every step of the way. We have the experience and success to back up our claims.

A portion of our essential services include:

Can I Promote CBD on Instagram – Summary

The can I promote CBD on Instagram question shouldn’t have to be as big of an annoyance as it is, but unfortunately, that’s the case. Regardless, we hope this guide gave you some critical information to help you get started on the matter.

Regardless, before you invest a large sum of money into advertising, consider trying some of the marketing tips out first. Plus, you never when Instagram might reject or take down your ad, no matter how much money you try to give them.

If you end up discovering that these tips are growing your CBD business instead of paid advertising, that’s great! Just remember to keep chugging along and doing what you can to get the most out of the process.

Still, if you hope to run some ads and a marketing campaign, we’re here to help. We have an extensive track record of helping CBD and cannabis companies get the most out of their marketing. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions and want to get started! We look forward to hearing from you!