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What Is The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association?

What Is The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association (TCGA) has played an instrumental role in advocating for the rights of cannabis growers and users. Advocacy and educational organizations like TCCGA have made significant contributions that have made Colorado a leading state in cannabis industry productivity and innovation. Colorado was the first state to legalize medical cannabis and one of the first states to allow adult recreational use and home growing. Colorado has one of the most progressive cannabis policy climates in the United States thanks to the help of advocacy groups like The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association.

Although Colorado legalized medical cannabis and adult recreational use in 2000 and 2012 respectively, the infrastructure and regulatory framework are still new and evolving. It is a critical time to help policymakers understand the needs of growers and consumers.

Luckily, grassroots educational organizations like TCCGA provide valuable resources to the public and critical feedback to policymakers. They have firsthand experience and advice to share about a range of issues including cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution. They also have insights into the production of live resin, distillates, shatter, and other cannabis products. The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association aims to inform policy development based on the realities facing growers and consumers.

What is The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association’s Mission?

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The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association (TCCGA) has members representing different sectors of the cannabis industry supply chain. For example, it includes growers of all enterprise levels, extraction specialists, edibles chefs, and more. It also includes college students, researchers, and ancillary business owners. TCCGA’s mission is to be a significant presence in the Colorado industry and support the legislative voice of cannabis growers, professionals, and enthusiasts.

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association (TCCGA) is a statewide network of cannabis supporters. It is in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) status. This organization provides education and assistance to the cannabis business industry. TCCGA anticipates major growth in the future and welcomes new members who would like to be involved in activities supporting effective cannabis policy development. The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association represents the best interests of growers and ensures high-quality standards for consumers.

What Does The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association Do?

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association hosts policy and educational events on cannabis cultivation and related topics. They play a pivotal role in supporting growers and users at a time when the Colorado cannabis industry is going into a new period of expansion and innovation. The industry is quickly evolving after decades of cannabis prohibition that halted cultivation, consumption, and research. As regulations change, the industry needs diverse perspectives that will improve future cannabis policy and practice. TCCGA’s members reflect a broad cross-section of the cannabis industry from cultivation to lab testing.

Cannabis use in the form of tinctures, smokeable flowers, and edibles cannabis has been a prominent part of American home remedy solutions for over a century. Since the colonial period, Americans have used cannabis tinctures, salves, and smokable flower joints. Hemp was one of the earliest crops in the colonies, and its products were used for wellness, animal feed, and fiber needs. Many prominent leaders that shaped American history grew hemp. This list includes George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin started one of the first paper mills using hemp. Industrial hemp was a common crop in some states because it could be cultivated for multiple purposes.

Cannabis was commonly used to treat a range of health problems including nausea, pain, inflammation, and seizures up until the early to mid-1900s. At that point in history, several factors contributed to more restrictive cannabis prohibition laws. The stigmatization of the plant and marginalized groups associated with cannabis and competition from the pharmaceutical industry were two main influences on the movement to outlaw cannabis.

The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 marked the start of federal prohibition. The time period between the federal ban on cannabis and current medical and recreational policy has been characterized by limited research activity, poor access to quality medical cannabis for patients, the disproportionate amounts of possession and drug trafficking arrests and sentences affecting marginalized communities, and conflicting policy on various cannabinoid production and use.

Significant cannabis reform progress has happened since the 1930s even if it has been slow and somewhat haphazard at specific times in history. That is why growers’ associations are so important to the development of state regulatory protocols and processes. TCCGA has been critical in representing the needs of cannabis growers and users during the past decade. The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association shares information with the public and cannabis industry professionals about how past and present economic, social, political and agricultural contexts shape legislation.

Who is the Founder of The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association?

Travis S. Nelson is the President and Founder of the Colorado Cannabis Growers Association. He has been a constant advocate for cannabis policy reform and gives presentations about the history of cannabis prohibition and more effective policy design that accounts for the changing Colorado regulatory landscape. He guides the Colorado Cannabis Growers Association’s advocacy closely so that its presence brings an enlightening touch to interactions with policymakers. Nelson has highlighted how Huerfano County demonstrated innovative cannabis science development. The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association advocated for the development of progressive commercial regulations. TCCGA supported Huerfano County’s efforts to attract industry, jobs, and development.

Where is The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association’s Headquarters Located?

TCCGA moved their state headquarters to the former Masonic Lodge and Temple located (and numbered appropriately) 420 Main Street in Walsenburg, Colorado. The headquarters are located directly across Main Street from the county courthouse. This is the site for some of the speaking engagements featuring experts in cultivation, plant genetics, and cannabis product manufacturing.

What are the Membership Requirements?

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The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association is looking for like-minded cannabis professionals who can support their three main pillars: Advocacy, Community Service, and Scholarships.

Members must be 21 years of age or older and pay a membership fee. Fees are $10 per month or $80 for a year. TCCGA has relatively affordable membership fees compared to grower associations in other states (the fees tend to be double in some states). For example, the Tennessee Grower’s Coalition is $300 for a basic annual membership. Annual fees for the Cannabis Association of New York (CANY) start at $500 for ancillary businesses and run up to $25,000 for platinum patron membership.

If you are a cannabis grower in Colorado seeking the resources and support of a cultivation peer group, consider joining the Colorado Cannabis Growers Association. Membership is an effective way to stay current on policy updates and cultivation and manufacturing research and advancements. Joining the Colorado Cannabis Growers Association will offer long-term professional networking opportunities.

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association Three Main Pillars

TCCGA’s three main pillars are Advocacy, Community Service, and Scholarships. The organizations focus on activities that support these efforts.

TCCGA’s Advocacy Activities

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association is involved in hosting guest speaker series that focus on cultivation practices and policy updates. Topics are often focused on best cultivation practices, sustainability, regulatory compliance and market trends.

Advocacy efforts also include teaching residents about their rights and responsibilities pertaining to home cultivation and cannabis consumption.

TCCGA’s Community Service

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association engages in various community service projects. These projects include helping citizens in need with household repairs, lawn maintenance, and other projects. They believe in supporting the local community. Some unique outreach activities include:

  • Offering grow lessons
  • Helping people with disabilities move heavy objects
  • Donating supplies to the community garden

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association Scholarships

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association offers scholarships. One specific funding opportunity is the Arizona Star Scholarship Fund.This $500 scholarship to any Huerfano County graduating high school senior. Since 2016, TCCGA has granted scholarships to Huerfano County graduating high school seniors. A panel selects winners on the basis of community service involvement and academic achievement.

Applicants must submit the following items as part of their scholarship application:

Proof of a GPA of 2.0 or higher
Community service involvement
Future plans

Please visit the scholarships page to download the application.

Who Joins TCCGA?

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association members include growers of various experience levels, cannabis business operators such as cultivation managers, transport professionals, dispensary owners, lab technicians, extraction experts, and quality assurance experts. It also includes students and entry-level cannabis workers. Some members do not work in the cannabis industry, but they join because they are patients or consumers who are passionate about protecting their access to safe, high-quality cannabis.

Individuals interested in getting involved in advocacy can attend one of The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association meetings. If you attend a TCCGA event, ask the President or other members of the executive team about membership and getting involved in advocacy. They welcome new members who want to advocate for regulatory policy that meets the interests of growers and consumers.
What are the Requirements for Membership?

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association accepts applicants from individuals 21 or older. The age requirement is in alignment with the cannabis hiring and business regulation policies. Once the application is submitted, you should expect to hear from The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association within a week or two.

Caregivers can join for $25 a month or $300 per year. Businesses can join for $50 per month or 400 per year.

What are the Benefits of Joining CCGA?

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The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association membership offers opportunities to network and learn from other cannabis growers and advocates. Members receive policy updates and information about industry-related events via electronic newsletters.
Members have unique opportunities to interact with industry stakeholders to seek research and entrepreneurial partnerships.

By interacting with other TCCGA members, you will have regular conversations about trends that any cannabis industry professional should be “in the know” about. For example, some content may address compliance issues such as the most effective ways to train staff on METRC compliance, technology to support inventory procedures, and consumer trends regarding concentrates, edibles, and topical creams.

What Level of Experience Do I Need to Join TCCGA?

TCCGA believes in full cannabis tolerance and diversity among community members. We welcome a diverse group of advocates that range in experience and consumption activity.

How Do I Become a Grower in Colorado?

One of the first main steps is compiling your business plan information and completing the license application. This step can be time-consuming, but it is important to start planning wisely and thoroughly at this stage.

Applicants for cannabis cultivation licenses can be found on the Colorado Department of Revenue website. Here are the general steps involved in applying for a cannabis cultivation license. The Department of Revenue provides clear steps for submitting an application.

What is Involved in Sponsoring TCCGA?

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association volunteers provide a significant amount of time, effort, and passion to support progress toward the organization’s goals. The vision and financial plan align with supporting the three pillars of advocacy, community service, and scholarships. The Founder and President and many TCCGA employees have been actively involved in advocacy efforts for many years.

How Does TCCGA Use Funding?

TCCGA has a general fund consisting of some private donations. This money is used to cover utilities and expenses necessary to run the organization. Donations to TCCGA cover the costs of publishing of TCCGA’s quarterly newspaper and education materials. It also pays for expenses related to hosting guest speakers and coordinating fundraising and advocacy events.

What are Some Current TCCGA projects?

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The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association is engaging in community service projects and coordinating upcoming events. TCCGA members are active in community service efforts. This activity aligns with TCCGA’s belief in bettering the community and helping those who live in it. Members are involved in a range of activities that include the following: community cleanup initiatives, maintaining the cleanliness of public spaces, ensuring the safety of public walkways and sidewalks, and helping those with special needs accomplish household projects.

The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association has hosted events over the past few years that have significant educational value. They try to support cannabis entrepreneurs by inviting guest speakers to talk about cultivation trends and practices.

TCCGA is an organization that provides extraordinary opportunities for the general public and members to learn from some of the state industry’s legends. For example, they have hosted a Grow for Vets Colorado event that featured the executive director and founder of GrowforVets. The late Roger Martin was the keynote speaker for a 2016 event. Martin explained the work of GrowforVets, a not-for-profit organization that advocates for safer medicine choices for veterans. This event provided an opportunity for the community to donate their flower to veterans in need of medical cannabis but fiscally constrained.

Martin was featured on CBS News for his efforts to support veteran access to medical cannabis. The Grow for Vets founder credits cannabis for helping him overcome opioid addiction. He then went on to devote his life to improving medical cannabis access for many other veterans. TCCGA connects inspirational and accomplished members with each other and local and national cannabis influencers.

Another event featured research on biomolecular testing of cannabis. Cannabis genome expert Patrick E Williams, Ph.D. gave a presentation on pathogen research, detection, and identification.

The CEO of Dixie Brands, Inc. Tripp Keber gave a talk at the Walsenburg, Ohio-based headquarters located at 420 Main Street. included in a speaking event. Dixie Brands, Inc. is regarded as one of the most successful and innovative cannabis businesses. It is evident that TCCGA wants to provide members with the most current and advanced cannabis business practices. By supporting these key networking and education seminars, The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association is directly contributing to the development and productivity of the state’s cannabis industry.

Other Colorado Organizations and Partnerships Involved in Cannabis Advocacy

TCCGA has helped facilitate local and state-level partnerships. Some work included supporting the development of Colorado State University-Pueblo’s Institute for Cannabis Research (ICR). IRC later created the Hemp Farmers Association (IHFA) in August 2019 IHFA supports the work of local and national farmers.

Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) was founded in 2010 by cannabis business operators and supporters. MIG helped craft Colorado’s earliest medical marijuana regulatory framework. It is one of the original and largest cannabis industry trade associations.

Some other state networks and collaborations happening, in general, including a collaboration between the ICR Hemp Farmers Association (IHFA) and the Institute of Cannabis at Research Colorado State University-Pueblo. This collaboration involves working with local farmers and operators nationwide.

How Can I Contact TCCGA?

Check the operating hours on Google to find out when the best time is to visit the office or attend an event at the headquarters. Check the website regularly for policy updates, blog articles, and updates to the calendar of events. TCCGA’s mailing address is 420 Main Street, Walsenburg, CO 81089. TCCGA can also be contacted via email: ccgassociation@gmail.com.

Learn More About The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association

We hope that this guide to The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association has answered some of your questions about this important organization. If you would like more information about TCCGA, please contact us. We have helpful resources to support your business.

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