WooCommerce CBD Payment Processing – Selling CBD on WooCommerce vs. iFrame Platforms.

The CBD industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in North America, largely thanks to its legality across the U.S. and Canada. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs in the field are confused about what to do with selling CBD online. It’s an issue that’s specific to the WooCommerce CBD payment processing.

Nevertheless, this article will highlight selling CBD on WooCommerce, comparing it to iFrame platforms. We’ll go over what WooCommerce is, what iFrame is, which is better, payment gateways, themes, etc. By the end, you’ll have a general idea of what to do with WooCommerce and selling CBD.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the best decision to drive your internet-based CBD store, whether you’re a web-based company or a laid-out in-person brand with a storefront. WooCommerce is an internet business plugin for WordPress. It makes making and dealing with an internet-based store straightforward.

The plugin has healthy degrees of adaptability and a few essential features like stock and tax overwatch, secure payments, and shipping. It’s excellent since it offers numerous advantages for every business that uses the plugin. Examples include ease of use, client commitment, transportation notices, stock administration, etc.

WooCommerce powers close to 99 percent of all WordPress stores. WooCommerce has a low difficulty level, meaning it’s not difficult to use for amateur site proprietors. Still, not every user utilizes a WooCommerce, with some sticking with an iFrame set-up for their site.

CBD on WooCommerce

CBD on WooCommerce

What is iFrame?

An iframe is an HTML component that holds HTML code. The iframe component is indicated with the iframe tag. It could be put anyplace in an HTML report and on a site page. Iframes are frequently used to insert content from another page, such as a video, layout, document, or an entire site page.

The embedding formula is a vital ability in HTML. You can take any satisfaction from any site (with consent) and put it on your own to improve your content. Hence, many people with already established CBD online stores will use iFrame to connect to a blog or a new site.


As valuable as iFrame is, it’s a lot easier and better site-wise to use WooCommerce. Hence, WooCommerce is so popular; it works, is adaptable, and has simple guides for setting up a CBD store. The platform is available to both tech learners and experienced designers.

The platform can scale to address the issues of the biggest web-based store. You have complete command over your image, messaging, and plan. The platform’s functionality can be redone to address the issues of your business.

All main features and effectiveness are free to utilize. It would help if you had a site name, web host, and payment processor, allowing your store to benefit from a popular platform. WooCommerce is focused on making the industry as best as possible, which is a huge plus considering how over-saturated the market is.

The Process of Selling CBD on WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an adaptable, reasonable answer for CBD traders of any size. It’s widespread for WooCommerce CBD sellers to become a piece of a local hub of experts, volunteers, and storekeepers who share CBD responsibility and values.

WooCommerce and WordPress are focused on enabling individuals to work on their lives through an equivalent open door. It’s the same respect for CBD products supporting the well-being of everyone who uses CBD.

You can carry your enthusiasm and items to new crowds and more significant business sectors with a few simple steps. Unfortunately, WordPress currently doesn’t support CBD sites. However, there is a slew of other hosts who do, with similar functions to WordPress.

The industry would benefit if WordPress allowed the sale of CBD and hemp-determined products. Hopefully, someday it becomes the case.

CBD Merchant Account WooCommerce Process

Currently, rules apply to storekeepers who want to utilize different administrations via Automattic (provider of blogging services). Examples include Jetpack, the WooCommerce Mobile App, WooCommerce Shipping, or WooCommerce Tax to sell CBD and other hemp-determined items on the web. As a result, you’ll need a CBD merchant account.

A CBD merchant account is a record that permits you to accept card payments made for CBD items. Providers that take CBD records can be challenging since it’s a high-risk payment. Unfortunately, many providers who initially approve a CBD seller will drop the account after having it for a few months.

The rules also matter since not every product is allowed. These rules apply to stores selling CBD and other hemp-determined items, except hemp-inferred clothing.

If you sell clothing produced using hemp, you are free to utilize the entirety of Automattic’s administrations. If this case concerns you, hemp apparel would have to be the primary item from cannabis or hemp sold in your store.

How to Open a CBD WooCommerce Store

  1. Obtain a host that permits CBD and other hemp-determined items. WordPress doesn’t permit businesses to sell these items on the web.
  2. Find a payment processor that permits the sale of hemp-determined items.
  3. Check with your bank to affirm you can accept funds from your payment processor for these items.
  4. Check with your delivery supplier to ensure you can transport CBD or other hemp-determined items.

WooCommerce CBD Payment Gateway

The primary purpose of WooCommerce is to set up your store through WooCommerce CBD payment processing. If you’d like to use WooCommerce for CBD, the platforms require you to use one of their specified payment gateway solutions. The two options are Square and Viva Wallet.

As far as selling CBD in the U.S., Square has a program that reviews and approves stores selling CBD and hemp-derived products. The products reviewed apply to U.S. laws and regulations.

Square’s program is, unfortunately, only available in the United States. If you’re operating a store outside the U.S., you’re still welcome to use the open-source WooCommerce software. Unfortunately, the company cannot offer other Automattic services like those listed above.

Thus, you must follow local laws in your area. The regulations and guidelines on CBD and other hemp-determined items are complicated. Though it may change in the future, it doesn’t appear to alter soon.

Look for local laws in the state or nation you’re selling from and the other nations you’re selling products to. As the storekeeper, you should comprehend and keep the regulations and guidelines.

Lastly, all global transportation administrations have their guidelines about delivering CBD. Check with your delivery supplier before mailing CBD or other hemp-inferred items.

CBD WooCommerce Theme

A theme is what gives your site its overall appearance. It’s ideal to find a CBD-oriented theme so that you’re working with an option that’s familiar in the field. Like anything else, there are many options in this world, so ensure you take the time to find the best option for your site.

It’s ideal to use a simple, easy-to-use theme, allowing you to make your website style in many moments. A universal theme like this tends to be completely responsive and cross-program viable. So, it will look great and work flawlessly on all screen sizes and programs.

Some WooCommerce themes allow it, so you don’t have to start from scratch. These themes make it so if you’re new to WooCommerce; you can import your content and reproduce the demo store arrangement. In addition, some of these themes have Block Patterns that assist you with getting everything rolling with the missing pages.

WooCommerce CBD Payment Processing

WooCommerce CBD Payment Processing


Now that we’ve gone over the main aspects of selling CBD through WooCommerce, let’s discuss a few primary questions related to the subject. Remember, these aren’t the only questions related to this subject.

These are a few main points to highlight as a common area of concern. There is a lot related to WooCommerce, but let’s discuss these two main points.

Can you sell CBD on WooCommerce?

Yes, you can sell CBD on WooCommerce. Although the process is more challenging than selling traditional everyday products like clothes, it is possible. The main point is to find a payment processor that allows high-risk transactions such as CBD. High-risk refers to payments or products more prone to chargebacks or fraud.

Can you sell CBD products on WordPress?

Unfortunately, WordPress.com doesn’t allow stores that sell CBD or other hemp-determined items on the web. Though CBD is fully legalized throughout the U.S. and Canada, WordPress still doesn’t allow the product on its platform. Who knows when or if WordPress will change its mind.

Regardless, there are many other ways to sell CBD through WooCommerce without WordPress. However, it’ll greatly benefit the industry whenever allowed on WordPress. Hopefully, it will become a reality soon.


If you currently have an iFrame set-up for your online store and it’s working okay, don’t worry about creating a WooCommerce page. Regardless, WooCommerce is the most popular route for a reason and makes it easier than you’d expect.

Nevertheless, contact us if you have questions about WooCommerce CBD payment processing, WooCommerce, iFrame set-ups, or WordPress. Specializing in growing CBD and cannabis businesses, we are familiar with the difficulty of setting up these stores but have a team ready to guide you along the way.

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