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How to Get an Instagram Account Unbanned

How to Get an Instagram Account Unbanned

As far as social media is concerned, Instagram is of course one of the most popular by far. At this time, there are well over 2.35 billion monthly active Instagram users, with nearly 50% of the world’s smartphone users accessing Instagram at least once per month. Yes, that is right, at least half of the people in the world who have smartphones access Instagram.

However, another interesting statistic to take note of is that over 1400 creators on Instagram get suspended every single day in the United States alone. Therefore, you can just imagine how many Instagram account bans take place every week, month, and every year. If you are one of the unlucky people to get your Instagram account banned, then you come to the right place, because this is the exact problem we’re here to help you solve today.

The reality is of course that there are many different reasons why Instagram might choose to ban or block somebody’s account. We’ll take a look at all of these today, and in most cases, the fault is with the user, as Instagram does have some fairly strict rules surrounding what can and cannot be posted.

Generally speaking, if you get banned, it’s likely because you posted something you shouldn’t have, although it’s not always the case and it might not always be your fault.

Not only will we talk about why your Instagram account is disabled, but will also talk about the different types of Instagram bans, the severity of those bans, and how to get your Instagram account unbanned or unblocked. As you’ll find out, there are several methods at your disposal to unblock or unban your Instagram account, so let’s figure these out right now.

How to Know if My Instagram is Banned

How to Know if My Instagram is Banned
How to Know if My Instagram is Banned

The first question you might have is how to know if your Instagram account is banned in the first place. Well, if your account on Instagram has been banned, you’ll figure it out as soon as you try to log in.

When you go to the login page for Instagram, you’ll get a message telling you that your Instagram account is currently disabled and blocked. If you are on a device where you are generally logged in at all times, when you go to access the application, Instagram should have logged you out, and well then inform you of your blocked account.

Generally speaking, you’ll also get a notification in your e-mail that is associated with your Instagram account telling you about your disabled account, and generally also informing you why your account is disabled.

Why is My Instagram Account Disabled?

The first thing that you probably want to know here is why your Instagram account is disabled in the first place. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, Instagram does have some fairly strict rules about posting and other activities that you need to follow. If you manage to violate only one of their posting or behavioral rules, you may get banned. Let’s take a quick look at all of the different reasons as to why Instagram might choose to ban your account.


One of the biggest causes of Instagram accounts being banned is that the user exhibited behavior that could be considered as spam.

If you send unsolicited direct messages to many Instagram users, particularly if it contains promotional content, then it will likely be seen as spam. Furthermore, if you consistently and excessively comment on many different posts using links and unrelated content, this may also be seen as spam.

On that note if you engage in any kind of automated actions or repetitive actions that are designed solely to gain followers and visibility, then your actions will also be seen as spam, and your account will likely be banned due to violating the community guidelines of Instagram.

This is generally due to the fact that Instagram does not want users who spam other accounts creating negative user experiences.

Buying Followers

One of the absolute quickest ways to get your Instagram account banned is to try to artificially inflate your engagement. This is strictly against Instagram community guidelines and against the terms of service.

If you are trying to buy followers, you are buying likes, and buying comments, or if you are using any kind of automated robots to increase your engagement, then this is considered as buying fake engagement.

This is strictly against Instagram policies. What it really comes down to is that by artificially inflating your engagement metrics and follower account, you end up creating a misleading impression upon real users, and you create an unfair advantage for yourself.

The algorithm that is behind Instagram is designed to instantly root out these fake Instagram accounts, followers, and likes, and then remove them. Therefore, if you want to grow your Instagram account following, you need to do so organically.

Copyright Infringements

Instagram also has very strict policies against the use of any type of copyrighted materials. This could include, but is not limited to, music, images, and videos, which are used without consent or authorization from the copyright holders or original creators.

If you post content that you don’t have any rights to, it is considered intellectual property infringement, which is not only against Instagram policies, but may also have other legal ramifications. If you are caught using copyrighted material, your Instagram account will most certainly be banned, and you may even face legal consequences.

Inappropriate Content

Another really fast and easy way to get your Instagram account banned and blocked is by posting any kind of inappropriate content. First and foremost, this generally includes any kind of sexually explicit material or any other videos, images, or posts that depict sexually explicit acts.

The reason behind this is because Instagram is all about maintaining an inclusive and safe environment for all users and people of all ages. Therefore, any kind of explicit content is strictly prohibited on Instagram.

Harassment and Hate Speech

As mentioned above, Instagram is all about being inclusive, and this means that hate speech that promotes hostility against groups and individuals, violence, and discrimination are all strictly prohibited. People are in no way allowed to be discriminated against based on disability, sexual orientation, nationality, gender, race, ethnicity, or religion.

As far as Instagram is concerned, harassment is defined as any kind of unwanted or repeated behaviors that target groups or individuals.

You are not allowed to spread rumors, engage in intimidation, or send threatening messages. Engaging in any sort of discriminatory behavior, harassment, or hate speech is strictly against policy guidelines, and in some cases may even result in legal consequences.

Mass Actions

Yet another good way to get yourself banned from Instagram is by repeatedly following and unfollowing social media posts or accounts. If you like and unlike or follow and unfollow a massive amount of posts on a regular basis, just to get attention, then your account will be banned.

More often than not, people try to use software or automated tools to achieve these purposes. However, once again, Instagram is pretty good at rooting out these pieces of software, and if detected, will quickly ban them. Instagram is all about genuine engagement and meaningful interactions, which means that any such activity is strictly prohibited.

Using More Than One Device at Once

The final way to get yourself banned from Instagram really quickly is by using multiple devices at once, such as your tablets, computers, and smartphones. You cannot use these devices all at the same time to perform multiple fast actions or to spread spam. This could lead to a partially disabled Instagram account.

Types of Instagram Account Bans

Types of Instagram Account Bans
Types of Instagram Account Bans

Now that you know why your Instagram account got banned, let’s take a quick look at the five main types of Instagram account bans that may be levied against you.


This is a very interesting type of Instagram account ban, because it’s not really official and you don’t get notified of it. Instead, this type of ban limits the visibility that your account gets in other people’s feeds, pages, and stories.

If you have a business account or creator account, this can really lower your engagement rate and be detrimental to your overall results.

If you use a lot of unrelated hashtags or post a ton of content in a very short period of time, especially if it is irrelevant, then it may result in such a ban. To avoid shadowban from occurring, don’t use banned hashtags, don’t do any kind of mass actions, don’t spread spam, and don’t use multiple devices at once.

Temporary Ban

The next type of Instagram ban is known as a temporary ban, and this is an official suspension of your account. These usually last for anywhere between a few hours and a few days. Exactly why you got a temporary ban on your Instagram account is up for debate, although it may be due to being reported for violating community guidelines, for abusive behavior, for spamming, or for posting disallowed content.

If you are experiencing a temporary ban, you won’t be able to follow, like, comment, or post until the ban has been lifted. If you are suffering from a temporary ban, you need to understand why you were banned, as you’ll need to remedy the situation. You can always appeal the ban, refrain from abusive or spammy behavior, and remove any content that’s made violate community guidelines.

Action Block Warning

The next type of Instagram ban that may be levied against you is known as an action of block warning. Here, you’ll be notified that your account is currently blocked. An action block warning means that you can’t comment, post, like, or do anything else of the sort.

If you do too much on Instagram in a short amount of time, such as liking, posting, and commenting, it may result in an action block warning.

Although you might be eager to increase your Instagram following and to grow your account, if you do too much at once, it can result in such an action block warning. Generally speaking, it takes 24 hours for such an action block warning to pass.

IP Address Ban

For severe cases, Instagram may choose to levy an IP address ban against you. This means that any Instagram account associated with a certain IP address will not function any longer. If you have multiple accounts or use multiple devices, as long as they’re all on the same IP address, all of them will be banned.

If you spread spam, post inappropriate content, or act like a bot, then your IP address will quite likely be blocked. As you’ll see further below, if your IP address gets blocked, then there’s only one real way for you to remedy the situation, which is by using a VPN or virtual private network.

Permanent Ban

A permanent Instagram account ban is the most severe type, and this is where your account is permanently closed and can in no way be restored. If you commit severe violations of the community guidelines of Instagram, such as posting prohibited content, explicit content, or you engage in any kind of legal activities, a permanent ban may be leveled against you.

Furthermore, if you’ve already had multiple temporary bans levied against you, and you continue with the same actions, then a temporary ban is likely in the works. If this happens, you’ll no longer have access to any of your Instagram account features and you also won’t be able to create a new account with your same old email address.

Instagram Randomly Suspended My Account – Why?

Instagram Randomly Suspended My Account – Why?
Instagram Randomly Suspended My Account – Why?

A question that a lot of people ask is why their Instagram account was randomly banned. However, the simple reality is that an Instagram account ban is never totally random.

If your Instagram account was banned, then there is most certainly a reason for it, so it would be wise of you to figure out what that reason is. You can always contact Instagram to see what they have to say.

How to Post Weed on Instagram Without Getting Deleted

It is acceptable to post weed on Instagram, including pictures of the drug itself as well as of paraphernalia. However, you cannot post any pictures of you or other people smoking or in any other way consuming the drug. This is a violation of community guidelines.

How to Get Instagram Account Unbanned

Depending on the type of Instagram account ban you have, there are several ways to try to remedy this situation, so let’s take a quick look at what these might be.

As you’ve probably figured out, how to get an Instagram account unbanned really depends on what you did to get it banned in the first place.

Make an Appeal

If you still have access to your Instagram account after having been banned, then you may be able to appeal the ban. So, open up your Instagram application and go to the menu icon, followed by the settings, then go to the help page.

Once you’re in the help page, report a problem and then write a very detailed report of exactly what has transpired.

You can ask Instagram to restore your account. If you know why you were banned, do everything you can to remedy the situation, including reversing the actions and making a sincere apology. If everything goes right, it should not take more than 24 hours for your Instagram account to be reactivated.

Recover Your Locked Account

In some cases, Instagram may suspend your account to the point where you can no longer access it at all. There are steps you can take to reactivate your account once it has been locked, as long as Instagram agrees. To do this, instead of going into your Instagram app, which you can no longer do, you’ll have to go to the help page on the Instagram website.

You’ll then have to select the option that says that your Instagram account was deactivated. You’ll then see a long form that you need to fill out, which includes things like your location, e-mail address, username, and much more. In other words, this is a more formal and official appeal to have your Instagram account reactivated.

Within about two days of sending this form, Instagram will tell you to upload a selfie video of yourself to confirm who you are. They can then choose to either reactivate your Instagram account or to keep it banned for the time being.

Working Around an IP Ban

If your IP address was banned, then your only real option is to use a VPN or a virtual private network, as this will alter and disguise your original IP address. However, you might also need to create a new Instagram account along with your new VPN.

Getting an Instagram Account Unbanned – Final Thoughts

As you can see, Instagram is certainly quite strict about what you can and cannot do, and about what you can and cannot post. If you violate their community guidelines in any way, Instagram has the right to ban or block your account.

Depending on the severity of your action, and depending on how many infractions you’ve committed, the ban may be very temporary or more permanent in nature.

Therefore, before you start using Instagram, particularly for creator, influencer, or business purposes, it’s a good idea to get familiar with their community guidelines surrounding posting and behavior. Remember, how to get an Instagram account unbanned completely depends on why it was banned in the first place.


How long do Instagram bans last?

The duration of an Instagram ban can vary depending on the severity of the violation and the user’s previous history. Temporary bans can last from a few hours to a few weeks, while permanent bans can be indefinite. It is important to review Instagram’s community guidelines and terms of service to avoid violating their rules and risking a ban.

Can Instagram detect VPN?

Yes, Instagram can detect the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Many VPNs use shared IP addresses, which means multiple users are accessing the internet through the same IP address. Instagram can detect this and may flag the account for suspicious activity. Additionally, Instagram has measures in place to identify and block VPNs in order to prevent users from bypassing geographical restrictions or engaging in prohibited activities. However, it is worth noting that not all VPNs will be detected by Instagram, as some may have more advanced techniques to hide their usage.

How do I contact Instagram directly?

To contact Instagram directly, you can go to the Help Center on the Instagram website and click on the “Contact Us” button. From there, you can fill out a form with your issue or question and submit it to Instagram’s support team. Alternatively, you can also try reaching out to Instagram’s official social media accounts on platforms like Twitter or Facebook for assistance.

Will Instagram ban you for unfollowing?

No, Instagram will not ban you for unfollowing other users. Unfollowing is a common action on the platform and is within the permitted usage guidelines. However, excessive and suspicious activity such as mass unfollowing or following, using automation tools, or engaging in spammy behavior could potentially flag your account for review or suspension. It’s important to use the platform responsibly and avoid any actions that may violate Instagram’s terms of service.

What is not allowed on Instagram?

Instagram does not allow content that violates its community guidelines, which include but are not limited to: hate speech, harassment, nudity or sexual content, violence, self-harm or suicide, illegal activities, and infringement of intellectual property rights.

How many warnings before Instagram deletes your account?

Instagram generally issues a series of warnings before deleting an account. However, the exact number of warnings may vary depending on the severity of the violation. Instagram’s policies outline various offenses such as posting inappropriate content, engaging in spam or harassment, or violating community guidelines. Users typically receive multiple warnings, including temporary suspensions or restrictions, as an opportunity to rectify their behavior before their account is permanently deleted. It is important to adhere to Instagram’s guidelines to maintain a healthy and safe online community.

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